We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Security Intelligence

Our technology solutions support the collection, standardisation and analysis of data that helps our clients to further understand behaviours and security risks.

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Utilising technology to detect humans, vehicles and objects can provide information and intelligence that enables us to make faster, more informed, data-driven security and safety decisions. Video analytics use sophisticated algorithms to detect people, vehicles and objects within video images. The systems are highly accurate and provide detections that can be transmitted remotely for verification resulting in extremely low levels of false alarms coupled with high detection rates.

Our analytics solutions work with any of our CCTV systems and use highly intuitive software to detect and distinguish between various types of intrusion and/or unusual activity.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Video Analytics

Clearway’s Artificially Intelligent CCTV automatically performs countless tasks which would traditionally be carried out by humans and therefore be labour-intensive and costly. A perfect example is people counting/management: AI allows you to easily track and manage people entering and exiting a property or site, as well as the number of people entering and exiting pre-defined/vulnerable areas.

Video analytics allows for automatic identification of individual actions from your CCTV video footage. The major benefit being that you can then create specific rule-based actions based on a particular event or action.

Facial recognition

Accurately detect and identify faces: a prime example, and real world benefit, would be to set a rule that if a specific person is identified by the system they are granted passive access to your property or site. Conversely, generate alerts when a person who is not permitted in a certain location is identified and flagged by the system.

Human activity detection

Movement is detected via virtual trip wires so you may also wish to set a rule to alert you, and/or other users, if a human is detected outside your property after a certain time or at the weekend for example.

Specific area protection

Set the system to recognise when a vehicle, human or object enters and/or exits a specified area and send an alert to the person responsible for securing that area.

Loitering behaviour monitoring

Recognise and alert when humans enter a specific area, and remain in that area for a specified time.

Fast Searches

Rapidly search your CCTV footage for past events – so if you wanted to check if an unauthorised person gained access to your property or site over the weekend, you simply check the specific events highlighted by the system rather than having to watch a whole weekend of footage to spot any unauthorised activity.



The benefits of this technology are obvious when you consider the multitude of applications it can be used to cover, not to mention the time, hassle and cost savings associated with false alarms/call outs:

  • Line monitoring/incursion detection
  • Perimeter security
  • Traffic flow monitoring
  • Stopped vehicle detection
  • Noise change detection
  • Count the number of personnel entering or leaving an area/site
  • Provide live occupancy within specific areas or zones
  • Count vehicles entering or leaving an area/site
  • Undertake traffic surveys and categorise vehicle types
  • Log vehicle number plates and control access
  • Link to delivery management systems
  • Report when an object is placed where it is not expected
  • Report when an object is taken when it is not expected
  • Detect correct use of PPE
  • Monitor the interactions between humans, vehicles and objects

Key Features:

  • Deep learning technology
  • Lidar and radar technology
  • Accurate alarm filtering
  • Fully auditable

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