We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Smart Security Solutions for Business Security Intelligence

We know that as a security-conscious business, you are consistently looking to implement the most efficient yet cost-effective security solutions. Our intelligent security systems make this a reality.

Our smart security solutions support the collection, standardisation and analysis of data to help our clients further understand behaviours and security risks. This enhances safety and efficiency whilst reducing costs and false activations across numerous sectors. This also provides the data and has reporting capabilities to enhance training or back up bespoke training requirements.

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Getting ‘smart’ about your security systems

Security intelligence has evolved dramatically with the integration of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and biometric systems.

Today’s security systems no longer rely solely on human interpretation to make potentially life-saving decisions. They’re capable of real-time analysis and surveillance, using data from a network of Integrated sources like CCTV cameras, facial recognition, and sensor networks.

Our technology can be used to detect humans, vehicles and objects in multiple scenarios, providing your security teams with the intelligence needed for faster, more informed, data-driven security and safety decisions.

By leveraging smart security technologies such as artificial intelligence, automated surveillance and smart analytics, you can significantly reduce manpower costs and minimise resource wastage.

Clearway analytics solutions work with any of our CCTV systems and use highly intuitive software to detect and distinguish between various types of intrusion and/or unusual activity.

security intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Video Analytics

Clearway’s Artificially Intelligent CCTV automatically performs countless tasks which would traditionally be carried out by humans and therefore be labour-intensive and costly. A perfect example is people counting/management: AI allows you to easily track and manage people entering and exiting a property or site, as well as the number of people entering and exiting pre-defined/vulnerable areas.

Video analytics allows for automatic identification of individual actions from your CCTV video footage. The major benefit being that you can then create specific rule-based actions based on a particular event or action.

Security Intelligence monitoring automatic facial recognition system

Facial recognition

Accurately detect and identify faces: a prime example, and real world benefit, would be to set a rule that if a specific person is identified by the system they are granted passive access to your property or site. Conversely, generate alerts when a person who is not permitted in a certain location is identified and flagged by the system.

Human activity detection

Movement is detected via virtual trip wires so you may also wish to set a rule to alert you, and/or other users, if a human is detected outside your property after a certain time or at the weekend for example.

Specific area protection

Set the system to recognise when a vehicle, human or object enters and/or exits a specified area and send an alert to the person responsible for securing that area.

Loitering behaviour monitoring

Recognise and alert when humans enter a specific area, and remain in that area for a specified time.

Fast Searches

Rapidly search your CCTV footage for past events – so if you wanted to check if an unauthorised person gained access to your property or site over the weekend, you simply check the specific events highlighted by the system rather than having to watch a whole weekend of footage to spot any unauthorised activity.

Security Intelligence - Object Detection


The benefits of this technology are obvious when you consider the multitude of applications it can be used to cover, not to mention the time, hassle and cost savings associated with false alarms/call outs:

  • Line monitoring/incursion detection
  • Perimeter security
  • Traffic flow monitoring
  • Stopped vehicle detection
  • Noise change detection
  • Count the number of personnel entering or leaving an area/site
  • Provide live occupancy within specific areas or zones
  • Count vehicles entering or leaving an area/site
  • Undertake traffic surveys and categorise vehicle types
  • Log vehicle number plates and control access
  • Link to delivery management systems
  • Report when an object is placed where it is not expected
  • Report when an object is taken when it is not expected
  • Detect correct use of PPE
  • Monitor the interactions between humans, vehicles and objects

Key Features:

  • Deep learning technology
  • Lidar and radar technology
  • Accurate alarm filtering
  • Fully auditable
security intelligence

Why Choose Clearway Smart Security Solutions?

  • Better Security and Surveillance: Smart security systems utilise AI-driven cameras and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to provide real-time monitoring and identification of individuals and vehicles, significantly boosting security accuracy and responsiveness.
  • Cost Reduction: Automation and technology integration reduce the need for human surveillance and security personnel, notably lowering operational costs such as labour and utility expenses. These systems allow a fantastic ROI or redeployment of staff to more at risk areas.
  • Preventive Safety: Advanced systems can predict and prevent safety incidents by enforcing compliance with safety protocols (such as PPE adherence) and identifying risky behaviours or unauthorised access within facilities.
  • Operational Efficiency: Intelligent systems streamline processes like gatehouse operations and crowd management, optimising both time and resource allocation which can lead to better service delivery during peak operational periods.
  • Risk and Liability Management: In sectors like hospitality, smart security systems differentiate between false and real alarms, reducing unnecessary evacuations and liability issues while safeguarding the establishment’s reputation.
  • Data-Driven Insights: These systems provide valuable data that can be analysed to improve future security measures, optimise staffing, and refine emergency protocols, enhancing overall safety and operational strategies.
Security Intelligence for logistics and distribution

Which sectors use our smart security systems?

Logistics and Distribution

Busy logistics centres have lots of moving parts. Security breaches can easily occur if incoming and outgoing personnel, vehicles and unwelcome visitors are not monitored. Also, the adherence to staff safety protocols are imperative for the safety of all workers. Our smart security systems can help via:

  • Automated Identification Systems: Enhances security and operational efficiency through AI cameras and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to identify people and vehicles.
  • PPE Adherence Monitoring: Improves safety compliance using surveillance data to ensure adherence to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) standards, focusing on proactive training.
  • Yard Safety: Uses AI to monitor and enforce safety protocols, maintaining high safety standards in operational yards.
  • Speed and Vehicle Monitoring: AI and ANPR systems monitor and control vehicle speeds and identification to prevent accidents and enhance yard safety.
  • Gatehouse Automation: Reduces manpower costs and streamlines entry and exit processes using ANPR technology.
Security Intelligence for hospitality


False fire alarms are extremely disruptive, causing massive upset, aggravation and distress for occupants and hotel staff. False alarms in hotel settings can also lead to refund requests and loss of earnings resulting in liability disputes between hotels and fire alarm companies. Smart tech can help:

  • Reduced False Alarms: Protects reputation and minimises guest inconvenience by refining protocols to accurately distinguish between false and genuine alarms.
  • Enhanced Fire Alarm Management: Prevents unnecessary evacuations through effective management and communication between hotel staff and fire alarm systems.
  • Evacuation Rules Clarification: Offers clear guidelines on alarm responses to ensure safety and compliance, particularly regarding the 3-second/6-second rule.
warehouse and self storage security


The costs of security personnel hired to protect self-storage sites from theft can significantly impact the profitability of a storage business. Our intelligent security aids with:

  • Automation of Facilities: Enhances security with unmanned site management technologies including CCTV, access control, and intruder alarms integrated with facial recognition.
  • Access and Security Integration: Facilitates secure and convenient customer access through facial recognition that also controls site security features automatically.
  • Automated Vehicle and personnel logging: All visits can be logged and recorded for date/time/vehicle
Security Intelligence for NHS and public bodies

NHS and Public Bodies

The NHS and other healthcare facilities continually look to reduce costs whilst enhancing patient care and maintaining a strong reputation and public confidence. Here’s how our solutions help:

  • Cost and Reputation Management: Introduces efficient technology solutions to cut significant utility costs and improve service reputation.
  • Enhanced Patient and Staff Safety: AI-enabled surveillance detects aggressive behaviour towards staff and distress signals, ensuring immediate staff intervention.
  • Innovative Patient Care Technologies: AI monitors sounds (moaning, crying, coughing) to alert medical staff quickly, improving patient care and response times.
  • Improved Evacuation Procedures: Focuses on horizontal evacuation strategies to enhance safety during emergencies, using compartmentalisation to keep patients safe.
Security Intelligence for stadiums and leisure


Stadiums and busy events are often targets for security breaches, and potential acts of terrorism or violence both inside and outside of the stadium. Operational efficiency and heightened security are key when managing areas with large crowds and volumes of people. Our smart tech can aid:

  • Crowd Management and Safety: Advanced facial recognition systems identify individuals and assess threats in large crowds from a distance, improving overall safety.
  • Group / potential violence detection: The ability to recognise loitering in groups, violence, and volume movement (gangs) attempting illegal access.
  • Maximising income: The capability to accurately count and manage crowd distribution is crucial, particularly during high-demand periods such as the 15-minute halftime at football matches. Our technology optimises crowd management during events to ensure efficient service delivery and maximise income, particularly during intermissions.
  • Public safety announcements: Our technology adeptly identifies crowd imbalances in real-time so that public address (PA) systems can redirect patrons from overcrowded refreshment stalls/bars to those with shorter or no queues, ensuring efficient service and enhanced revenue generation.
Security Intelligence for the automotive industry


Intelligent smart security systems are crucial for the automotive industry as they enhance manufacturing efficiency, improve forecourt security, and support industry-specific needs, significantly reducing costs and boosting safety and operational effectiveness. Our technology:

  • Improves Manufacturing: Automates and monitors manufacturing processes to enhance productivity and safety.
  • Improves Forecourt management: Implement management systems for vehicles and customers in dealerships to improve service efficiency and security.
  • Supportive Industries: Offers potential applications in related sectors such as vehicle interiors to enhance product quality and safety
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Why Clearway? 

As one of the UKs leading security providers, our research and development team are committed to the development and deployment of advanced security intelligence technologies to safeguard people, property, and assets.

With over 30 years of experience and a breadth of expertise and solutions, we’re uniquely placed to cover the full spectrum of security services for our clients, serving as a central provider for all security related needs.

Our knowledgeable, certified security professionals have collaborated with clients from local shops and small retail chains to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. This breadth of expertise across various industries equips us with the necessary experience to identify security challenges for any type of facility and recommend effective solutions.

We are fully accredited by NSI Gold and take pride in being recognised by such a highly trusted mark within the security sector. We therefore adhere to the strictest standards and are continually striving for excellence.

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Frequently asked questions

Smart security for business refers to the integration of advanced technological solutions to enhance the protection and management of a company’s physical and digital assets. This type of security system utilises a combination of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data analytics to create a comprehensive, intelligent security network.

Yes, This technology is fast becoming the gold standard of business security. According to IFSEC Insider, “AI-based applications enable operators to respond to potential threats faster than ever, while simultaneously reducing false alarm notifications that plagued earlier analytics models.”

  1. Surveillance Cameras: Utilise a range of cameras including CCTV, IP cameras, thermal imaging, and PTZ cameras to monitor areas in real-time, providing coverage under various conditions and the ability to closely track movements.
  2. Access Control Devices: Employ biometric systems such as fingerprint and facial recognition, alongside electronic locks and turnstiles, to ensure secure and controlled entry to restricted areas.
  3. Intrusion Detection Sensors: Comprise motion detectors, glass break sensors, and door/window sensors that trigger alarms when unauthorised movement or entry is detected, enhancing perimeter security.
  4. Alarm Systems: Central to security alerts, these systems use sirens, strobe lights, and control panels to manage and respond to security breaches, alerting both security personnel and external authorities.

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