We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Logistics and Warehouse Security Services

Thousands of warehouses, storage facilities, and logistics providers struggle with elevated and changeable risk profiles. Commercial premises are often located in unsupervised industrial estates or remote areas, where criminals know large volumes of goods are stored alongside equipment such as forklift trucks.

The National Business Crime Centre (NBCC) notes that in addition to the cost of robberies and other unlawful behaviour such as arson and trespassing, security breaches often involve intimidation and violence, impacting the safety of workforces, delivery drivers, and site visitors.

storage unit security
storage unit security

We offer:

  • Protection Against Vandalism and Arson: Ensures safety from external damage, including deliberate acts like arson and incidental hazards like accidental fires, particularly in secluded industrial areas prone to fuel theft and property damage.
  • Security from Organised Crime: Guards against targeted thefts by criminals scouting weak points in perimeter security and surveillance, especially in depots storing valuable items like electronics and luxury goods.
  • Mitigation of Internal and Unauthorised Risks: Combats internal thefts by employees and unauthorised entries, stressing the importance of stringent access controls and adherence to safety protocols to safeguard against both deliberate and accidental risks in industrial settings.
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Key Aspects of Security for Warehouse and Logistics Businesses

Serious threats include robberies of high-value stocks, particularly electronics, large-scale palleted commercial delivery consignments, and attacks on lorry drivers. Employee thefts can also negatively impact the financial viability of organisations in the sector, accumulating cost pressures and higher insurance coverage premiums.

We advise all warehouse managers and logistics businesses to take a proactive approach, ensuring they have the right provisions, security controls, and surveillance to deter attempted thefts while safeguarding their staff, assets, inventory, and equipment.

Key Aspects include

  • The volume and nature of inventory, equipment, and goods stored and delivered to and from warehouses and by logistics providers make them prime targets for organised criminals, particularly when premises are empty overnight.
  • According to the European Alliance for Safe Retail, in 2023, the estimated cost of robberies from distribution centres and warehouses across the UK was £7.9 billion.
  • Criminal activity can extend beyond robberies and include aggression and violence against drivers and warehousing staff and other intrusions into warehouse spaces such as squatting, arson and criminal damage.
  • Advanced surveillance, AI-enabled inventory tracking, on-demand security responses and physical barriers can protect organisations within the warehouse and logistics sector, improving safeguarding for all colleagues and potentially reducing insurance costs.

What Do We Protect Against?

Some warehouses and logistics companies are more likely to be targeted by organised criminals due to the types of inventory or goods they store or transport. Bonded warehouses, for example, often handling the storage of large quantities of alcoholic beverages, may have different security concerns than smaller organisations that import lower-value goods.

The threats below are some of the most prevalent throughout the industry, and we advise you to conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify the vulnerabilities you should take action to mitigate or remove.

Vandalism and Arson

Many warehouses and lorry depots are in industrial areas, away from public view. This increases the risk of vandalism and property damage, which can include fuel thefts from commercial vehicles and arson. Businesses should also be conscious of accidental fire safety risks, which can be vital when storing or transporting flammable goods.

Organised Criminal Activity

Targeted thefts are often the biggest security risk for warehouses and transportation organisations. Criminals actively look for gaps around the site perimeter or areas with weak surveillance. Many will spend weeks scouting depots with limited security and large quantities of valuables such as electronics or luxury goods.

Internal Threats and Employee Thefts

While many risks are external, protecting against thefts by workers remains essential, which can escalate over time and result in significant losses. Employee thefts have been reported in warehouses, including disposable vapes and mobile phone inventories.

Unauthorised Entry and Trespass

Industrial and commercial environments have varied and often complex health and safety risks, and need to ensure that anybody entering a warehouse or loading bay has the right PPE, training and awareness. Access controls can improve adherence to safety protocols and prevent accidents and deliberate intrusions.

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Security Solutions for the Logistics and Warehousing Sector

The most appropriate security options may depend on factors like the size and layout of your premises, the type of business you run, and your current security measures. Below, we have summarised some of the many security services widely used to enhance security and workforce safety.

  • Access Controls and Automated Identification Systems: Access controls are essential, ensuring that every person, vehicle or pallet entering your facility has verified credentials. Access controls can include digital, biometric or physical checks coupled with automatic identification to scan vehicle registration plates.
  • Automatic PPE Detection: Non-compliance with PPE policies can create a serious risk of preventable accidents and injuries in a commercial workplace. Advanced PPE detection systems work hand in hand with CCTV monitoring, identifying instances of non-compliance or intruders on site who are identifiable due to a lack of the appropriate uniform, hard hat, or security pass.
  • Warehouse Alarm Systems: Most warehouses cover large areas with multiple entrances and exit points, including roller shutter doors, pedestrian entrances and rear fire escapes. Installing efficient alarm systems ensures that any suspicious or unusual activity is instantly picked up and the appropriate security responder notified.
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  • AI-Enabled CCTV Surveillance: Smart CCTV outperforms conventional systems as an effective and cost-efficient way to reduce risks, collate intelligence, and minimise false alarms. AI-enabled cameras can be used in PPE compliance tracking and vehicle speed monitoring and incorporate infrared and facial detection capabilities.
  • Continuous CCTV Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring through our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) ensures that any alarm or surveillance alerts are investigated to rule out a false alarm and logged, where trained responders will contact you, your security team or the emergency services immediately to prevent a successful security breach.
  • Vacant Warehouse Security: Empty warehouses and storage depots that are unguarded overnight or during the weekends are common targets for squatters and thieves, stripping fixtures and wiring. Specialist vacant security for empty commercial premises can include perimeter controls, regular inspections, steel security screens and wireless alarms for peace of mind.

Please get in touch to learn more about any of the services listed or browse our security pages for further details and specifications.

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Why Choose Clearway for Warehouse and Logistics Sector Security Services?

Clearway has years of experience supporting businesses, organisations, and commercial entities of all sizes, providing tailored recommendations and risk assessments, and combining advanced technological security with physical guarding and customisable alarm and surveillance monitoring.

We recognise that warehouses and logistics providers have complex and variable risks and work closely with every client to protect their assets, workforce and premises from threats – including temporary extra security provisions for periods of increased risk.

Contact our security experts now to discuss your security requirements and get a quote from us.

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