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Crime Scene Clean Up In Scotland

Crime scenes can present any number of hazards and risks – the expedited clear-up of such sites is essential and urgent. Experiencing any crime, from an attack to burglary is extremely distressing, and presents a critical need for an experienced, accredited professional to restore your property to a safe state.

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crime rates and security
crime rates and security

Clearway provides a competent, rapid response clear up service for crime scenes and accident sites across Scotland, with a diligent focus on safety and with care for the quality of our service at a time that can be most challenging.

We also work alongside agencies and organisations with the need for an accredited clean up team to be dispatched. We provide licensed biohazardous waste disposal services and a complete range of security solutions to keep premises or areas safe should they have been left exposed to security breaches by an incident.

Clearway trauma and crime scene cleaning

Clearway Trauma Clean Up Services

There can be any number of scenarios where trauma has occurred – a competent professional is required quickly to neutralise public health risks.

You may have a situation that exposes passers-by or property owners to biohazards, sharps, chemicals, or dangerous substances that must be disposed of and handled according to safe management protocols.

In some cases, the trauma could have resulted from a vehicular accident, an act of terrorism, a death, murder or suicide. In these circumstances, professionalism becomes paramount, with respect for any property owners still on-site and a fast, diligent clean up with a focus on calm, competent and comprehensive decontamination.

Clearway UK works alongside the Metropolitan Police as an official crime scene and trauma response partner and is proud to have held this position for over a decade. We apply the same comprehensive care and attention to trauma scenes throughout Scotland.

Biohazardous Material

Crime Scene Clean Up Applications

From businesses that have experienced a break-in and need a fast clear-up operation to secure their site, to public highway obstructions and private properties where a serious incident has occurred, Clearway has the experience and accreditations to provide a thorough, reliable service.

We work with a variety of clients – both regularly, as a trusted partner, and in one-off scenarios, when the services of an expert team are required:

  • Premises which have been the scene of a crime may have public health responsibilities, the need for expedited repairs to shore up building damage, and to decontaminate property to allow the business to resume regular trading.
  • Private homes where a trauma has occurred should be cleaned as quickly as possible, once authorised by the relevant emergency services. This includes decontamination to allow the property owner access to their home, as well as the responsible removal of any sharp or dangerous materials.
  • Public locations where incidents have occurred also need a fast action response, to ensure that highways, pedestrian areas of public facilities can be safely reopened to the public.
trauma and crime scene

Our Trauma Clean Up Services

Clearway teams deal with every aspect of a crime scene clean up. That can include:

  • Dealing with broken glass and damaged points of entry.
  • Safe biohazardous waste removal and disposal.
  • Sharps removal and removing chemicals that must be responsible handled.
  • Decontaminations, including tissues and materials that are extremely hazardous to health.
  • Cleaning vacant buildings of drug-related paraphernalia, including illegal substances, residues and sharps, which present a severe health risk.
  • Boarding up services such as window screens and metal security doors
    Security guard hire / mobile patrols

Whether you require clean up services to deal with a singular event or need to commission an accredited partner to deploy rapid response teams whenever the need arises, Clearway Scotland is on hand to help.

Clearway building

Why Choose Clearway Scotland?

The experience of a crime can be deeply upsetting, for emergency responders, businesses and individuals alike. Our role is to deliver professional knowledge, expertise, and diligent adherence to the highest professional standards to ensure that, in any crime scene or trauma scenario, the property is left safe, clean, and secure. Clearway works not only with police teams but also with any number of clients who need professional support to recover the safety of their property when an incident has occurred.

Commercial locations may also require a fast clean-up operation should an accident or injury have taken place in the workplace, as a vital requirement before the area is considered safe to use.

Clearway Scotland has decades of experience in professional deep cleaning, even where long-standing biohazards have recently been identified. We also deal with fingerprint dust removal, and the repair of breakages to allow you to resume normal activities free from the exposure to unpleasant substances.

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