We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Construction site CCTV in Scotland

Construction sites require resilient and intelligent security measures to protect against criminal theft, intruders, and trespassers who see an empty site as an easy target.

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Construction Site Security
Construction Site Security

With potentially high-risk sites, valuable materials and commercial vehicles all often left overnight; it is essential to consider how best to prevent criminal access and protect your assets. As an expert in construction site CCTV in Scotland the Clearway team offers a comprehensive range of solutions specifically tailored to the core vulnerabilities of building sites. Keep your site safe, secure and well defended at all times.

Construction Site Theft

Protecting Scottish Building Sites - the risks

Building sites in Scotland have long been exposed to theft and damage, and the costs of this can be significant. From repairing vandalism, replacing stolen materials, restoring perimeter security and coping with time delays and pressures, recovering from a criminal breach can be both stressful and expensive.

Plant theft is a considerable risk, with Police Scotland having warned in the past about how criminals are advancing their strategies to use fraud and deception to gain illegal access to highly valuable professional construction equipment.

In addition, the pandemic restrictions of 2020 gave rise to a staggering 40% increase in vehicle robberies, with the Police Scotland Crime Reduction Officer in the north-east Fife stating that ‘With the construction industry winding down, some sites placed on full closure and the farming industry working with reduced numbers of staff and machinery not in use, we are finding these are targets for theft.

‘The use of low loaders and vans to conceal smaller plant equipment is also prevalent and is commonly used for the theft of smaller machinery such as mini diggers, dumpers, generators and road rollers.’ (View source)

Another key factor is in risk prevention; only suitably trained and experienced personnel should be able to access a construction site.

Sites where members of the public or trespassers might be tempted to breach perimeters can pose a significant risk of injury, and so keeping your site safeguarded is a valuable way to prevent any incidents occurring, as well as avoiding any potential liability. Read more about our construction site security services here.

Clearway inView CCTV Towers

Construction site CCTV solutions

Construction site CCTV presents an affordable, effective deterrent, which can act as a standalone safety precaution, or be combined with any number of complementary services to create a shield around your building sites.

Clearway works with construction clients across Scotland, delivering a variety of solutions to protect sites from small, private projects to large-scale developments.

Each solution is recommended following a risk analysis to identify where your primary threats arise, and where protection is vital:

  • Purpose-built CCTV towers can be installed quickly, with immediate surveillance of large construction sites and areas of land.
  • Telescopic mast mounts can be as high as six metres, giving a full, 360-degree view of your premises and work sites.
  • Solar panels enable economic battery recharging, with high capacity charges to keep your cameras operating day or night seamlessly.
  • These autonomous systems have zero reliance on mains power, and so are ideal for large construction sites, or remote locations where mains power is unavailable.
  • Minimal maintenance means that our CCTV systems run efficiently, without intervention or manual programming, and can be installed in minutes.
  • Mains power solutions are available for longer-term CCTV tower installations, as required.

Contact the Clearway team for more information about how our construction site CCTV towers provide fast, robust protection, which acts as a visible deterrent to any prospective intruders.

Clearway remote cctv monitoring station

Professional CCTV Monitoring Services

Alongside our technologically advanced CCTV solutions, the Clearway team delivers an exceptional monitoring service with a team of trained, professional responders on hand to react instantly to any CCTV activations.

The Clearway Alarm Receiving Centre is an NSI Gold Category II facility, with exceptional standards for creating tailored response protocols.

Clearway construction site CCTV can also be accessed remotely by site managers from any mobile device or desktop, giving you full control and oversight over activations that require further investigation.

When a breach occurs, at any trigger point such as the site perimeter or entranceway, your CCTV instantly begins to record the breach in clear, crisp imagery, with the response team on hand to alert the authorities, activate your security protocols, or liaise with your construction site managers as required.

Clearway building

Why Choose Clearway

The Clearway teams in Scotland have extensive experience in protecting construction sites of all sizes, with our command centre delivering 24/7, year-round surveillance services.

We are proud to uphold the highest standards of diligence, delivering market-leading equipment to safeguard even the most complex of construction sites.

Alongside our construction site CCTV and alarm monitoring services, the Clearway team can recommend additional defences, tailored to your risks, site layout, and working practises:

Video Verified Alarms work alongside CCTV to allow you to instantly detect intrusions, and confirm the source of the activation before a response is initiated.

Concrete Barrier Block Hire creates an impenetrable defence against unauthorised vehicular entry, protecting heavy equipment from theft and vandalism.

For more information about the best security and surveillance solutions for your construction site, contact the Clearway Scotland team today for professional, personal guidance.

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