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Temporary CCTV Installation In Scotland

CCTV has become a mainstay in security protection and is utilised by businesses throughout Scotland as a key tool to remain vigilant and safe while deterring criminals seeking an easy target.

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dome vs bullet cameras
dome vs bullet cameras

The Clearway team supplies and fits a broad range of temporary CCTV solutions, each suited to a different site, location, or critical risk. Our CCTV options span mobile surveillance units, independent mobile CCTV towers, and fixed video-verified alarms with discrete monitoring and high-quality, real-time recording capacity.

We specialise in advanced CCTV installation that can run autonomously of mains power or connectivity. These solutions transmit live-streamed footage to our accredited NSI Gold Standard Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for a swift resolution no matter how vast or remote your premises may be.

Clearway inView CCTV Tower

inView CCTV Surveillance

Our inView CCTV towers are a unique innovation that provides a robust criminal deterrent, as well as offering advanced functionality. InView towers are one of the most popular Clearway temporary CCTV solutions.

These independent surveillance stations run autonomously from mains power and connections, using a network of high-quality sensors to active zooming, rotation, focusing and live recording of the activation from a mast-mounted camera.

The Clearway inView CCTV towers incorporate night vision and infrared technology for 24/7 monitoring and designed to withstand all conditions with weatherproof construction. This delivers outstanding surveillance, real-time reporting, and minimal maintenance with an installation time as little as 20 minutes.

Critical applications include car parking areas, construction sites, and large outdoor areas such as sports facilities, businesses with wide perimeters and for event management purposes.

IP CCTV camera

inView Fixed CCTV

For a longer-term CCTV solution, a fixed inView system provides all the functionality and quality of a CCTV tower or mobile patrol, but with a static installation to provide continuous surveillance.

Our IP camera capacity ensures that InView fixed CCTV can manage complex layouts, providing crisp imagery stored or streamed to the system of your choosing.

video verified alarm

inView Verified Video Alarm

Our inView Verified Alarm system utilises a video verification process to capture a short section of footage to immediately, enabling our trained response team and site managers to identify the cause of the activation and initiate the appropriate response.

Video verifications ensure that the correct security response or emergency service is deployed, whilst eliminating downtime or wasted resources when a false activation has occurred.

As with all Clearway temporary CCTV systems, imagery is high quality, full colour, and captured around-the-clock with infrared night vision available in low light conditions.

Our Verified Video Alarm clients include commercial business, retail sites, residential property owners, and is also used by outdoor facilities such as car parks, public event spaces and marinas to provide 24/7 assurance and a fully controlled alarm response service.

Monitoring Station

Accredited Alarm Receiving Centre

To complement our inView CCTV solutions, the Clearway Scotland team also offers assistance from our NSI Gold Category II accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), manned by highly-trained personnel to manage security activations, responses and protocols.

The ARC team deals with any activation from an intruder alert to a fire warning, ensuring that your properties are protected day and night, with surveillance by a professional team of responders.

  • Bespoke Site Monitoring
  • Panic Alarm Monitoring
  • Keyholding
  • Wireless Intruder Alarm
  • Fire
  • Environmental
  • CCTV
  • Lone worker devices
  • Personal attack systems
  • Temporary Security Alarms
  • Out of Hours emergency call handling

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Frequently asked questions

When your inView CCTV solutions are installed, the Clearway ARC immediately begins managing your site surveillance. If an alarm is activated, the response will depend on your chosen security protocols and identification of the cause of the activation to decide on the appropriate action.

You certainly can; inView CCTV from Clearway enables clients in Scotland to view real-time CCTV through an app, on any compatible mobile device. This also offers the option to control and direct your CCTV remotely.

No, the Clearway ARC team deals with every aspect of alarm activations and CCTV alerts. That includes fire alarms, smoke sensors, motion sensors or any other kind of alarm system activation.

When an alarm is activated or CCTV footage collected, the response team will determine the correct response dependent on the severity of the incident, and your defined safety protocols.

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