We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Boarding Up Services

Empty properties and exposed glazing are a common target for vandals and criminals across Scotland. Vacant sites are vulnerable to theft, trespassing, squatters and fly-tipping, and so securing entry points with a boarding-up service is a cost-effective way to avoid such issues occurring.

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Boarded up property
Boarded up property

Clearway boarding-up services are also available as a rapid-response option as well as a preventative measure. Securing the premise from intruders, weather, and further damage is essential to minimise the extent of the required repairs.

Alongside timber boarding, the Clearway team provides swift security door and window screen installations throughout Scotland, ideal as a longer-term solution to safeguard the exterior of a vacant property.

Boarded up property

Clearway Boarding Up Services

As criminal activities increase, so too must our security systems to be able to deter and detect intruders effectively. Clearway Scotland offers future-proof inView CCTV towers, which are as versatile as they are effective.

Ideal for locations without mains power, our CCTV towers run from independent solar or battery-powered sources, providing comprehensive coverage of large-scale sites with absolute reliability.

Remote sensors are strategically positioned in the critical locations according to your site risks, to ensure that any activations are identified and recorded by the mast-mounted cameras. This high-performance equipment can zoom, rotate, pan and record events in real-time for immediate action, and acts as a highly visible deterrent to potential intruders.

Priority Circumstances Where Boarding Up Is Vital

There are many situations where boarding-up is recommended; some of the most common scenarios include:

To Protect Vacant Properties

Empty, unused or vacant premises with exposed doors and windows vulnerable to illegal activity. Boarding up is critical to ensure that empty properties are not a target of squatters or trespassers, with valuable materials or possessions a key target for opportunist thieves.

Installing physical barriers over doors and windows removes an easy point of access, with tamper-proof screws to deter even persistent criminals.

The Clearway team can recommend the ideal type or material of boarding, screens or security doors depending on the type of property, location, and risks. Our in-house professional fitting team carries out each installation, with no damage to the fabric of the premise and bespoke cut-to-fit service.

When combined with additional vacant property security, CCTV surveillance and vacant property alarm systems, Clearway can ensure that your premises remain protected, regardless of the length of the vacant period.

For Criminal Damage Repair

When a property has been broken into, leaving broken glass, signs of forced entry, or unstable entrance ways, your property will be exposed to further damage. When the perimeter of a property has been compromised, it is essential to repair the damage quickly and efficiently, before further issues can arise, including weather damage.

Clearway’s rapid response boarding up service is ideal as an interim measure while permanent repairs are being organised. The Clearway Scotland team can advise on reglazing, repairs, and other damage control, including:

  • Lock damage and broken locks.
  • Damage to door frames, windows and woodwork.
  • Compromised doors and entryways.

With our Scottish team on standby for deployment, Clearway is proud to deliver fast, cost-effective and professional boarding-up services when time is of the essence.

Vacant Property Security Doors

For Preventative Property Protection

Other boarding-up services are required as a pre-emptive security control, where there is a heightened security risk, or where preventing damage is a budget-friendly option to avoid any potential damage occurring.

Common scenarios when preventative boarding-up takes place include:

  • Planned events, demonstrations or public access festivals located around the entryways of a business or property.
  • Protection of large panels of glass during disturbances or periods of vacancy.

Businesses and private property owners find that boarding-up provides a significant cost saving, as well as alleviating the stress and concern caused when disturbances or events threaten premise security.

For long-term protection, metal security doors are also available to safeguard vacant properties or exposed commercial premises when risk levels rise.

Police Forced Entry Repairs

When doors, locks or windows have been damaged due to forced entry required by Police Scotland, Clearway provides a security door solution as well as professional boarding-up to effectively control further damage or risks to the safety of your property.

Boarding-up is available for any size of property, from single broken window boarding through to securing large commercial shop fronts and glazing or doors damaged by forced entry.

Security doors are supplied with control panels, with four-year battery life to provide sufficient time to decide on a long-term replacement, or as a renewable safeguarding solution for exposed entryways.

Clearway Scotland Boarding Up Services

The Clearway team knows that experiencing criminal damage or theft can be highly distressing and are always on hand to provide prompt support and efficient repairs.

Some of the most common boarding-up services, or repair requirements, include:

Emergency boarding to protect properties following criminal activities or a circumstance such as fire or flooding.

  • Long-term boarding for vacant properties or premises.
  • Timber boarding-up for urgent repairs, fitted with anti-tamper screws to deter vandals and protect sites while permanent repairs are organised.
  • Custom installations of both steel security screens and timber boarding, fitted by Clearway’s professional installation team.
  • Steel security doors and screens, for long-term protection with four-year battery controlled access panels.
  • Construction site boarding, used primarily for construction premises or properties in probate to protect from unlawful entry.

For advice about the right boarding-up solution for your property, contact Clearway Scotland for independent recommendations.


Why Choose Clearway?

The Clearway Scotland team has years of experience in managing emergency boarding-up services, from small residential properties to large-scale commercial sites. We appreciate that professionalism, speed and reliability are essential, and are proud to deliver outstanding customer service with a rapid response when security issues are high-risk.

Our boarding services and security doors can be fitted anywhere around Scotland, with independent advice about the most suitable solutions for your premises.

Other Clearway Security Services

Many clients seek advice from the Clearway team about what other measures they can take to reduce their exposure to criminal damage, and as a preventative solution to avoid becoming the target of illegal entry.

While our recommendations are always bespoke to your sites and circumstances, some of the most popular additional security services to complement boarding-up, include:

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