We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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ShopShield Retail Security
ShopShield Retail Security

Fixed Price Security for Vacant Retail Shops for £399
All prices +VAT

ShopShield Retail Security for Scotland

Protect your empty retail property with ShopShield One, exclusive to Clearway and Clearway Scotland. Our fixed price, innovative retail security solutions are designed to cover the essential requirements to protect empty retail sites and maintain rigorous safety standards between tenancies.

Serving commercial landlords and retail site owners across Scotland, our packages include lock replacements, removal of flammable waste, an insurance-grade risk assessment, and other security solutions.

Why invest in retail security services?

Defending an empty retail site is crucial to the continuation of your business. Vacant properties are a primary target for criminals. Reason to protect vacant retail units in Scotland include:

  • Safeguarding against unauthorised access by previous tenants.
  • Preventing copied sets of keys remaining in circulation.
  • Ensuring fast, easy site access to their vacant premise.
  • Avoiding fire hazards caused by accumulating mail.
  • Identifying crucial security threats that may impact insurance coverage.

Retail Security for Vacant Shops for £399 +VAT

Protecting Your Premises With ShopShield One Retail Security

Clearway Scotland developed the ShopShield One service with a primary objective – to enhance retail security solutions for owners managing empty sites. With over 20 years of providing expert security across the nation, we recognise the prevalence of vandalism and criminal activity and how the risk of these intrusions increases when a retail site is vacant.

ShopShield One includes:

  • A Comprehensive Risk Analysis
    • Clearway risk surveyors carry out a thorough risk assessment process to highlight potential risks and help you make informed decisions about your security strategy.
  • Two x Commercial-Grade Lock Changes
    • We replace two regular commercial locks to ensure every vacant retail site is issued with new key sets. Non-standard shop locking mechanisms are quoted separately, and we can add additional locks to the service for £45 +VAT each.
  • Installation of a Secure Key Safe
    • Our teams will fit a key-operated mechanical key safe to the exterior of the building, preferably to an unexposed side of the site.
  • Professional Letterbox Security
    • Clearway will seal your premise letterboxes with a metal barrier. This security screen can be quickly removed when the building is occupied.
  • Removal of Flammable Waste
    • We collect up to three standard refuse sacks of flammable waste, including unwanted or junk mail, and dispose of the rubbish safely according to Environment Agency licensing.

The details of our ShopShield One Package

Our retail security experts in Scotland have carefully selected each element of ShopShield One to address the primary threats to vacant properties.

Retail Site Risk Analysis

Every security plan starts with a comprehensive risk assessment.

This process meets the highest diligence standards, carried out by risk consultants with experience mitigating threats at thousands of business sites across Scotland and the UK. Our Risk assessments cover a multitude of key assessment areas.

Each report will identify precise threat levels, areas of most significant exposure and evaluate which crucial retail security provisions are recommended to keep your premises safe.

Commercial Door Lock Replacements

Any empty property is exposed to unlawful entry, as contractors, staff and third parties that have previously been granted access to the site inevitably hold multiple key sets.

Lock changes are imperative, as there is no guarantee that this will not compromise retail site security if active sets of keys and entry fobs are in live circulation, outside of the landlord’s control.

ShopShield One includes two lock changes and two replacement keys for standard mechanisms, with the flexibility to incorporate more complex locks and additional entryways.

Each additional lock is charged at £45 +VAT per lock.

Retail Site Letterbox Security

While letterboxes may not be an obvious point of ingress, they present a severe threat, as an obvious, publicly accessible opening into an empty retail site. The main threat is arson as lighter fluid could be squirted through and set alight or fireworks set off through the letterbox.

Clearway letterbox security protects against vandalism, fire, or intentional damage, by sealing the letterbox with a temporary yet secure metal barrier.

Tamper-Resistant Key Safe Fitting

Installing a mechanical locking key safe to the exterior of the building is strongly recommended as a fundamental retail security solution.

Where a landlord doesn’t have immediate site access, this ensures that approved contractors, such as your alarm monitoring service, can gain entry to respond to emergencies such as a fire alarm activation or intruder alert.

Installing a commercial grade and tamper-resistant in a secure location out of view from potential break-ins reduces the threat of a break-in.

Flammable Waste Removal

Fire is one of the highest threats to vacant retail sites and can cause exponential damage. Paper waste, such as mail or junk flyers, quickly accumulates when an empty shop is unattended.

Clearway Scotland will collect and dispose of three waste bags of flammable waste, transporting and disposing of these items through our responsible waste management system.

Supplementary Bolt-on Services for ShopShield One Retail Security

Alongside our ShopSecure One service, we recognise that no two vacant shop premises are identical. Many landlords or property managers may have other areas of risk that they wish to incorporate into their security strategy.

Our bolt-on security options below are all available to mix and match as required – subject to survey. If you are unsure about the best retail security solutions for your site, please get in touch, and we’ll discuss the available options.

Remote Wireless Alarm Solutions (12 Weeks) – £660 +VAT

While alarms are a standard element of a retail shop security system, they remain imperative for vacant sites – although a different approach is required due to the lack of mains power.

Clearway Scotland installs tailored alarm systems with video verification to enhance your control over alarm activation responses and instantly identify the reason for the alert.

Deigned for vacant commercial sites, our remote alarm systems are powered autonomously, with zero hard wiring. They offer around the clock monitoring for sites with multiple entry points and vulnerabilities.

When a sensor is activated, the alarm installation immediately records a bust of capture in real-time. It transmits the surveillance footage to the site manager or directly to the local Clearway Alarm Monitoring Station or your chosen security monitoring service, to determine the appropriate response.

Drain Down of Utilities – £200 +VAT

While isolating gas and electricity supplies to a vacant retail unit is straightforward, they present a substantial risk if left in service. Exposure to gas leaks, system overloads or illegal usage of utilities can cause severe repair costs and property damage.

Water drain downs are somewhat more complex and vital to protect against a series of threats:

  • Burst pipes in the winter
  • Water leaks that go undetected for long periods
  • Bacteria growth in stagnant water

Empty sites with live water supplies are popular targets for squatters, but a leak can also damage the structure to the extent that it becomes uninhabitable. Therefore, we ensure all utilities (gas and electricity) are correctly isolated, and toilets, sinks and water services are drained down -ensuring no running services to the building while it is unoccupied.

Up to 0.5 Tonnes of Commercial Waste Disposal – £395 +VAT

According to the legal statutes applicable to all commercial waste, landlords must responsibly dispose of any waste materials left behind in an empty retail site.

Some of the core challenges for commercial landlords include fly-tipping, large volumes of waste, or the need to clear the entirety of fittings and rubbish in a newly acquired premise.

Our experienced commercial waste teams provide exceptional efficiency with a full waste carrier license. We handle all types of commercial waste removal, including hazardous items that should only be managed by appropriately qualified personnel.

Twelve x Property Site Inspections – £360 +VAT

Regular site inspections are essential for commercial landlords to maintain oversight of their premises and ensure that there aren’t any issues, which, left unresolved, may escalate into something more serious.

Clearway’s property inspection team includes 12 site visits as standard, scheduled regularly per your requirements, often one inspection per month over a calendar year. These inspections can be carried out weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Problems identified through regular inspections can include vandalism attempts, property damage, gaps in site security, or maintenance issues that require immediate attention. Insurance providers also may demand regular inspection reports by way of assurance that the site remains under control and eligible for commercial insurance coverage.


Additional Retail Security Services in Scotland

As a retail security specialist, we have a number of additional services available for businesses across Scotland that wish to protect their shop against higher level risk. Each service is available as a standalone defence or additional service to reinforce the protections available through the ShopShield One package and the range of bolt-on options.

Security Doors for Retail Premises
Security doors replace vulnerable entry points and large areas of glazing with a thick, robust, tamper-proof security shield that ensures the property is protected without compromise. Keypad entry systems or secure key systems allow access by approved personnel but are impenetrable without a key or electronic passcode.

Clearways’ accredited Keyless Toreadoor is a next-gen innovation, with keyless entry systems and a firm safeguard against all types of illegal entry.

Window and Door Steel Security Panels
Alongside security doors, vacant retail site owners should also consider the exposure of shop fronts, glass panels, and windows, which often present an easier ingress route than a conventional commercial door system. Our specialist teams provide a comprehensive fitting service, securing steel panels made to fit any size of window or door.

Security screens are also suitable when a property is expected to be vacant for a short-term period or prevent vandalism during public events or anticipated civil disturbances.

Each installation is provided with tamper-proof fittings and can withstand the heaviest impacts, protecting against arson, vehicular damage and theft.

Pest Contamination Control
Environmental factors can cause as much damage – and incur as many costs – as any criminal threat to a vacant retail site.

One of the highest risk factors, when a shop site is vacant is pest infestations. Without rapid treatment, such contamination can cause disastrous levels of damage to the property, fixtures and wiring.

Clearway Scotland offers a full pest control service and can manage any range of insects, larvae and rodents, and invasive plants that can damage the fabric of the foundations.

Installation of Retail Site Hoardings
A retail hoarding is an efficient and cost-effective option if part of a retail site is vacant and therefore not suitable for public access. Hoardings provide an easy way to separate parts of a premise to funnel foot traffic around repair works.

Hoardings can be used permanently to complement the interior shop-fitting at a shop site.

Alternatively, they can fulfil short-term requirements to protect visitors from work areas or screen development projects from public view.

Retail Security Access Control Solutions
Retail access control solutions are designed to protect higher-value commercial premises and shop sites storing goods exposed to theft, such as electronic items.

An access control system is tailored to the site requirements. It ensures that only legitimate staff members, managers, or authorised contractors can gain entry to areas such as stock rooms or restricted areas.

The correct access control options depend on the entry requirements. Still, they may include keypad coded entry systems, electrical key fob verification, access passes, or entry permissions adapted to allow varied access depending on the area’s sensitivity.

Retail CCTV Surveillance for Vacant Shops
CCTV security is a core requirement for thousands of Scottish retailers, offering outstanding functionality that protects empty shop units around the clock.

Our advanced camera systems capture hi-resolution footage to ensure any attempted intrusions or criminal activity is immediately identified and information shared with the security response teams or suitable authorities.

Clearway retail CCTV includes a substantial range of functionality selected to safeguard against core threats. Examples include:

  • Night vision CCTV solutions, including infrared cameras.
  • Audio signals providing instant warnings to prospective criminals.
  • Automatic alarm activations to protect sites out of regular working hours.
  • Mobile patrol units, using PTZ cameras to cover all angles of your site.

Along with fixed CCTV, Clearway provides short-term surveillance solutions, wireless monitoring for vacant sites, and a range of CCTV monitoring options.

Advanced CCTV Monitoring
The best way to get the highest value from your CCTV installations is to opt for 24/7 monitoring, ensuring every activation is professionally managed.

Clearway Scotland offers a leading NSI Gold Standard accredited alarm response unit, one of very few centres throughout the UK to achieve this recognition.

Our monitoring stations are ultra-secure and leverage the latest surveillance technology to provide swift, decisive deployments.

The alarm response team manages all systems, from CCTV captures to alarm sensor alerts, criminal entry prevention installations to fire alarms and smoke sensors.

Physical Retail Site Guarding and K9 Patrols
Physical patrols are one of the strongest indications that a vacant retail site is actively defended from criminals. Many major retail parks or stores in remote regions opt for physical guarding to reinforce technological and physical security solutions.

Our trained security teams are available on a range of bases, as regular patrols, fixed shift patterns, or periodic perimeter inspections, depending on your requirements.

Clearway canine security is a further enhancement, with fully trained canine handlers and exceptional security dogs ideal for protecting large retail sites or properties within a large area of open land.

Every team is fully licensed, fitted with body worn security cameras, and carries out patrols to detect potential threats, raise the alarm if an intrusion is detected, and maintain the site’s integrity with keyholding and lock/unlock services.

Perimeter Defence Barriers
Retail site managers often look at doors and windows – but may not recognise the importance of protecting the broader perimeter around the property. Commercial sites are often targeted by thieves, using vehicles to facilitate more significant thefts and fast exits.

Fitting a concrete barrier is an infallible guard to prevent vehicles from accessing your site.

Site managers can also use these simple blocks to restrict access to unused entry points and control the flow of traffic around the site.


Why choose Clearway Scotland?

The Clearway Scottish branch is a market-leader, in delivering customer-first security solutions to businesses from individual sole traders to large networks of household name store chains.

Our focus is on quality of service, price transparency, and unbeatable protection against the most severe security threats.

Every team member is experienced, accredited, and fully trained to provide comprehensive security solutions, ranging from physical guarding teams, advanced technological surveillance to permanent security protection.

Clearway clients include Homebase, Toys R Us, local authorities, leading retailers and even the Metropolitan Police.

For more details about our portfolio of bespoke security solutions, please get in touch.

Frequently asked questions

All Clearway Scotland services are fully insured through our comprehensive liability insurance, with complete coverage against all relevant insurance liabilities.

Our teams can also arrange additional insurance cover if you require extra coverage to meet your operational policies.

Indeed you can – as experts in empty retail shop security, Clearway Scotland provides a wide range of alarms, CCTV and security services designed to operate in vacant sites where there is no mains power.

Battery-powered installations are commercial standard and operate seamlessly for many months at a time.

Suitable vacant alarm systems work flawlessly, with no reliance on mains power or Internet connections.

Our video verified solution is independent and autonomous, leveraging mobile networks to negate the need for a wireless connection and preventing the risk of tampering or signal interception.

Clearway Scotland is proud to be a national security specialist, with depots based in Scotland and further south in England.

We cover coast to coast, providing security services with zero geographical limitations.

Clearway Scotland tailors our recommendations to your site risks, requirements, and budget with a vast range of security alarms and CCTV solutions.

Options include body temperature cameras, facial recognition scanning software, fixed CCTV for hard-wired installations, and short-term CCTV hire for temporary requirements.

If you’d like to discuss the suitable CCTV surveillance for your empty shop premises, please get in touch, and we’ll explain the pros and cons of each.

The Clearway security deployment teams are on standby 24/7, operating nationwide response services to deal with alarm activations and emergencies.

If you have an immediate concern or need to organise rapid response guarding, we can usually position a team to protect your premises with one day’s notice.

Illegal tenants or squatters can cause significant distress and costs for commercial landlords, and evicting unwanted trespassers can be challenging, particularly if a new tenant is waiting to occupy the building.

Our local Scottish teams have years of experience managing evictions, ensuring peaceful solutions and reducing the potential impact on your retail site.

Car parks are another primary area of risk, where criminals can often steal cars, vandalise properties or steal belongings without the exposure typical around shop fronts and public spaces.

The ideal CCTV security for your car park depends on factors such as the size of the area, whether there are blind spots and the access opportunities for illegal intruders.

Clearway Scotland is available to help assess the most secure solutions and install 24/7 CCTV supervision solutions with inView CCTV towers ideally suited to larger car parks.

Clearway Scotland is available Monday to Friday, with the operations team on hand to deal with any enquiries from 8.30 am through to 6 pm.

We also offer emergency assistance outside of those hours for any urgent requirements.

If you are interested in securing a ShopShield One package for your retail site, please give us a call or send a message.

The nearest Clearway manager will be in touch to discuss further and arrange a site visit where possible to ensure you have the right retail security solutions in place quickly.

Ram raiding is most commonly used by criminals to breach high-value commercial premises, particularly industrial estates or retail complexes away from built-up residential areas.

There are several potential solutions to safeguard your property and prevent criminal access, such as concrete blocks to cut out risks of vehicular access, commercial standard CCTV surveillance, physical guarding, and remote alarm installations.

Contact our security experts now to discuss your security requirements and get a quote from us.

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