Property Inspections

Continuous on site security is not required for every site or premise. Regular vacant property inspections provide advanced warning of any vulnerabilities before significant issues arise. A full report will assist the property owner in complying with relevant insurance requirements. We provide this service as part of our void or vacant property security solutions and each solution is tailored to your own requirements.

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Vacant Property inspections include:

  • Exterior checks: Inspecting exterior of property to check on building security integrity, attempted intrusions, build-up of rubbish, land and garden maintenance, and any potential hazards to the public.
  • Utility checks: Gas, Water and Electric meter readings will be recorded along with photographic evidence on each visit.
  • Interior checks: Inspecting interior of premises for evidence of intruders and any essential maintenance required to prevent damage to the property i.e. wind & water tight, no leaks or infestation.
  • A permanent record: A log of every inspection to be maintained.
Property Inspections

Why choose Clearway vacant property inspections?

  • Protect your assets, keeping them safe and secure
  • Meet and exceed your insurance obligations
  • Prevent costly criminal behaviour
  • Permanent record of inspections and all meter readings

Operating on a portal which we provide access to all our customers we inspect your property internally and externally, carrying out a full security and risk assessment. As part of the on-going maintenance and management of your vacant sites we will record gas, water and electric meter readings. Additionally, the inspector will inspect CCTV installation and remote sensors to ensure they’re being used effectively. Via our portal we also keep detailed logs for each inspection and provide photographic evidence of the visit.

Property inspections can be carried out as frequently as determined by your insurers. We also provide CCTV maintenance services.

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