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Security breaches can happen at any time during the early hours of the morning or late at night. You simply may not have the personnel to be able to respond to these threats around the clock.

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You can choose to leave the nominated key holding responsibility with us as we provide a fully accredited, SIA approved keyholding service. If an intruder alarm is triggered, our trained response officers will respond and, if necessary, a mobile patrol unit will attend your premises to investigate the cause of the alarm.

Open and lock up keyholding services

Keyholding Services explained

Almost all UK businesses with physical premises that will have some kind of property alarm as this is often a minimum requirement of risk assessments, insurances, and security policies. However, managing the responses to alarm activations poses a significant cost, and time pressure, as well as safety considerations, should an intruder trigger an alarm.


Many alarm activations prove to be false or non-critical. Reasons include power surges, insects, and sensor errors – however, every activation must be treated as an intrusion to protect your premises and assets.
The Clearway team provides a comprehensive keyholding service to offer a cost-effective, reliable, and secure solution to manage every alarm activation, and initiate the appropriate security response.

Business costs and issues include:

  • Staff hours and overtime costs to respond to alarm activations overnight and outside of working hours.
  • Travel costs to deal with false alarms, particularly when these recur regularly.
  • Safety issues around untrained personnel responding to alarms activated by theft, trespassers, and criminal activity.

Our Keyholding Services

Whenever an alarm is activated or accredited, SIA trained alarm response will be on hand to assess the cause, elicit a response and secure your premises, minimising costly damages to your property and reducing theft.

This service includes:

  • Mobile patrols units, where required, to provide a heightened security presence.
  • Liaison with your appointed keyholders to ensure they can attend the activation safely.
  • Reporting to identify when and why an alarm activation has been triggered and what actions have been taken.
  • Investigating alarm responses to confirm whether an emergency response is required or whether the activation is false.

Not only does a professional keyholding service provide much-needed support to avoid staff responding unnecessarily to early-hours alarm activations, but also ensures that, if an intruder has activated a security alarm, your personnel are not put at risk.

We understand that each premise is unique, so your security strategy will be tailored to your key risks and areas critical to your business.

Therefore, before advising on the right keyholding services for you, we conduct a comprehensive risk assessment process and a site visit to make tailored recommendations.

CCTV Monitoring

Related Services

Alongside keyholding services, the Clearway team offers a range of business security options, each of which can be blended and adapted to meet your needs.

Popular options to complement your keyholding service include:

  • Mobile Security Patrols: a flexible, robust approach to providing a professional security presence to maintain oversight of your premises around the clock. Mobile patrols screen sites for intruders or signs of criminal activity, and use irregular patterns to provide a continual, and unpredictable, pattern of inspections.
  • Open, and Lock-Up Services: popular with extensive commercial facilities, retail premises and construction sites, an open and lock-up service reduces any risks to your personnel by ensuring security protocols are followed, staff are not exposed to risk when the property is most vulnerable, and that premises are locked up securely at the end of every day.
  • NSI Gold Standard Alarm Monitoring: 24/7, year-round alarm and CCTV monitoring from our dedicated command centre. Our NSI accredited monitoring facility provides peace of mind that every alarm activation is dealt with promptly, professionally and safely with real-time communication and record logs.

Why Choose Clearway Keyholding Services?

The Clearway team works with a vast range of UK businesses and private facility managers, from large-scale construction sites to multi-site retailers.

Alarm responses can make or break your business, so it is essential to have a professional team on hand to deal with any potential intruders or thefts, ensuring a rapid response and emergency services liaison wherever required.

While removing the costs and time impact of dealing with false alarm activations in the early hours, our keyholding service also offers peace of mind that trained personnel are poised to respond to every activation, and ensure the right actions are taken to secure your property.

Email us 24/7 with any queries and we'll respond the following working day.

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