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Clearway’s industry accredited keyless steel security doors provide a durable and reliable solution to securing your vacant property or building site, keeping your site free from vandalism, squatters or any unwanted intruders. Our security doors can replace existing doors and are designed to give authorised personnel easy access to the property.

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Clearway specialises in providing vacant property services for both residential properties and large commercial property portfolios such as vacant pubs, retail units and car parks.

Designed from the ground up, the Clearway Keyless Toreadoor was the first of its kind to be accredited to the LPS1175 standard, receiving UK Police & Insurance approval and incorporates many unique security features which specifically provide continued resistance to high-impact assault and/or repeated attempts at intrusion.

Significantly, Toreadoors also allow easy management of access for authorised personnel, removing concerns for the property owner or manager of lost or missing keys, or being called out simply to provide access as required. A key-operated version is also available.

Premium Keyless Steel Security Door

The Clearway Keyless Toreadoor was designed, manufactured and tested to the rigorous LPS1175 standard giving it Police & Insurance approval and remains unique in its class.

Features include:

  • Keyless access via unique 5-digit code
  • Unique independent locking mechanism
  • Cannot be removed by cutting-off the hinges
  • Easy/rapid exit – you can never be locked-in

The Clearway Keyless Toreadoor is typically installed in conjunction with Clearway steel security screens for windows and the Video verified alarm system to complete a full vacant property security service.

Standard Key-operated Steel Security Door

Manufactured from heavy-duty plate steel to our exacting design and specification, these doors are designed to be securely installed in any size door-opening.

Features include:

  • Highly visible deterrent
  • Effective physical barrier
  • Heavy duty, folded & webbed steel construction
  • Purpose designed & built
  • Secured from the inside cause no frame damage

These steel doors provide a cost-effective and secure solution and are ideal where authorised personnel have easy access to keys.

What makes the Clearway Keyless Toreadoor different?

  • It’s the only door in its class approved by the UK Police for design and security excellence
  • The door cannot be removed by cutting-off the hinges
  • The five-point independent locking mechanism is unique
  • Multi-level pin code access is standard
  • You can programme your own entry codes
  • The built-in twin battery system provides unique fail-safe operation allowing for more than 150,000 door operations for up to 9 years
  • It was tested and certified to LPS1175 Issue 7 and approved by insurance companies
  • Built-in technology integrates with and can automatically activate/deactivate our Solo Intruder Alarm system
  • A manual internal mechanism allows for easy/rapid exit in emergencies – you can never be locked-in
  • Single use access codes are available for emergency services and unexpected visitors
  • Keyless operation is via unique five-digit numeric code entered into a built-in keypad
  • The automatic locking and slam-lock system keeps the door locked at all times

Temporary Security door installation

Our steel security doors can be rapidly installed anyway in the UK, causing little to no damage to your existing building structure. Once the doors are no longer needed, they can be quickly and easily dismantled and removed.

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Additional security services

Security doors used in isolation are not enough to completely protect your empty property. All other accessible areas such as windows or perimeters need to be secured. Our security doors are best used in conjunction with the following vacant property security solutions:

  1. Clearway Security Screens – These prefabricated screens are fitted to the outside of the property, ensuring all windows and frames are completely covered and secured. Multiple screens are used for larger openings.
  2. Monitored alarm – Fully self-contained, this temporary alarm system can be fitted, commissioned, verified and working to protect your property within 20 minutes.
  3. CCTV solutions and CCTV towers – Our temporary CCTV solutions and CCTV towers provide 24-hour surveillance and are solar-powered, not relying on your property mains power.
  4. Concrete barrier blocks – The perfect solution for securing your property or construction site perimeter against unauthorised or illegal access.

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