Steel Security Screens

Clearway steel screens are each made from a single sheet of high quality, zinc-coated, perforated steel that is folded to create a rigid box shape. These prefabricated screens are fitted to the outside of the property completely covering each window and frame and, using tamper-proof bolts, the screens are secured to an internal steel frame thereby causing little or no damage to the existing window frame.

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Prefabricated Steel Screens

Features include:

  • Highly effective visual deterrent
  • High-level physical protection
  • Perforated to allow in light and ventilation
  • Will cause no, or very little, physical damage to existing glass or framework
  • Resistant to arson attack

Perforated Steel Sheet

Where prefabricated/folded steel screens are not suitable, we will use sheets of perforated steel sheet, hand-cut on-site to fit difficult shapes or openings. Wherever possible we will use only a single sheet of steel for each window or opening, not multiple smaller sheets riveted together.

Features include:

  • Heavy-duty, galvanised steel sheets
  • Perforated for ventilation
  • Hand-cut to fit complex shapes
  • Resistant to arson attack

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