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Temporary Vacant Property Alarm

The Clearway Solo Alarm is a monitored, stand alone, battery powered, wire free, GSM (mobile network) alarm system specifically designed for use on vacant commercial and residential properties where no mains power or telephone line is available. Fully self-contained, the Solo portable alarm system can be fitted, commissioned, verified and working to protect your property within 20 minutes.

Our temporary vacant property alarms provide a reliable solution that will help you to keep your empty building site secure. They can be installed very quickly and when you no longer need them they can be easily removed. In just 20 minutes you will have a reliable property alarm that we are confident to put our name to. Our temporary vacant alarms are ideal for all kinds of residential properties and large commercial buildings, especially retail units, car parks, and vacant pubs.

Monitored Solo Alarm

Features include:

  • No mains power, telephone line or Internet access required
  • Illuminated keypad and back-lit LCD
  • Simple messaging with on screen instructions
  • Lone-worker protection: panic button with built-in shock sensor
  • Regular heartbeats confirming operational status

Features include:

  • Simple one-button arm
  • Auto-arming at a variable pre-set time to ensure property protection
  • Monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • PIN codes configured to customers’ requirements
  • Priority levels of PIN code with daily ‘one use’ PIN codes available
  • 5 Year battery life

Multi-sensor capability

Additional wireless movement detectors are installed throughout the building and, when triggered, will activate a 110 db sounder. The alarm unit will simultaneously signal our 24/7 alarm monitoring centre (or the client direct) via the mobile network.

Housed within a bespoke heavy duty steel case, the Solo Alarm can be configured to detect movement, smoke, fire, water, gas and broken glass and, upon detection, send relevant information to the monitoring centre or client.

Where can our temporary alarms be used?

Our temporary alarms systems are the ideal solution for any space or site needing temporary security:

  • Vacant properties – Your residential tenants may have moved out or your commercial tenants have gone into administration. This means that your property will be vacant until a new tenant can move in, leaving the property vulnerable to security breaches.
  • Construction site security – According to the Federation of Master Builders, “more than half of builders in the UK have fallen foul of tool theft.” Unprotected construction sites can also experience loss of machinery and anti-social behaviour.
  • Car Park Security – If you operate a car park that is closed during specific times of the day, our alarm will alert you if there are any breaches or break-ins. 
  • Pubs and Retail Security – We work closely with pubs and retailers who have closed their premises, securing the property and preventing break-ins, vandalism and squatters. Learn more about shop alarm systems.

About Clearway

Clearway property services specialise in the security and protection of vacant properties and sites. Our solutions are ideal for protecting against costly damage caused by vandals, thieves, squatters, and other antisocial behaviour.

We have found that a vacant commercial building will deteriorate much faster than one that is in use. We have designed and developed a range of vacant property protection products such as alarms, doors and screens through to concrete barrier hire and perimeter security products. 

We have provided reliable and responsive property protection to a number of clients and industries such as government organisations, estate agencies, housing associations and retail businesses. Our vacant property doors are the only doors that are accredited by police authorities. 

Vacant Property Alarm Case Study

In 2017, Clearway was called in by a large commercial site that had been the target of several metal thefts over just a few weeks. Our comprehensive risk assessment identified multiple vulnerable entry points which we then secured with steel security screens and the Clearway Toreadoor keyless steel door. Regular property inspections were carried-out by SIA licensed inspectors to ensure the property remained protected and maintenance standards adhered to.

All detected activity, including that of the Property Inspectors, was reported to the client, and the property has remained secure and free from further attempts of theft and intrusion since the work began.

Additional security services

Although vacant property alarms are a highly effective deterrent, they are not as effective when used in isolation. It’s advisable to secure other accessible areas on your property that are prone to breaches. Our vacant property screens are designed to be used alongside other vacant property security solutions such as steel security doors, security screens or even CCTV solutions. Clearway can also provide:

  1. Temporary CCTV Solutions – Clearway handles temporary CCTV solutions for numerous organisations and buildings. The temporary CCTV takes very little time to install and can easily be dismantled and removed when no longer required.
  2. Verified video alarms – Many alarms that come from vacant properties are false, meaning they waste police time and other resources. A verified video alarm allows you to check the footage and confirm the need for police dispatch, ensuring the issue is dealt with swiftly and effectively.
  3. Concrete barrier hire – Our TVCB’s offer a robust perimeter security measure. If you have a large unattended site or car park, a TVCB will prevent vehicle access, eliminating the threat of squatting, fly-tipping or other antisocial behaviour. 


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