FREE Security Health Check

For a limited period, Clearway Services will provide a FREE Security Health Check for your property or site and we will carry-out a Risk Assessment free of charge too.

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Security Health Check
Security Health Check
Security Health Check

We cover the following areas:

Best Practice:

  • Are the key areas of your site/property protected properly?
  • What issues do you encounter and what are your fears or concerns?
  • What areas do you think you are most vulnerable?

System Integrity:

  • When did you last stress-test your current security system?
  • Are you utilising the technology available to help reduce costs and operate more efficiently?

Key Holding and Alarm response:

Do you have a system in place to respond quickly to any unwanted or suspicious activity using licensed officers?

Do you have the capability and flexibility to scale up your security should a major incident occur or the threat level increase?

Contact our security experts now to discuss your security requirements and get a quote from us.

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