Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Interlocking concrete blocks, are a versatile product that can be used for a range of applications. Our high strength are an effective flood defence, block wall, storage bay or retaining wall solution.  If you are in need of interlocking concrete blocks for a project of any kind, get in touch today to find out more about our hire and installation services.

Interlocking Concrete Block Dimensions

LG8 Interlocking Concrete Block

Length1600 mm
Height800 mm
Width800 mm
Weight2400 kg
Length1600 mm
Height800 mm
Width800 mm
Weight2400 kg

LG6 Interlocking Concrete Block

Length1200 mm
Height800 mm
Width800 mm
Weight1800 kg

LG4 Interlocking Concrete Block

Length800 mm
Height800 mm
Width800 mm
Weight1200 kg

Interlocking Concrete Block Hire

We offer a reliable and fast delivery service so if you need interlocking concrete blocks in a hurry, don’t hesitate to get in touch. All of our blocks are BS EN 1317 certified and our expert team can help you with installation if you need assistance.

Interlocking concrete blocks come in a range of sizes, from 2 sections all the way up to 10 sections. 4, 6 and 8 section concrete blocks are the most popular sizes, but you may require different sizes depending on the nature of your project.

An 8 section interlocking concrete block weighs 2400kg and measures 1600mm x 800mm x 800mm. Every concrete block contains a lifting pin, which makes it simple for you to rearrange the blocks as and when you need to. However, we can reconfigure the blocks if you need us to.

What are interlocking blocks?

Interlocking concrete blocks are a durable, cost-effective and versatile solution in any situation in which a temporary barrier or wall is needed. For example, they are popular in the construction industry for:

  • Building retaining walls – if you need to create bay walls to separate materials such as grain, salt and aggregate. Our blocks are engineered to resist the large forces of the material acting on the wall.
  • Building free-standing walls – our solutions can be used to build walls for floor barriers, traffic segregation and security barriers.

They can also be used as a security solution in areas where you need to prevent unauthorised vehicle access. It’s quick and easy to section off an area with interlocking concrete blocks, and they are sturdy enough to withstand the impact of a car.

Other applications

They are also effective for traffic management as well. For example, if you are hosting an event of some kind and you need to direct traffic and protect pedestrians from busy roads, interlocking concrete blocks are the perfect solution.

In flood prone areas where there is a need for defences that are quick and easy to install, interlocking concrete blocks can be very effective. They are simple to install and stack, so flood defences can be erected very quickly.

These are just some of the potential applications for interlocking concrete blocks, but they can be used for all different kinds of projects. If you give us a call, we can discuss your needs and help you to decide which size of interlocking concrete blocks is right for you.

All of our concrete blocks are very cost effective and it is incredibly simple to install them and change the configuration. They are also very durable so there is little need for maintenance.

Interlocking Concrete Lego Blocks

Why choose Clearway?

Clearway are long serving specialists in construction site security, perimeter, car park security, public space, highway and vacant property security. Having partnered with authorities such as the emergency services, construction businesses and transport sites, we know the ins and outs of site security and pass on our extensive knowledge to each of our clients.

What other solutions do we offer?

We may advise an alternative solution to an interlocking concrete barrier depending on your individual needs. If your primary concern is traffic management or protection from fly-tipping and unwanted guests, we offer precast solutions such as jersey barriersTVCBs and Heras fencing.

Whether you are building a retaining wall, trying to manage traffic, or you need to improve security, we can help with all of your interlocking concrete block hire needs, so get in touch today and we can discuss your project.

Contact our security experts now to discuss your security requirements and get a quote from us.

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