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A concrete barrier with heras fencing is a reliable security solution for preventing unauthorised vehicle access whilst providing anti-climb protection simultaneously. If you are in need of concrete barriers with heras fencing, get in touch today for a quote.

Barrier & Fencing Block Dimensions

Concrete Barrier For Heras Fencing


3000 mm


1000 mm

Width (base)

670 mm


2840 kg

Concrete Barrier & Heras Fencing Block Hire

If you are in need of concrete barriers complete with heras fencing, we can provide a full delivery and installation service. 

Our 3m concrete blocks provide an impressive 2.8 tonnes worth of protection against vehicles and even flooding in many cases. The blocks interlock with one another easily, so they can create an unbroken barrier for added security. The heras fencing is 2m tall, so when fixed onto the concrete barrier, it provides around 3m of protection. The anti climb fences will effectively keep out any trespassers. Once the blocks are interlocked, it is very difficult for them to be moved independently of one another, meaning that potential intruders cannot simply make an opening.

Concrete Barrier For Heras Fencing
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