Eviction Services

Empty properties and vacant land are naturally exposed and therefore vulnerable to illegal occupation and unauthorised encampments, this can cause no end of disruption, cost, stress and time to rectify.

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Travellers Eviction Services
Travellers Eviction Services

Unfortunately, certain elements of society will try to illegally gain access to property and land that belongs to others. They may be squatters, factions of the travelling community, or thieves and vandals looking for quick gains at someone else’s expense.

Contracting a qualified security firm to evict unwanted trespassers is the most cost-effective way to secure a fast eviction, with the peace of mind that you are compliant with the relevant laws.

Clearway traveller and trespasser eviction services are fully supportive, from initial consultation through to a successful and sustained eviction, so we are on hand from start to finish.

Travellers Eviction Services

Professional Eviction Services

If you have planned events or uses for land, it is essential to consider the risk of illegal occupation and ensure you have access to professional eviction services to avoid delays or additional expenses to regain safe access to your property, should the site be illegally occupied.

Clearway’s trespasser and traveller eviction teams are highly experienced professionals, with years of knowledge and experience in providing the fastest and most effective ways to remove squatters or trespassers from land, using proven processes to effect a peaceful eviction.

Our Trespasser Eviction Services

Contracting a qualified security firm to evict unwanted trespassers is the most cost-effective way to secure a fast eviction, with the peace of mind that you are compliant with the relevant laws.

Clearway traveller and trespasser eviction services are fully supportive, from initial consultation through to a successful and sustained eviction, so we are on hand end-to-end.

Our services include:

  • Allocating Bailiffs or Enforcement Agents as required.
  • Issuing trespasser or traveller eviction notices, and serving such notices to the trespassers.
  • Rapid response service with eviction notices often served within 24-hours.
    Professional assessment of the situation by the appointed Certificated Bailiff or Certificated Enforcement Agent.
  • Appointment of our nationwide eviction team to enforce the eviction in line with the relevant laws and health and safety regulations.
  • Local police liaison to provide support with the eviction.
  • Monitoring of the land or property to ensure the trespassers leave in accordance with the eviction notice.
  • Mobilising the evictions team, should the trespassers not leave.
  • Clearing of your site, and personal liaison to identify what countermeasures may prevent trespassers from returning in the future.

Our team provides every aspect of support services throughout and can supply both short-term resources to ensure the eviction goes smoothly, and longer-term security provisions where this may be required.

Security services are always recommended after a consultation and assessment of the site and situation. These may include:

  • Video equipment
  • Security units
  • Dog teams
  • Tow trucks

Your Right To Evict Trespassers

As a land or property owner, it can be difficult to understand the relevant laws and legislation in place to protect your land from unauthorised trespassers. The changes in the law since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic make this only more complex. Clearway is always available to consult on the most appropriate eviction methods and help you understand your rights, all of which are laid out in the following powers and regulations:

Common-Law Power

This rule is most often used to evict unwanted travellers or any other group of trespassers from a site and does not require a formal court order. Reasonable notice must be given, which is typically one calendar day, and our Certificated Enforcement Agents enforce the eviction.

There is no penalty for returning trespassers, but using Common Law Power is a fast and effective way to perform an immediate eviction when time is of the essence.

Manned Guarding

Part 55 Civil Procedures Rules

Landowner rules allow you to seek a court order to evict illegal trespassers. This process does carry the costs of engaging solicitors, and paying legal fees, and is, therefore, a more prolonged process given that proceedings are subject to court schedules. In this case, when a court order has been issued, the eviction is enforced by County Court bailiffs or a High Court Enforcement Officer.

Sections 61-62 Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994

This law is used by police forces to evict travellers and applies to any land apart from highways. Police may use this process to remove any identified individuals, as well as vehicles illegally occupying private property. To enact this law, more than two trespassers must be present, and there is no court order requirement before the eviction can be carried out.

Sections 77-78 Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994

The local authority acts are used to remove unauthorised encampments and apply to any land within the boundaries of the local authority area.

This process is used where individuals can be identified and is enforced by our Certificated Enforcement Agents.

With this option, there is no requirement for court processes, although if trespassers do not leave as instructed, further court action may be required.

Should a trespasser be evicted in this way and return within three months, criminal sanctions apply.

Travellers Eviction Services

How Can I Evict Trespassers?

Clearway is a professional security firm with many years’ experience in managing all types of vacant property security threats. We work with public sector, commercial and residential land and property owners to quickly and safely deal with trespassers.

As a landowner, trespassers can be a minor nuisance or a major problem and it is always advisable to work with a qualified team to avoid any unnecessary confrontation. Our team is able to advise on the relevant legislation and the best practices to employ in your specific circumstances.

Additional security services, such as manned guarding, canine security and perimeter protection with concrete barriers are also available, to ensure that both the eviction goes smoothly and that your site remains safe and free of trespassers in the long term.


Why Clearway?

Clearway provides a complete traveller eviction service, including communications with police and local authorities to ensure that the problem is dealt with quickly, effectively, and for the long-term.

Unwanted trespassers and traveller encampments can be extremely stressful and trying to deal with the situation yourself can be unsafe.

Our team can advise on the relevant laws, and the fastest options available to avoid the extensive costs and time delays associated with seeking a court order.

With an expedited eviction notice service, the full support of our security teams to enforce the eviction, and a comprehensive suite of additional services, working with Clearway will restore your access to your property, with the peace of mind that we have the experience and knowledge to effect a fast, safe, and legislation-compliant eviction.

Other services

Clearway is a vacant property security specialist and provides multiple options in addition to our traveller eviction service.

These include removing unwanted squatters and trespassers, dealing with any resultant damage to your property, and cleaning the site so that it is suitable for use.

Some of our most popular services that go hand-in-hand with traveller evictions include:

  • Squatter removal services from vacant properties and empty sites.
  • Cleaning services to repair damage or mess left behind by trespassers.
  • CCTV solutions, both temporary and long-term.
  • Vacant property security screens and window boarding up.
  • Security doors and perimeter security measures.

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