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Sharps Clearance and Disposal

Sharps waste includes any device or object such as needles and scalpels/blades used to puncture or lacerate the skin but also glass laboratory slides and some plastics.

These items are classified as bio-hazardous waste and must be carefully handled from collection to disposal.

What is sharps waste?

Typically sharps waste is found in controlled environments such as hospitals, clinical environments, laboratories and training centres which, if handled correctly, really poses a low threat to public health or safety. However, a great risk to health is from sharps found in public areas. This is usually drug-related paraphernalia, e.g. needles, glass pipes, metal/foil, tubes etc., irresponsibly left by drug users.

Clearway provides a licensed sharps collection and disposal service through in-house experienced operatives trained in the safe, effective removal and disposal of biohazardous waste.

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