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Waste And Rubbish Removal

Commercial Rubbish and Waste Removal

Regardless of how efficiently domestic or commercial properties are managed, the volume of waste and rubbish we produce is increasing and continues to cause unwanted problems.

Add to this the constant battle against illegal fly-tipping, and the problem grows from being an unsightly inconvenience to attracting vermin, presenting a health risk and potentially causing fires.

If not cleared, bulk rubbish attracts additional waste from fly-tippers, so the problem needs to be dealt with quickly, efficiently and environmentally.

Our waste removal services

Licensed by the Environment Agency to collect and dispose of waste material, Clearway has been clearing illegally dumped or unwanted rubbish and waste, from land and properties since 1991. Clearway is highly respected in the industry. 

From one-off collection of multiple bags of domestic waste to commercial site and land filled with tons of rubbish, including offensive, dangerous and bio-hazardous waste, we’ve seen it all, cleared it all and are not fazed by any type or volume of waste.

What sectors do we serve?

Rubbish and waste clearance is often an urgent requirement and we are equipped to respond quickly, often the same day, dispatching a team to carry out the clearance.

As some locations can be sensitive, such as schools, community centres and care homes, our operatives are all professionally trained and DBS approved. Note: DBS is the Disclosure and Barring Service which replaced the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check in 2012.

We have cleared rubbish and waste from bedsits, flats, offices, restaurants, car parks, houses, pubs, construction sites, warehouses and even The Ritz Hotel!

Our commercial waste disposal services

General unwanted commercial waste:

  • Office clearance
  • Fly-tipping clearance
  • Vacant Property clearance
  • Electrical items (to WEE regs)
  • Furniture disposal
  • Trade waste (not scheduled collections)
  • Local Authority clearances
  • Collection and disposal of tyres
  • Pest/vermin control
  • Secure computer disposal

Hazardous waste and materials:

Our domestic/residential waste disposal services

General unwanted domestic waste:

  • House rubbish clearance
  • Sofa removal
  • Fridge and freezer disposal
  • Garage clearance
  • Shed clearance
  • Garden clearance
  • Fly-tipping removal
  • Furniture disposal
  • Pest control
  • Electrical items (to WEE regs)
  • Furniture disposal
  • Vehicle tyres
  • Pest/vermin control
  • Secure computer disposal
  • Paint and paint cans
  • Gas bottles (patio heater/BBQ)
  • Solvents / Chemicals (certain types)
Fly-tipping on public space
Fly-tipping clearance
Property clearance removal for recycling

Why Use Clearway Commercial & Domestic Rubbish and Waste Clearance Service?


Rubbish and waste clearance is often an urgent requirement and we are equipped to respond quickly, sometimes dispatching a team to carry out the clearance on the same day. Typically our clearance service, depending on location, is two working days.

Once booked and confirmed, we will keep you informed of progress on the day, safe in the knowledge the rubbish/waste will be removed efficiently.

If you cannot be there to greet the team – it’s not a problem if you have provided access. We’re always happy to accommodate you as best we can.

All our trucks are fitted with GPS trackers so, in the event of a delay, we can immediately update you on the team’s estimated time of arrival.


As some locations can be sensitive, such as schools, community centres and care homes, our operatives are all professionally trained and DBS approved. Note: DBS is the Disclosure and Barring Service which replaced the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check in 2012.


When the team arrives they will check what is to be removed and confirm the price with you. You are not committed to the volume and can change your mind right up to the point the team is loading the truck as you pay only for what’s taken-away, according to its weight and the type of materials being removed.

Once removal is complete the team will tidy the area before leaving, if it’s appropriate.

Clearway is an environmentally aware company adopting a zero-landfill waste policy wherever possible. All waste and rubbish removed from a property or site is processed by one of our partner Waste Transfer Stations who specialise in separating waste for recovery, reuse or recycling.


Our pricing is based on the volume, weight and type of waste, unlike skip hire, where you pay a fixed fee regardless of bulk or weight. This makes waste removal very cost-effective for a variety of load -types and removes completely the inconvenience a skip can create (time, cost, damage, fly-tippers).

We charge only for the amount and weight of waste we remove. We’ll estimate the cost from verbal and/or (essential) photographic evidence provided in advance of collection. The final cost includes all time, labour and both weight and any Government disposal fees for certain items.

Contact our vacant property specialists today

To learn more about our empty property security services contact Clearway on 01322 479652 or email us at

Rubbish and Waste Removal FAQs

What Types of Waste Can Clearway Remove and Dispose of?

Clearway teams operate across the UK and can deal with any types of waste material, from small residential clearances to larger commercial projects and fly-tipped waste on public sites or private land.

We deal with everything from domestic waste disposal to multiple tonnes of rubbish clearance and are fully licensed to deal with hazardous waste and biohazards.

Does Clearway UK Have a Waste Carriers License?

Yes, Clearway is fully authorised to collect and safely dispose of any waste materials, with licensing through the Environment Agency.

With 20 years of rubbish clearance and waste disposal experience, our teams can advise on the correct procedures to deal with any harmful materials that cause a risk to health, as well as more general rubbish.

What are the Benefits of Using Professional Rubbish Removal Services?

Our professional rubbish removal service carries multiple benefits:

  • Operatives have the appropriate PPE, equipment and removal vehicles to safely deal with any types of rubbish removal, ensuring property owners or managers are not exposed to harm.
  • Clearway offers a range of waste disposal options depending on the nature of your waste, with professional licensing to deal with any hazardous materials or substances.
  • Rubbish removal is carried out quickly and efficiently, minimising the costs and returning your premises to good order in a short timeframe.

How Quickly Can Clearway Clear My Waste?

In many cases, waste needs to be removed quickly, such as hazardous substances or large appliances dumped on a hospital, school, or care home site.

We offer rubbish clearance throughout the UK and deliver rapid response services when you need waste to be cleared as quickly as possible.

What is the Maximum Amount of Rubbish You Can Clear in One Go?

There isn’t a limit to the amount of rubbish we can manage! Clearway deals with waste from fridges and freezers to gas bottles, trade waste and local authority collections, office clearances and furniture disposals.

If you have bulky waste products or a large volume of rubbish that needs to be cleared, we can offer multiple clearance trucks or waste removal teams as required.

When is Waste Disposal Considered Urgent?

If you have any waste products that aren’t cleared promptly, it can cause an untold number of health risks. Those include:

  • Pest infestations.
  • Leaks of chemicals.
  • Property damage.
  • Attracting fly-tipping.
  • Fire hazards.

It is always essential to deal with rubbish clearance as quickly as possible to avoid the issue becoming much more severe than an inconvenience or an eyesore.

Can Clearway Remove Rubbish From a Residential Property?

Yes, Clearway deals with small-scale domestic rubbish clearances, appliance disposal and full property clearances as required.

We can manage anything from vehicle tyres to garage clearances, electrical items, to garden waste.

Is Clearway Able to Deal with Large or Heavy Waste Items?

As a full-service UK waste disposal expert, the Clearway teams are trained and accredited in safe handling and disposal techniques for even bulky and heavy waste items.

Typical examples include furniture, appliances and sofas.

What is the Fastest Way to Deal with Fly Tipping?

Should you have been a fly-tipping victim, it is imperative to deal with the situation as quickly as possible. Unknown waste products can carry significant health risks and may include sharps, needles, glass and biohazards.

The fastest way to deal with fly-tipping is to contact the Clearway team to schedule an expedited collection and waste clearance service to remove fly-tipped rubbish and remove any environmental risks left behind.

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