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Rapid Response Security Systems

In many cases, security protection is required urgently, where there is an increased vulnerability or a possibility that safety threats will become more severe, or you need to protect an area quickly for insurance purposes.

The Clearway UK team provides a range of rapid response security solutions designed to keep you and your property safe in urgent situations. We can recommend the right solutions for your emergency security systems, whether short-term interim measures to defend premises or assets following a break-in or a permanent installation to mitigate an ongoing safety threat. Our rapid response security systems include:

Expedited Boarding Up Services

Boarding up windows, doors, or entrance points is crucial in several scenarios:

  • Following a break-in or forced police entry where the building is now exposed to criminals, vandals and squatters.
  • When glass or doors are broken or in disrepair, and immediate safeguards are required.
  • For vacant properties, which are a target for unlawful entry and illegal activity.
  • To protect premises in increased periods of risk, such as a civil disturbance or during a large public event.

Clearway can provide rapid response security teams to install emergency boarding up in any of these situations. Boarding is installed with professional-grade security fittings to ensure it cannot be tampered with.

Rapid Response CCTV Towers and Temporary CCTV

CCTV surveillance is a mainstay in advanced security and is essential for enhanced safety as a preventative against multiple threats.

Clearway CCTV installation services are available on a rapid response basis, whether replacing inefficient surveillance installations, increasing your security, or protecting a new site.

Our CCTV solutions are comprehensive, from short-term CCTV hire for urgent safety requirements to permanent hardwired systems and CCTV mast-mounted towers for large areas, car parks or public events.

If you require rapid response CCTV, please contact the Clearway team at your convenience to organise a professional installation, ensuring your cameras are operational in minutes, providing advanced quality footage and professional sensors for 24/7 guarding.

Emergency Security Doors and Screens

Steel security doors and panels are a more robust rapid response security safeguard than temporary boarding up. Our accredited Keyless Toreadoor is a market-leading innovation. It can withstand a substantial level of impacts and assault, ideal for high-value premises or vacant properties that need robust protection from illegal entry.

Clearway provides a range of steel security panels crafted from high-quality steel fitted with tamper-proof bolts and secures screens. Our installation teams are available for emergency requirements and fit every security screen with an internal framing system to ensure zero damage to your door or window frames.

Temporary Alarm Systems

Alarm systems can prevent many security threats, offering instant activations and sensors to detect various factors, including smoke, water, gas, fire and broken glass alongside illegal entries.

The Clearway Solo Alarm is designed by a team of security specialists with decades of experience in vacant property defence and operates autonomously through commercial-grade batteries.

These rapid response alarm systems are fitted with wireless detectors throughout key entry points or detection locations, ensuring that your property is protected in as little as 20 minutes of installation time.

Security Guards

We also provide other security services such as manned guarding, security guard hire, mobile patrols and dog units which act as a strong visual deterrent. Our fully accredited security teams are available at short notice and for short periods of time if need be.

Why Choose Clearway?

The Clearway team brings together years of experience in delivering bespoke security solutions to sites, businesses and organisations who wish to ensure their perimeters are strongly safeguarded against the threat of intrusion or theft.

We provide a full range of security strategies to uphold the safety of perimeters, whether large or small and from public sector premises to private construction sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Quickly Can Clearway Respond to Urgent Security Requirements?

Our emergency security teams are available around the clock when urgent security needs arise.

If you have an urgent security concern, please contact the team immediately to ensure protection is in place quickly.

Does the Clearway Team Provide Rapid Response Security In My Region?

Yes, Clearway operates nationwide. We can offer alarm and CCTV installations, security monitoring and teams of accredited security personnel in any region of the country.

Can I Alarm a Property Without Mains Power?

You can, yes. Clearway offers video verified vacant property alarms that run independently using commercial standard battery systems. These installations provide activation notices and do not require any mains power or hardwired cabling.

Need Urgent Security? Get in touch

To discuss your rapid response security needs, get in touch either by phone, form or via our live chat and we’ll be able to quickly assist you.

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