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Pest Control

Pests and vermin can make life miserable and also have the potential to ruin a business.

Clearway’s pest control teams are registered with the Environment Agency and are trained and qualified in the treatment and removal of a broad range of pests and infestations.

Our Pest Control Services

Some creatures inhabit our spaces naturally and are only pests because they’re unwanted. These include bees, wasps & hornets, pigeons, ants, spiders, woodlice, squirrels, rabbits etc. They’re not generally present because of anything untoward; they just like the conditions and set-up home.

Whilst Clearway provides a range of pest removal services, nature has a way of enticing some creatures back into our living spaces regardless and for this we have a range of eradication services.

By contrast, there are many creatures that only exist in our living environment because of prevailing neglect or unhealthy conditions. Cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents, woodworm, maggots and swarming flies are all seriously unwanted pests but they’re also a very strong indicator that something is seriously wrong.

Squatters will frequently occupy a building and will live in squalid conditions, creating mounds of rubbish, cleaning nothing in their environment and leaving everything from drug-taking-related items to human faeces for vermin and insects to feast on.

In addition, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that people occasionally die and remain undiscovered for days at a time. Bodies quickly decompose and create the perfect environment for all manner of infestations which need to be quickly and efficiently dealt with.

These pests and infestations can all be eradicated with Clearway’s effective pest control service once the cause has been established and treated or removed.

Our pest control service frequently runs alongside our property clearance or bio-hazard removal services and can also be part of our crime scene and trauma clean-up service.

Our operatives are professional, discreet and efficient, providing a pest control service and advice to help resolve the problem quickly.

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