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Effective Perimeter Security Systems

The perimeter of any site is usually the most vulnerable point. Whether you are running a construction site, have a vacant property, or are planning an event, your site boundaries present the highest risk factor of your premises in which criminals can easily gain entry without being detected. Clearway delivers robust, comprehensive and professional perimeter security solutions to safeguard your site, from the outside in.

What Does Perimeter Security Involve?

Our first step in establishing the right security precautions for your premises is to discuss site risks, the nature of the location and activities in the area you’re looking to protect, and the potential issues that your perimeter security solutions are looking to prevent.

Depending on the risk factors and your security priorities, protecting your boundaries could involve a range of measures, such as:

  • Preventing unauthorised access with physical barriers and eliminating the potential for vehicular access away from main entry points.
  • Using manned guards to screen visitors, patrols to identify attempted intruders, and using access control systems to avoid any illegal entrants from making it onto the site.
  • Advanced technological monitoring systems to analyse site activity, assess attempted breaches and respond promptly to any potential issues.

Often, a combination of security systems is the ideal way to provide vital prevention, alongside 24/7 monitoring to ensure your perimeter remains safe and robust, especially when risk levels are elevated.

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