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Manned Guarding and Dog Units

Clearway offers contractual manned guarding services to business throughout the UK. Our experts are fully licensed and expertly trained to deliver services to varied clients within a broad range of market sectors, providing security officers on either a single site or over a number of different sites over a wider geographical area.
We are able to offer mobile patrols and guard dogs in addition to static security, which is, in our experience, one of the most effective ways of apprehending or deterring potential intruders before a crime is committed.

security dog units

Manned Guarding and Security Guard Services

Clearway delivers security services to a wide range of sectors. We provide reliable manned guarding or security guard services to clients ranging from construction sites, commercial businesses, and corporate entities. Our security guards are specially trained to deliver a full range of guarding roles such as stewarding and crowd control, in addition to their main role of protecting and securing buildings. We ensure that our guards remain fully equipped to handle common security issues.

Our manned guard duties include:
– Preventing break-ins and vandalism
– Protecting company property from theft or unlawful damage

Dog Units and K9 Security

Having a highly trained dog unit is an efficient way of providing security solutions in a range of different scenarios. Dog units can be employed for a one-off event or for a longer-term solution and are experienced in working with both large and small businesses. Guards can be equipped with body cams to provide live streams of events happening in real time. This means that we are able to offer 24/7 monitoring of our sites meaning you’ll have the peace of mind that your event or property is rigorously protected at all times.

One of the key advantages to hiring a dog unit is that dogs have natural abilities very suited to security. They have superior hearing and can detect sounds before humans can – alerting guards to any issues quickly. Additionally, they can easily detect explosives or illegal drugs due to their heightened sense of smell and can run at a fast speed to easily catch intruders.

The cost of a single security guard with a dog is lower than the cost of two security guards, as well as being a more effective deterrent. A security guard with a supporting guard dog is seen as a more intimidating prospect to potential intruders than a sole security guard.

Why Choose Clearway?

Clearway is a very experienced security firm, using our many years in operation to provide an effective and reliable selection of property security solutions. We are able to handle a range of security needs from site supervision to manned guarding all the way through to vacant property protection.

We are dedicated to delivering higher standards of security than any other company in the industry. Our catalogue of industry-leading partners from water authorities, construction businesses, transport sites and emergency service assistance proves just that.

Contact our team of specialists today

To learn more about our manned guarding and K9 protection services contact Clearway on 01322 479652 or email us at

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