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Facial Temperature Sensors for effective virus detection

Thermal screening technology has come a long way in recent years. As businesses, organisations, and public sector facilities become ever more conscious of why temperature detection is vital for safety, facial screening is a key priority. Using facial temperature screening is faster, more reliable and more cost-effective than relying on manual temperature checks and a far more viable option for managers dealing with high visitor numbers daily.

As with full-body temperature detection, our facial screening offers multiple tangible benefits to protect your workforce and safeguard your visitors, but in a more precise way:

  • Highly accurate readings and sensors delivering instant results.
  • Easily installed and operated remotely without manual intervention required.
  • Discreet and unobtrusive, suitable for any size of the entranceway.
  • Able to detect elevated health risks and combine security installations with facial recognition software.

Screening people isn’t only essential for premises with restricted access but is crucial for high footfall buildings.

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How Facial Temperature Screening Saves Lives

Body Temperature Detection Bullet Camera & Turret
Body Temperature Detection Touch-Free Terminal
Body Temperature Detection Walk-Through Arch

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought a stark awareness of our duty to protect each person attending our buildings, whether staff, customers, members of the public, or visitors.

Facial screening technology can instantly identify raised temperatures and activate an alert signal so that a security professional can address the risk and make a sound judgement.

For businesses with visitors who may be vulnerable or with other contamination factors to consider, having confidence that they are doing everything within their power to avoid becoming a virus transmission hub is critical to ongoing safety.

Medical facilities, schools, care homes and public centres all require an enhanced alert system to protect the most vulnerable from potentially deadly viruses – with facial temperature screening delivering an advanced, fast and wholly dependable solution for every size of organisation.

Why Rapid Temperature Testing is an Essential Business Component

The vast majority of healthy team members, managers or visitors may be unaware that they have an elevated temperature. Unfortunately, this can mean a substantial risk is posed whenever a person enters your premises without a temperature check.

We may have become more aware of the dangers of high temperatures as a key indicator of COVID-19. Still, there are, in fact, millions of viruses and infections that may cause little effect in a healthy person and be potentially fatal to workers or customers with underlying illnesses.

As a result, workforce managers seek a streamlined installation to mitigate this grave threat and ensure that every employee and visitor can access their services without any concern of putting their health at undue risk.

Multiple-face monitoring

Our system can detect facial temperatures of up to 30 people at once – provided they’re within 7 meters from the camear.

All weather – bi spectrum functionality
All the camera requires is visible light to be able to capture the human face and detect the facial temperature of the subject.

Real-time face recognition 
A specifically designed algorithm is used to measure facial temperatures as accurately as possible.

Temperatures within ±0.5 °C or ±0.3 °C
Depending on the type of camera, temperatures are measured within ±0.5 °C or ±0.3 °C (emissivity, distance, ambient temperatures)

How Does Commercial Facial Temperature Screening Work?

The facial screening system itself is deceptively simple to operate and combines the latest in next-gen technology, constructed to address critical threats to public and workforce health.

Components include:

  • Infrared detectors to pick up thermal radiation above-average temperatures.
  • Thermal cameras to convert infrared into greyscale values to analyse the level of temperature readings against an algorithm.
  • High-temperature accuracy to produce readings within a tolerance of +/- 0.5 °C to +/- 0.3 °C.
  • Screening capacity with the ability to monitor up to 30 individuals simultaneously, without requiring static checks or individual interventions.

This streamlined system is ideal for smaller organisations or medium-sized premises without the capacity or staffing to provide individual checks for every person entering the building.

Integrations with facial detection software ensure that any alert is traced, without any potential for the individual to remain unaware that they may be carrying the COVID-19 virus.

Facial screening offers:

  • High-quality monitoring, at a much greater accuracy level than cheap hand-held devices.
  • The ability to screen multiple people at once without any time delays or obstructing foot traffic flow.
  • Straightforward installations with remote management ensuring security staff can monitor alerts without needing a permanent presence at entrance points.
  • Discreet installations so that every site visitor is facially screened, but without creating a barrier to entry or impeding on personal privacy.

Purpose designed facial temperature screening cameras can monitor up to 30 individuals simultaneously, even with a continuous movement flow. Readings are transmitted in real-time to a review monitor and shared instantly with a Network Video Recorder (NVR).

Should a high temperature be indicated, the alert is triggered instantly, with the screen capturing a live feed and highlighting the individual. This helps security staff to assess the risk and verify the result with a hand-held temperature device. Fast detection and increased accuracy are essential and ensure that individuals carrying a potential infection can be contacted,

Body Temp Brochure

Facial Temperature Sensors Video

Enquire about our Body Temperature Detection Camera Systems now:

Facial Tempearture Detection System
Hand-held Thermometers

Facial Temperature
Detection System

  • 30-plus people can be measured simultaneously in real time (within 30ms)
  • Dynamic real-time continuous detection
  • Enable people to continue moving in a flow, rather than stop-start
  • Intelligent, accurate and automatic temperature measurement
  • Facial detection technology prevents false readings by eliminating misreads from face masks, hats or heavy coats

Hand-held Thermometer

  • Manual, hand-held measurements taken
  • Individual temperature measurements can only be taken one person at a time
  • Stop-start process is only option, no high-level people flow
  • Manual measurement requires compromised social distancing and higher risk of physical contact

Facial Temperature Detection - Comparison Tables

Clearway Body Temperature Detection System Comparison Table
Clearway Body Temperature Detection System Comparison Table
Clearway Body Temperature Detection System Comparison Table
Clearway Body Temperature Detection System Comparison Table

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