Coronavirus Fogging Machines

As quarantine restrictions ease and the economy continues to return to some sort of normality, the risk of coronavirus spreading will continue to increase. People returning to offices, waiting areas, schools, hospitals and workplaces is presenting ideal opportunities for coronavirus to find a new host and continue the spread of infection.

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Coronavirus Fogging Service
Coronavirus Fogging Service

Aside from continuing the government-enforced hygiene measures we currently have in place, the importance of killing the virus where it settles on surfaces exposed to human touch cannot be stressed enough. High efficiency and effective eradication of the virus in any given space is paramount, but it’s potentially difficult to achieve through manual cleaning processes given the complexity of the majority of buildings.


Thermographic camera, Blackbody Calibration Device and Network Switch

Coronavirus in the workplace

When a person infected with coronavirus talks, coughs or sneezes, they spread the virus through both airborne particles and micro-droplets containing coronavirus. The droplets quickly settle onto surrounding surfaces and will, potentially, infect anyone who touches the surface and then touches their mouth, nose, eyes or an open wound.

Opinions still vary as to how long coronavirus can live on different surfaces. However, various studies have shown that the virus can remain infectious on paper and cardboard for about 24 hours, and on smooth surfaces such as plastic, stainless steel, glass, ceramics and even latex gloves, for up to nine days.

With no specific treatment or vaccine yet available, the main advice to prevent the spread of coronavirus is to practise stringent hygiene measures. These include hand-washing or sanitising, social distancing and other general hygiene practices, plus frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and objects that people touch frequently.

All of the above will effectively keep a premises virus free – once it is already virus free. But how do you get it to that point without endless hours of manual cleaning and wiping – and still be confident that every surface is disinfected? The answer is ‘fogging’.

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