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Construction Site Security Services

Security threats to construction sites include the loss of valuable machinery, workers possessions and even loss of life should trespassers disrupt areas of wiring or hazardous materials. Efficient security measures need to be considered in any construction site risk assessment. Clearway has delivered effective and robust construction site security solutions for a number of sites in the UK ensuring workers and equipment are protected. Read more about our security applications for the construction industry below.

construction site security

Building Site Security

In October 2018 the Federation of Master Builders reported that tool theft was at an all-time high and FMB CEO, Brian Berry, said: “More than half of builders in the UK have fallen foul of tool theft with concerns growing over a crime wave wreaking havoc across the construction industry. Tools are being stolen from vans and direct from construction sites, with some builders even being assaulted by would-be thieves…”

Tool loss, or the loss of any construction equipment would incur a significant financial loss as well as the loss of time when completing construction projects. This highlights the need for effective construction site security.

cctv towers

CCTV Towers and Other CCTV Solutions

Our purpose built CCTV towers can be set-up quickly and can provide instant visual security for large open spaces. These CCTV cameras can be placed on site and deliver near 360-degree coverage, ensuring your site is monitored from all angles.

Our CCTV towers can run using solar power, independently of mains power should access be a problem. Requiring very little maintenance, this robust and responsive CCTV solution can be set up within minutes and removed quickly if needed.

Monitoring Stations

The CCTV tower footage can be synced to our NSI Gold Cat ll Alarm Receiving Centre, allowing for round-the-clock surveillance.

Intruder and fire alarm activations and CCTV footage can all be monitored 24-7, offering a quick reaction to breaches in security.

Verified Video Alarm

Whilst regular alarm systems can monitor movement or changes in the observed area, our video verified alarm system can record the footage which is then sent directly to our monitoring station or your device. The appropriate action can then be taken depending on the level of the threat.

This is a particularly efficient way of monitoring a construction site as false alarms can be identified immediately, before any response team has been deployed. This can be particularly effective for vacant construction sites or areas with low movement expected.

Battery life for all devices, including the control panel, is up to 4 years.

Concrete Barrier Blocks

Should your construction site require limited access, we provide concrete barriers blocks to act as a physical barrier to entry.

Our concrete barrier blocks can be used to restrict vehicle access, preventing unwanted thieves who may use vehicles to transport stolen goods.

They can also help control fly-tipping, squatting, and anti social behaviour should your construction site be left unattended for longer periods of time.

Why Choose Clearway?

Our extensive experience and expertise in construction site security allows us to provide excellent value to our clients, providing them with one point of contact for all of their security requirements, thus making the process much more time and cost-effective.

We pride ourselves on delivering the very best standards within the security sector and have a number of industry-leading accreditations.

We have worked in various industries, including major water authorities, construction companies, transport infrastructures, and police constabularies.

You can view our CCTV tower case studies here.

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