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Construction Site CCTV

Construction sites have long borne the brunt of attention from criminals, who see a vacant site as a prime target for theft and vandalism.

Key risks include open entryways because of the need to enable heavy goods vehicles and machinery access, and valuable building materials, such as piping, tools, raw materials, fuel storage and commercial vehicles. With workforces typically working variable shifts patterns, this can expose your construction site to intruders overnight and other out of hours periods.

Construction site CCTV is a primary safeguard solution in your security strategy. It can make the difference between a site that is vulnerable to break-ins and trespassers, and one that is actively protected, making a difficult target for criminals.

Our Construction Site CCTV Solutions

We provide a range of comprehensive building site CCTV solutions and remain ahead of the game when it comes to designing effective systems that provide an advanced response system, to conserve the integrity of your construction site when it is most at risk.

Our solutions include:

  • inView CCTV Towers: solar or mains powered advanced CCTV towers with the capacity to cover broad areas, and provide a visible deterrent to potential intruders.
  • inView Mobile CCTV: fully self-sufficient mobile monitoring, with day and night vision cameras, flexibly mounted cameras with telescopic masts, and real-time footage streaming.

We also provide monitoring services through our NSI Gold Category II Alarm Receiving Centre. This dedicated facility ensures that alarm activations, intruder alerts and attempted breaches are immediately identified, and response protocols actioned for year-round, 24/7 site control.

Contact our construction site CCTV Specialists today

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