Construction Site Alarms

Construction sites face a unique range of security risks and situational factors such as theft of expensive machinery, fly-tipping and general antisocial behaviour.

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Wireless Intruder Alarm
Wireless Intruder Alarm

Any unauthorised intrusions or break-ins can cause a substantial delay in productivity, as well as time and costs required to replace stolen equipment or repair damage. Investing in security solutions such as construction site alarms will not only significantly reduce these threats – they give site managers and staff the peace of mind that the site is fully protected.

We provide professional security evaluations and construction site alarm systems tailored to meet the risk assessment priorities of construction locations, whether long or short-term.

Wireless Intruder Alarms

Our Construction Site Alarm Systems

The Clearway inView Verified Video system is a battery powered internal or external alarm system that captures a short section of footage to immediately identify the cause of the activation and sends that, via the mobile network, to a predetermined recipient or monitoring station. The Verified Video system is most commonly used to provide notification of different activation types, such as human entry or wildlife, especially where false alarms may be prevalent, allowing the monitoring service to determine the appropriate action to be taken and/or the security service or police to be deployed.

Many construction sites require temporary alarms – for a variety of reasons:

  • Extra security during high-value material movements or crucial projects.
  • Protection during increased times of risk or security threats.
  • Precautions while permanent surveillance installations are completed.

Clearway offers temporary construction site alarms to ensure your premises and sites are secure for as long as you need.

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