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Construction Site Alarms

Construction sites face a unique range of security risks and situational factors such as theft of expensive machinery, fly-tipping and general antisocial behaviour. Any unauthorised intrusions or break-ins can cause a substantial delay in productivity, as well as time and costs required to replace stolen equipment or repair damage. Investing in security solutions such as construction site alarms will not only significantly reduce these threats – they give site managers and staff the peace of mind that the site is fully protected.

We provide professional security evaluations and construction site alarm systems tailored to meet the risk assessment priorities of construction locations, whether long or short-term.

construction site alarm

Our Construction Site Alarm Systems

Clearway offers a range of construction site alarm solutions, each adapted specifically for the UK construction sector. Our options include:

Temporary alarms

The Clearway Solo Alarm is a battery-powered, wireless, mobile network, alarm system specifically designed for use on construction sites with no access to mains power or a telephone line. With rapid response available, this portable alarm system can be fitted, commissioned, verified and working to protect your property in just 20 minutes and is designed to ensure your construction site is monitored around the clock.

Many construction sites require temporary alarms – for a variety of reasons:

  • Extra security during high-value material movements or crucial projects.
  • Protection during increased times of risk or security threats.
  • Precautions while permanent surveillance installations are completed.

Clearway offers temporary construction site alarms to ensure your premises and sites are secure for as long as you need.

video verified alarm

Video Verified Construction Site Alarms

One of the core issues for construction site managers is that developments are often on areas of open land or maybe vacant overnight. Countless alarm activations caused by environmental circumstances or wildlife can cause a great deal of additional pressure in responding to false call-outs.

A video verified construction site alarm is an ideal solution. When a sensor is triggered, a real-time 10-second video stream identifies the reason for the activation, ensuring you can see first-hand whether there is a threat.

Where attempted intrusions are detected and confirmed by the alarm footage, a response team can be deployed immediately by the Clearway Alarm Receiving Centre

cctv monitoring for construction sites

Professional Construction Site Alarm Monitoring

Alongside your alarm systems, it is vital to have a response protocol to determine how you will manage any alarm activations. Clearway’s Alarm Receiving Centre is an NSI Gold Cat II accredited facility, with around-the-clock professional response teams on hand to deal with any alarm activations or call-outs.

The Clearway team receives instant notifications when an alarm is triggered, allowing the responders to identify the level of threat and appropriate action.

That might mean deploying a security team, contacting the emergency services, liaising with your site managers or security personnel, or a blend of those measures according to your pre-agreed policy.

Our response teams deal with activations from intrusions and access breaches to fire detection, flooding, glass breakages and gas leaks.

Why Clearway?

The Clearway team has 20 years of construction site security experience. We work with private and public sector contractors, safeguarding developments of all sizes.

We are proud to offer a vast range of security alarms, surveillance and personnel, each tailored to your safety requirements, budget and risk assessment.

Our commitment to outstanding service, standards, and security surveillance is uncompromising, and our professional consultants will advise on the optimal construction site alarm systems for your specific operations.

Construction Site Alarm FAQs

Do I Need a Construction Site Risk Assessment Before Installing an Alarm?

Ideally, yes – the Clearway team always recommends running through a security risk assessment. This process identifies where your main threats lie, be that in specific physical locations or in types of risk, which ensures we can tailor our advice to your construction site.

What is the Best Way to Defend a Construction Site Against Intruders?

There are many construction site alarm systems, site CCTV surveillance, security patrols and security installations available to defend construction sites from criminal activity.

Alarm systems are an integral part of a construction site security strategy and can be positioned in key locations where the most significant risks arise.

What are the Biggest Security Threats to Construction Sites?

The exact threats to your construction site security will depend on your location, type of activity and locality. For many sites, the most substantial risk is in the theft of tools, materials, equipment and vehicles.

There are also other hazards to consider when selecting your alarm system, such as flooding, fire, vandalism, gas leaks and fly-tipping.

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