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Compound Security

Compounds require a comprehensive compound security strategy to ensure that owners, managers and security personnel have confidence that their site is protected from safety threats around the clock.

The best compound security will cover all of the core risk factors, with combined systems working seamlessly together to mitigate and eliminate security threats. For many compounds, this means a tailored approach, with various surveillance options modified to your site’s specific layout and nature.

Clearway Compound Security Services

Dog units and manned guarding

One of the most effective ways to prevent criminal activity at your compound is to station teams of trained security personnel to establish a prominent presence. This proactive security guard hire is efficient and effective, ensuring your compound is defended from unlawful entry.

Clearways works with compound managers across the UK, providing a range of security teams and surveillance services, such as:

  • Professionally licensed and uniformed entrance point guards.
  • Physical site patrols or perimeter inspections.
  • Canine security patrols, ideal for large compounds or those with extensive outdoor areas.

Each compound security deployment is structured around your requirements, hours of work, and essential protection requirements.

Compound CCTV Surveillance

Along with manned guarding, site CCTV surveillance is one of the most compelling ways to prevent illegal site access. Clear signage and visible CCTV towers are ideal for more significant compounds or those with extensive perimeters.

Clearway compound security CCTV is available in a broad range of systems, including:

  • Infrared CCTV cameras detecting movement 24/7 and in any light conditions.
  • Hardwired, permanent CCTV solutions or temporary CCTV hire in periods of increased threat.
  • Wireless remote CCTV installations for areas of your compound without mains power or where independent surveillance is required.
    CCTV Towers to monitor areas such as car parks or construction sites

The correct CCTV for your compound will depend on several factors, such as whether you need a fixed system or a battery/solar operated system. The Clearway team can arrange a site visit and risk assessment to ensure we recommend the ideal CCTV to meet your security strategy.

Compound Security Alarms

Alarm systems come in an equally extensive range of solutions, each designed to provide a different level of protection. These installations are available in wireless and remote access options, along with combined alarms that monitor for smoke, fire, along with illegal entry.

Having a professional grade compound alarm is an excellent way to reinforce your protection and provides an added layer of assurance to back up your surveillance systems or security patrols.

Temporary alarm systems for compounds are vital during times of increased threat or when the site will be unstaffed, such as over a weekend or holiday period.

Clearway also installs temporary compound security alarms during critical projects to reduce risk exposure.

Compound Monitoring

Our NSI Gold standard accredited Alarm Receiving Centre is available to monitor every Clearway compound alarm installation. Trained security responders operate this service 24/7, 365 days a year.

When any alarm, sensor or CCTV system is activated, the monitoring station receives an instant notification. We then liaise with your compound security management personnel, alert the authorities or deploy a security team as required, depending on the type of alert and level of threat.

Why Choose Clearway?

The Clearway compound security team has two decades of experience managing safety and risk prevention for compounds of all sizes and natures. We work with substantial commercial compounds with high levels of confidentiality, ensuring that critical threats are identified, assessed, and prevented.

Our security solutions include a full range of options, from physical patrols to canine security, advanced alarm systems and sensors, to next-gen CCTV surveillance.

Each compound security recommendation is bespoke to your requirements and according to the vulnerabilities that pose the most significant risks to your operations and site.

Contact our compound security experts

We will evaluate your critical access points, security threats, vehicular entry routes, and types of criminal activity that the compound is most vulnerable to. We offer a complete range of compound security solutions adapted to your specific requirements. Get in touch with us today on 01322 479652 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Compounds Need Specific Security Installations?

Yes, we’d recommend that all compound security managers consult an independent, professional team to ensure their preventative measures are fit for purpose and provide the most cost-effective solutions.

In many cases, the best compound security blends multiple services and installations, ensuring surveillance and patrols are targeted to the specific risk level of each part of the compound.

How Can I Protect My Compound From Break-Ins?

The ideal protection to ensure your compound is not exposed to criminal intrusions will depend on various factors. For example, the Clearway team will consider your hours of operation, the layout and size of the compound, how many access points exist, and where the buildings are in relation to the compound perimeter.

If you would like professional guidance to ensure your compound is adequately protected, please contact Clearway for an independent assessment.

What are the Biggest Security Threats to Compound Sites?

As with every aspect of compound security, your most significant threats are unique to your site. Some compounds are most exposed to unlawful entry and theft, others to environmental risks such as flooding, and others are concerned with data security, privacy, and access control.

The optimal way to ensure your critical threats have been identified, and the right solutions implemented to eliminate those threats, is to consult an experienced compound security team who can carry out a site evaluation.

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