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Rapid Response Boarding Up Service

Damage to windows and doors through criminal damage or break-ins creates a highly visible vulnerability, and so boarding up services keep your premises safe from intruders. Emergency boarding is a fast, cost effective way to secure a vacant property. Clearway provides a rapid response boarding up service to protect both commercial and residential properties across the UK. Our steel security screens and doors are recommended and used in police scenarios, so you can be sure that our solution will protect your property from any unauthorised entry. Boarding is also available on a longer-term basis for empty sites giving you peace of mind that your property is well protected.

Why Might You Need Boarding Up Services?

Vacant Property Boarding Up

Vacant properties carry variable risk levels, and so mitigating any potential for unauthorised access is essential. Unsecure entry points can give easy access to empty premises, making it a target of vandalism, theft, squatters and criminals. Even a long-term empty site can be a target of theft, especially if the property is furnished or contains valuable contents.

Boarding up makes a vacant premise unattractive to criminals, with physical barriers and screens over doors and windows, secured to the building with anti-tamper security screws.

Clearway offers a range of boards, screens and security doors, which are fitted by our professional team to ensure there is no damage to the framework, and that panels are cut to fit. Combined with services such as alarm systems, security guards, dog patrols and security monitoring, boarding up an empty site is a visible deterrent and a critical factor in preventing unwanted access.

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