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Our Services

Maintaining the fabric of a vacant property is key to maintaining its value, and Clearway has more than 25 years’ experience in this field, working with some of the UK’s largest housing associations, property managers and hotel groups.

Our personal service and attention to detail have enabled us to maintain our position as the UK’s leading company in the vacant property sector.

Vacant Property Security

Keyless steel doors, steel window screens, electronic alarms, innovative CCTV, guards, dog patrols and concrete barriers are all essential elements to the service we provide in protecting and maintaining vacant properties until they are ready for reoccupation or redevelopment.

Weekly property inspections ensure standards are maintained and properties are kept falling into disrepair.

CCTV Solutions

Clearway’s unique offering in temporary site CCTV includes a fully equipped, power-independent mobile unit capable of providing near instant CCTV surveillance in challenging locations.

Equally, our inView mobile CCTV tower can be deployed nationally, is designed to provide 24/7 CCTV coverage, powered by solar panels and communicates via the mobile network.

Property Services

Not all properties need security. Some need a considerable amount of work to return them to healthy, habitable state following any number of unfortunate circumstances, including pest invasions, the vestiges of squatters, rampant vegetation, crime or even undiscovered death.

Our teams are efficient and effective, providing an often-sympathetic service in the most awful of circumstances, working with local authorities, social housing organisation and the police.

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