We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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NSI Gold Alarms

Clearway is proud to be an NSI Gold accredited alarm security provider, offering NSI alarm installation and 24/7 CCTV monitoring to give you peace of mind that your site and valuable assets are secure.

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nsi gold alarms
nsi gold alarms

The highest level of protection

As an NSI Gold accredited alarm and security specialist, Clearway has been verified as meeting the very highest standards, with a market-leading Alarm Monitoring Station that detects and analyses security threats and reacts quickly and appropriately to protect your site from malicious intent.

To achieve NSI Gold accreditation, we provide evidence that our alarm systems meet ISO 9001 standards and present technical skills and installation standards.

The NSI certification also ensures that Clearway and our installation engineers have the industry knowledge and expertise to provide you with advice and guidance about the best alarm systems for your premises and key security threats.

nsi gold alarm

NSI Gold Alarms

You can see our full range of commercial alarm systems here. From wireless intruder alarms and video verified alarms to commercial fire alarms and panic alarms, Clearway is a leader in providing alarm technology to suit your individual security and safety requirements.

Any NSI-approved alarm system you select has been designed to meet standards recognised by insurers and the police and will operate flawlessly when you need it to. NSI Gold status applies to a range of security alarms. It covers not solely the equipment but also the maintenance offered and installation services, encompassing advanced access control systems and intruder alarms.

Our Insurance-approved alarm systems protect against a vast array of potential intrusions, risks and criminal activities, operating 24/7 with continual monitoring to ensure that alarms are verified, the cause determined, and the correct security response deployed.

As an alarm monitoring company, Clearway can provide you with peace of mind that your property is protected. Learn more about our alarm monitoring services here.

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NSI CCTV Monitoring

Reliable, high-quality CCTV monitoring is an essential component of a robust security surveillance strategy. It combines with other security assets to ensure that you have a visual deterrent and rapid responses when suspicious activities are detected.

Clearway’s NSI Gold Cat II Monitoring Station stands apart as one of the UK’s most highly accredited alarm-receiving centres. We use state-of-the-art technology to manage alerts and threats with a trained team of qualified responders.

An independent accreditation assures our customers that we provide a seamless, unparalleled service and go the extra mile to ensure they have maximum protection from risks, with ongoing investments in processes, equipment and systems as the capacity of surveillance evolves.

Examples include AI analysis, facial recognition technology, automatic number plate recognition and integrated, automated security protocols to leverage the best performance from CCTV installations.

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What does NSI Gold Status mean?

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) regulates the security industry and oversees sectors, including security and fire protection. It allows companies to apply for independent accreditations that verify the quality and standards on offer.

NSI Gold status is only available through the NSI, which regulates and audits UK companies and inspects their working practices and controls. There are two potential awards based on independent quality assessments – NSI Silver and NSI Gold.

Why is the NSI Gold standard preferable for businesses and individuals looking for security services, support and advice? The standard exceeds NSI Silver and represents:

  • Commitment to excellent staff training levels and ongoing professional development.
  • Full insurance coverage for all work and services offered.
  • Adherence with all relevant legislation, industry regulations and best practices.
  • Regular audits conducted by approved auditors to guarantee high standards.

Achieving NSI Gold certification demonstrates that Clearway has fulfilled a substantial list of standards and requirements, with certificated security products and a first-class, internationally recognised quality management system.

The NSI standards are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect advances in technology and best practice and require regular professional updates to confirm that standards are consistently high and upheld over the long term.

Clearway building

Why Clearway?

Clearway is a well-established security service provider with years of expertise in securing sites and properties in all industires. We support clients from public sector buildings to high-risk facilities, private homes, and large corporations.

We have held our NSI Gold accreditation since 2018, with expertise stretching back over 20 years as we have adapted and expanded to meet the needs of a changing security landscape.

Our services extend beyond NSI Gold accredited alarms and CCTV monitoring and include specialist teams providing environmental and bio-hazardous waste removal, concrete blocks, event safety recommendations and full vacant property management.

With hubs serving England, Wales and Scotland, we operate nationwide and have worked with the Metropolitan Police, NHS, social housing organisations, hotel groups and other clients who need a proactive, knowledgeable approach to develop a future-proof security strategy.

Frequently asked questions

The NSI Gold accreditation is awarded by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) – an independent regulatory body that oversees technical standards and quality best practice requirements for the security and surveillance industries.

NSI Gold is the highest achievement and confirms adherence to a range of legislation, regulations, working practices, professional development and customer service requirements.

The NSI has been in place since 1971 and carries out independent audits to assess whether security companies – and their products and services – comply with the most rigorous industry standards.

Choosing an NSI Gold security provider means that you have the assurance that your provider is fully insured, offers technical competence and operates 24/7 with emergency call-outs available.

We pride ourselves on impeccable standards and are committed to upholding our NSI Gold status for the years to come. For our customers, this recognition determines that:

  • All Clearway staff are thoroughly vetted.
  • Every installation carries an NSI Certificate of Compliance.
  • Work we carry out is verified as insurance compliant.

The NSI only awards Gold status to security providers who meet their criteria and continue to do so, protecting homeowners and businesses from buying sub-standard security products or services.

NSI Silver is a step down from Gold and focuses on product accreditation. NSI Gold standards include audits and inspections of product certifications and quality management systems underpinning the services on offer.

Possibly, yes – insurance companies require specific security coverage levels depending on the nature of your site or business. NSI Gold-approved services can reduce insurance premiums by demonstrating that an accredited provider maintains the system. You can read more about mitigating insurance risks with your security systems here.

Yes we do. Clearway provides comprehensive alarm maintenance services to keep your NSI gold alarms running as they should be. Your alarm system is only effective as a last line of defence if it is working as intended. Without regular inspections and a trustworthy maintenance service for your shop alarm, the potential financial implications of a security breach are unmitigated. This also extends to fire safety (see our fire alarm maintenance page) Through routine inspections, timely issue detection, and proactive maintenance, we can help you to avoid these costly situations.

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