We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Empty property security for the North East

Clearway is a nationwide provider of specialist empty property security services, working with clients throughout the North East. We offer comprehensive support, ranging from impenetrable security screens and doors to advanced CCTV, alarm surveillance, physical barriers, and safeguards to keep your vacant property safe and under continual monitoring.

With years of expertise in empty property security, we can offer independent recommendations to protect your vacant North Eastern premises, sites, units, or residential homes from unauthorised access and criminal entry while ensuring your security solutions are cost-effective and address key risks.

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north east vacant properties
north east vacant properties

Vacant and Void Property Security Across North East England

An empty property, whether a home, an industrial warehouse or factory, a business rental site or any other premise, is at a higher risk of intrusion. These properties are commonly targeted by thieves, vandals, arsonists, squatters, and other trespassers who might enter a vacant property opportunistically or look for vacant premises in quiet areas that are not overlooked.

Clearway provides empty property security services throughout the North East of England, including:

  • Tyne and Wear: Newcastle, Gateshead, and Sunderland.
  • Teesside: Middlesborough, Stockton and Redcar.
  • County Durham: Darlington, Hartlepool, and Durham.

We also work with commercial and private clients in metropolitan and more rural or semi-rural locations, where the need for empty property security may be elevated due to the lack of natural surveillance or the distance security responders need to travel in response to an alarm.

Vacant Property Security & Services

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Clearway Steel Screens

Vacant Property Steel Security Doors and Screens

Steel security doors and screens that slot over windows are excellent ways to defend vulnerable entry points within a vacant property, using purpose-built fixings and locks that cannot be removed, bypassed or tampered with.

Perforated screens protect glazing and windows without obstructing airflow and are installed with a framing system that doesn’t damage the frame or bricks underneath. Security doors and screens are available for flexible hire periods, with either keyless security doors or robust steel lockable doors with unique keys that can’t be copied or replicated.

Clearway Concrete Barrier Blocks

Installing Concrete Barrier Blocks

The simplicity of a concrete barrier block belies its multiple uses. These blocks interlock to create extended barriers that prevent any vehicle, including high-speed or larger trucks, from entering your vacant property boundary. Often fitted with anti-climb Heras fencing, concrete barriers can also work alongside electronic bollards and gates that lower when a visitor’s credentials have been approved.

Vacant properties that border open land or are in parts of the North East where issues around illegal travellers are common often use concrete barriers around their perimeter, simultaneously protecting the property, land or garden from fly-tipping.

Clearway inView Solar CCTV Tower

Solar-Powered CCTV Towers for Empty Properties in the North East

Tower-mounted CCTV cameras operate with solar-powered or independent long-life battery systems and overlook broad expanses of land, overseeing car parks, loading bays, warehouse yards or the full exterior of your vacant property. These highly visible surveillance cameras initiate a security alert immediately when suspicious activity is detected and function in all weather conditions.

Wireless CCTV towers can be hired for short-term or extended use and have varied advanced features capturing high-definition footage of intrusion attempts while alerting your security provider or our ARC when further investigation or a rapid response is required.

Purpose of Sensors in Perimeter and Building Security?

Fitting Vacant Property Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarms provide a safeguard similar to CCTV, working without reliance on mains power and transmitting an alert when anything untoward occurs, such as a fire, smoke, break-in, forced entry, or movement in a vacant property.

These autonomous alarms can be fitted indoors and outside, with anti-jamming tech that ensures alarm signals cannot be interrupted or interfered with.

Physical Security

Hiring Qualified Guards in North East England

Many vacant property owners in the North East with larger, higher-value or more exposed premises opt for the added assurance of physical guarding, which can work in any number of ways:

  • Static guards at an entry point
  • Roaming patrols who circulate the perimeter
  • K9 patrols and canine security units
  • Regular mobile patrols

Each solution is suited to a different risk profile. Still, all provide a visible deterrent for prospective intruders and ensure that any indications of potential criminal activity are swiftly challenged.

Clearway Property Inspections

Vacant Property Inspections

Inspecting an empty property regularly and creating logs of signs of damage, deterioration, or tampering can be vital. Our inspection teams evaluate the condition of piping and utilities, assess for signs that doors or windows may have been disturbed, and report any urgent maintenance works to ensure these are handled quickly.

Issues such as fly-tipping, excess piles of junk mail, water ingress or animal infestations need to be dealt with to preserve the integrity and value of the property but also to avoid the problems escalating or attracting unwanted attention.

what is keyholding services?

Keyholding Services

Having a qualified security agent act as your keyholder can offer peace of mind that if a vacant property alarm raises an alert, movement is detected by your CCTV, or you need to ensure a surveyor, potential tenant, or tradesperson can access the property, a trained keyholder is on hand.

Our keyholding services vary from open and unlock support, fast responses to verify the cause of an alarm, and providing backup to allow urgent entry to the property if you are away, unavailable or where entry is required in the early hours.

Clearway inView Detect PIDs on construction site

Protect your empty site with inView Detect

Looking to secure a perimeter or building site in the North East of England? The inView Detect system is designed with multiple layers of alerts and verification to ensure a quick and efficient response to perimeter intrusions.

The combination of audible alarms, visual indicators, and AI-driven verification adds a robust level of security. By including a loud 120db siren and flashing LED strobes, it immediately alerts those nearby to the intrusion, serving both to deter the intruder and to notify security personnel.

The AI verification process, involving image capture and analysis at a certified center, adds a crucial layer of confirmation, minimising false alarms and ensuring that responses are swift and appropriate.

national security coverage

Why Choose Clearway for Empty Property Security in the North East?

The extent of the challenge for vacant property owners is significant. There are currently over 3,200 empty homes in Newcastle alone, without considering vacant offices, retail spaces and business units.

Other major towns and cities in the North East have a similar proportion of empty properties and vacant commercial premises, with the latest data from Hartlepool Borough Council indicating that 4.4% of all residential properties are currently registered as vacant.

Clearway’s security risk assessment teams are experts in alarm systems, CCTV monitoring and alarm responses, managed through our NSI Gold II Cat Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). We can help in every instance, targeting solutions to the nature, location and condition of the property or premise you need to protect.

Clearway’s multi-skilled security teams offer a wealth of knowledge regarding the best ways to manage and protect empty properties, working with commercial, private and non-profit organisations.

Our services cover everything from site inspections and risk assessments to commissioning systems and handling ongoing alarm monitoring. For more information about how we can protect your empty property from damage, theft, intrusion and vandalism, please contact us at any time.

Proactive in our approach

Proactive in our approach

Reliable in our delivery

Reliable in our delivery

Trusted in our field

Trusted in our field

Sustainable in our solutions

Sustainable in our solutions

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