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Your Ultimate Guide to Keyless Steel Doors

Your Ultimate Guide to Keyless Steel Doors
Your Ultimate Guide to Keyless Steel Doors

Getting In… Is Easy


If you were a burglar targeting an empty commercial property, what would be the best way to gain entry, would you think?

No, we’ve not lost our minds. Bear with us. Put yourself in the shoes of an intruder. Perhaps you’d find somewhere out of sight – a hidden rear entrance or, if you were the nimble sort, over a scalable fence.

Well, actually – this isn’t true.

In nearly two-thirds of instances*, commercial invaders get in through the front; either through a window or door that’s not been appropriately secured. As a property owner, if your building is vacant, you may assume or suspect that nobody would have the brass neck to do this. But, you would be wrong.

It’s worrying, isn’t it?

There’s more.

Even more surprising is that burglars only cause damage or destroy a small percentage of doors and windows (1.1% and 0.6%, respectively in fact*). In other words, getting in is reasonably easy if you know how.


Your Vacant Building Is Highly Appealing

To would-be thieves, vandals and trespassers, that is.

Should your property be left empty, even for a short period, it could become an immediate draw to those intent on fly-tipping, graffiti, arson, theft or just hell-bent on causing severe damage. In addition, several vacant buildings in one area can bring security concerns for neighbouring occupants.

Premises not being used can bring about an unexpectedly fast social decline within a built environment – broken windows, unauthorised rubbish left around, illegal activity and so on.

Locks on windows and doors, even if they’re super-sturdy, may not be enough. Pin locks are a robust way of securing a window, and deadbolts can be effective, but most properties come with the original locks provided. And, did you know that most criminals simply snap the lock, rather than pick it?

The Certified, Accredited Security Door Solution

Keyless steel security doors are the answer.

Clearway has designed its Keyless Toreador security steel door – the very first of its kind to be accredited to LPS1175 standards. “LPS” stands for “Loss Prevention Standard” – one of the Loss Prevention Certification Board criteria. It focuses on the physical security of intruder-resistant building components, including doors.

The Toreador is tested and certified to LPS1175 Issue 7 and has several unique features.

In other words, the Toreador is of such high quality and meets such high standards that it’s the only steel security door of its kind to be certified to the LPS1175 insurance standard and approved by the UK police for its security excellence. In fact, it’s their preferred specification and part of the force’s drive to support the principles of “designing out crime” – drawing on design distinction to reduce it.

Only those with fully authorised access will get past the Toreador. Effectively, it prevents front door thefts in commercial properties. This security door offers several one-of-a-kind features that put up an impenetrable barrier to repeated attempts at intrusion or high-impact assault. Only the right people can get in and out with a unique five-digit code. Simple, ultra-strong, and highly effective.

It’s the gold standard.

What’s not to like?

steel security door

No More Keyholder Pressure

Being a keyholder can be a bit of a hassle.

You’re in charge of out-of-hours entry, as well as access to or within the building. It’s fair to say that being woken up in the middle of the night or disturbed when you’re officially off-duty is a bit of a pain. There’s never a good time. Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to lose keys or for them to go missing/not be returned.

The Toreador’s keyless function solves all of this.

Your physical presence is not necessarily required – only authorised staff will have access.

By the way, a key-operated version is also available.

Toreador Keyless Steel Door Features

How does it work?

  • Keyless access via a unique five-digit code (you can programme your own entry codes, and single-use ones are available for the emergency services if necessary)
  • A simple, recessed handle that can’t be forcibly broken off
  • 1.5mm thick steel, reinforced to 3mm in key areas
  • Fits 700mm, 800mm or 900mm door openings
  • Can be tailored to fit non-standard door opening widths/heights
  • Cannot be removed by cutting off its hinges
  • Anti-crowbar reinforced lip
  • Unique, five-point independent locking mechanism
  • The automatic slam-lock system keeps the door locked from the outside at all times
  • Easy and quick exit; you can never be locked in
  • Built-in twin battery system provides an exclusive fail-safe operation that allows for more than 150,000 door operations for up to nine years

In addition, there is an option available to integrate technology that can automatically communicate with Clearway’s Verified Video alarm system.

Steel panels and Clearway key-operated steel door

A Full Set of Security Solutions

Can keyless steel doors do the complete job? To be fair, no.

While the Toreador is an outstanding choice and, of course, is a strong visual deterrent, too, security doors alone aren’t the answer. A range of complementary protection options could and should work together to keep your property safe, each offering different benefits as part of a solid safety chain. These include steel security screens for windows (a frequent in-addition installation), monitored alarms, CCTV solutions (including CCTV towers and temporary CCTV solutions), and concrete blocks.

Quick Facts about Keyless Steel Security Doors

  • You’ve no doubt heard the word “Toreador”. It means “to fight a bull” in Spanish. Quite appropriate, you may think.
  • These are heavy-duty doors – approximately 48kg, depending on the size of the door.
  • Keyless steel doors are NOT all the same. If you’ll allow us a repetition (and it’s worth repeating), the Toreador is the only model to be designed, built and tested to the meticulous Loss Prevention Standard LPS1175 Level 7 for full insurance approval, and receive the police’s Secure by Design accreditation.
  • The Toreador is the preferred choice of many public sector organisations, including local authorities and the NHS. Also, throughout the private sector, including property management companies.
  • They’re quick to install, and they cause practically no damage to your existing property. When the building is re-occupied, they can be easily taken down and removed.

Where Can Keyless Steel Doors Be Used?

For your peace of mind, keyless security doors are perfect for a wide variety of empty property scenarios, including:

  • Empty shops, offices, factories and warehouses
  • Buildings being renovated
  • Vacant sites between tenancies – even for a short period
  • Premises where you are away on holiday
  • Sites that may be high-risk during events or public disturbances

What We Think

Steel security doors provide layers of protection that are impossible to get through.

Going further with keyless functionality ups the ante.

In our opinion, the Clearway keyless security door smooths the entire process, turning away intruders to explore elsewhere. Quite frankly, whilst we can never talk literally and unequivocally, it’s highly likely that they simply won’t bother with your property. Likewise, as keys are infinitely lose-able, a keyless door goes a long way towards removing ever-present human error.

Durable and impassable, they’re a superior investment for commercial premises owners looking for top-quality security.

*Nimble Fins

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