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Going to Extremes: Your Guide to Heavy Duty and Crime Scene/Trauma Cleaning

Going to Extremes: Your Guide to Heavy Duty and Crime Scene/Trauma Cleaning
Going to Extremes: Your Guide to Heavy Duty and Crime Scene/Trauma Cleaning

Trauma cleaning and extreme cleaning are highly specialised services.

In many respects, they go above and beyond our natural human call of duty, not least because it’s grim work, and those who do it are highly trained and made of stern stuff. As you can imagine, therefore, this article covers the distasteful, sadder and often tragic side of life and how we deal with it in our built environment.

It comes with a gentle warning:

We’re all adults here, but be aware that some of the following content is explicit and to the point. 

You may never need to engage Clearway to undertake this type of cleaning. However, these situations don’t always just affect others; they could also come to your door. For your peace of mind, we have a team of professionally trained experts, fully equipped with essential tools and products – often industrial-grade – to complete the work quickly, effectively and safely.

We’ve divided this article into two main sections: Extreme Cleaning and Crime Scene and Trauma Cleaning, but to a certain degree, they cross over.

Let’s begin.

Extreme Cleaning – What Exactly Is It?

It sounds relatively benign, doesn’t it? Like extreme mountaineering, or, yes, this does exist – extreme ironing. But, it’s no joke. Extreme cleaning is as it sounds: at the more severe end of the scale.

Think: “absolutely filthy”, and then double or triple it. Or more.

Properties that need extreme cleaning look unsalvageable, yet it can be done with the help and experience of the right people. Broadly, it’s where “normal” deep cleaning alone isn’t enough, and would barely touch the sides, so to speak.

Standard cleaning could disturb the site and even pose a risk of contamination and a threat to human health.

In fact, only trained cleaning crews can tackle this level of disorder; as we’ve touched on. Hazardous materials and needles from drug use, raw human sewage, animal faecal matter, waste material or other nefarious substances are often present.

The different types of extreme cleaning include:

  • Trauma cleaning – see below. This includes the cleaning of crime scenes, undiscovered deaths and suicides.
  • Biohazard cleaning – chemicals or bodily fluids, for example.
  • Other dangerous substances – paint and paint cans, oil, petrol and diesel, gas bottles etc.
  • Drug and meth lab cleaning – hazardous waste disposal involving hypodermic needles (sharps waste) and methamphetamine.
  • Sewage – including the treatment of sewage spills. This incorporates full decontamination and sanitisation.
  • Fly tipping removal – a constant battle and unsightly, fly-tipping attracts rats and can cause fires.
  • Removal of abandoned or burnt-out vehicles.

None of this paints a pretty picture.

As a property owner, seeing the building or area in such a poor state will be shocking. But rest reassured. This is where the cavalry of suited and booted extreme cleaners comes in, with their training, expertise and experience.

Extreme cleaning doesn’t just involve removing and disposing of clutter. The whole area will be blitzed, with complete sanitisation to remove every trace of the problem. Also, it applies to the outside of a building, as well as the inside.

Is Your Property At Risk?

In a word, if you own a property, and it’s left vacant – even for a short period, the answer is: Yes.

You risk an unedifying edifice.

Commercial properties left vacant are vulnerable, either from possessions decaying and other organic matter becoming vermin-infested, but also from occupation by squatters.

Whilst squatting in people’s homes has been a criminal offence since 2012, the same does not apply to commercial buildings. Therefore, your empty factory, office or retail unit could be a highly desirable prospect.

And, when they vacate, the carnage left behind has to be seen to be believed.

Clearway – Clear-cut Solutions for Extreme Cleaning

As well as restorative work in typical commercial scenarios, Clearway’s extreme cleaning services can also focus on:

  • Bin rooms
  • Rubbish chutes
  • Graffiti removal
  • Pest control
  • Bird fouling and fumigation

Let’s touch briefly on sharps waste. Generally found in controlled environments, and therefore low risk, needles, blades, scalpels and even some plastics can make their way into public areas – and are often left behind by drug users. Thus, becoming outstandingly hazardous.

By way of a guarantee of standards, it’s good to know that Clearway has been an official Metropolitan Police Crime Scene and Trauma partner since 2009. Plus, we work closely with property managers and housing associations.

Crime Scene and Trauma Cleaning

Death is part of life.

It’s something that will happen to us all one day, but for some, it comes earlier than expected and occasionally in violent, traumatic or unpleasant ways.

Blood, urine, vomit, faeces or other bodily fluids (not to mention drug paraphernalia) left behind at a trauma scene are dangerous. Removing and disposing of them requires the skills and knowledge of a professional cleaning team. This is about ensuring the safety of those who enter and use the property. In brief, although cleaning is essential, making one hundred per cent sure that the area is non-toxic and harmless is critical.

Just because you can’t see a risk doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Clearing and cleaning a property where a death or any other serious crime has taken place isn’t exactly dinner party conversation. Still, it’s an essential service that Clearway provides to a very high standard and has done so since 2009.

After the Police have processed a crime or an accident scene, and human remains have been removed, they will hand it over to a team of specialists, which is where we come in.

As well as being official working partners of the Police for these matters, Clearway’s crime scene and trauma teams are fully compliant with the Environment Agency’s codes of practice, including the disposal of biohazardous and contaminated waste.

Also, they are highly trained to secure crime scenes and to clean up blood, bodily fluids, tissue remnants, and to remove fingerprint dust and other bio-hazards.

Quick Facts

  • With the discovery of a death in your commercial property, a respectful, rapid response will be essential. This safeguards your insurance cover; and prevents the deterioration of the site’s condition.
  • Other related services from Clearway include fly-tipping removal and hazardous waste removal.
  • There’s an accredited body for everything, it seems. Did you know that there is a British Cleaning Council?
  • It’s worth mentioning: Clearway are the experts in extreme cleaning and trauma cleaning. However, please be aware that we don’t offer carpet cleaning, end-of-tenancy cleaning or domestic cleaning.

Alone in Death – Respect, Professionalism and Care

Undiscovered deaths, suicides, murders, accidents and terrorism are human tragedies that leave their mark behind. Therefore, situations like these require competence, consideration, professionalism and enormous care.

Unfortunately, if left undiscovered, a victim’s body will break down and become infested with maggots and flies. It’s distressing. And, it’s a terrible fate to befall anyone. Of course, removing human remains is enormously unpleasant, especially when in an advanced state of decomposition. Fortunately, that’s not something we have to get involved with.

It goes without saying that it also creates a bio-hazard problem, and must be dealt with only by qualified, licensed personnel. We use various techniques for full decontamination and to ensure no trace of any previous traumatic events remains.

Final Words

The nature of extreme cleaning and trauma scene cleaning doesn’t make for enjoyable reading, but it’s a reality of modern life. This is a crucial service that’s much needed, and not just something we see in crime dramas. It literally is a dirty job, and someone has to do it. So, we celebrate and salute the men and women with the expertise, bravery, skills and dedication to their profession. Long may they continue.

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