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Why Steel is THE Perfect Choice for Security Windows, Doors and Screens

Why Steel is THE Perfect Choice for Security Windows, Doors and Screens
Why Steel is THE Perfect Choice for Security Windows, Doors and Screens

Leaving any property vacant, even temporarily, can be risky.

But, if you own or manage a commercial property, it’s even more vulnerable; it signals its empty status at 50 paces. Why? Because once occupied by busy people, it now looks disjointed and out of place. Shops, factories, offices, restaurants and so on are meant to be used – and in an obvious way.

When vacant, the environment seems diminished. Also, a beacon call sends out its signal: catnip to would-be intruders, thieves and those hellbent on antisocial behaviour.

Block, Deter, Monitor. But Mostly – Block

However, in the world of commercial property, it’s realistic to think that at some point, it will become vacant – possibly for an extended period. What’s your best plan? The Clearway team’s approach is threefold: block, deter and monitor. In this article, we’ll focus on the first one – block – in the form of steel screens, windows and doors.

Why is steel such an excellent material?

After all, when boarding up, plywood or Oriented Strand Board (OSB) screens are more affordable, at least upfront. Plus, they do a great job. The answer in favour of steel is its exceptional strength and durability, which we’ll unpack here. Ask yourself how much a break-in could cost you:

  • Vandalism
  • Cleaning costs incurred by squatters
  • Damage to fixed appliances

And then, investing in more robust, high-quality products surely becomes an altogether better option.

Let’s examine steel’s properties, briefly consider its applications, and see how Clearway uses it to safeguard windows, doors, and other potentially vulnerable points of entry at a commercial property.

What Is Steel?

A small tour through science:

In its simplest form, steel is iron alloyed with less than 2% carbon. Nevertheless, other elements can also be added, creating different types of steel alloys with various properties. Examples of these extra elements include manganese, chromium, and nickel. Therefore, it’s a metal in and of itself and is more substantial than iron due to the carbon contained within its molecular structure. Generally, the higher the carbon content, the tougher the steel.

Is anything harder than steel?

Well, yes – diamonds, for example. (We don’t anticipate using the world’s most expensive gem to board up doors and windows any time soon.) Plus, there’s silicon carbide and tungsten. And yes, it can rust, although Clearway’s products are resistant to corrosion as we use galvanised steel mixed with other elements such as chromium and nickel.

Backwards and Forwards in Time

Steel has been around for longer than we realise. Early steels were made in India around 400 BCE (Before Common Era) and combined melted iron and charcoal.

Fast-forward to a chap named Henry Bessemer, who was awarded a British patent in 1855 for his new steel manufacturing process, which became fundamental to how it’s manufactured in modern times: blowing air through molten iron.

Then again, it wasn’t until 1912-1914 that stainless steel, as we know it now, was first created. World War II saw further refinements.

Characteristics of Steel

On the downside, it’s a relatively heavy material, so it can’t be used ubiquitously. As mentioned, it carries a higher price than other metals, significantly higher grades and stainless steel.

On the other hand, its weight stands in its favour to protect your vacant commercial property.

Steel is solid and this is key to safeguarding your assets until your new tenants arrive. It’s also durable, with a potential lifespan of over 100 years. Unlike board, it won’t swell or creep and doesn’t catch fire. Indeed, its conductivity properties make it a strong and heat-resisting shielding material.

Did you know that steel is enormously machinable? What we mean is, that it can be cut and shaped by machine tools to suit the needs of a weak or vulnerable entry point or an awkwardly shaped one. Likewise, it’s versatile and can be used for hundreds of purposes.

Finally, steel can be recycled entirely; indeed, due to its value, as much as 60% of it is re-purposed worldwide.

Uses of Steel

It’s almost everywhere.

  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Energy production
  • Medical equipment


Security Screens, Sheets and Doors

Steel, 1: Intruders, O

Did you know that most burglars simply enter through the front of an unused property, either through an unsecured window or door? Opportunity is critical here; they see and take a chance. And then they’re in. Similarly, locks are often not enough, and criminals will tend to smash and snap them rather than pick them.

Steel security screens and steel sheets from Clearway are an impressive first line of defence. And, with the obvious message that you take security seriously, they’re a powerful deterrent. A compromise-free zone.

Our specialists can advise on what will suit you best, plus we’ll deliver and install them, too.

What Are Steel Screens?

Steel screens are high-grade zinc-coated, perforated steel that is folded to create a rigid box shape. Cut precisely to size, we will fit them to the outside of your premises to cover completely its windows and frames.

We secure them to an internal steel frame; therefore, they cause very little, if any, damage. There are no openings or gaps, and it’s next to impossible to remove them.

Clearway Steel Screens

What Are Steel Sheets?

There’s a slight difference here. The box-folded screens are made from the same sheet steel but, if required, can be hand-cut to fit difficult openings, such as windows in churches or arched windows. Sheets can be riveted together should the opening be larger than a standard size.

  • A solid, impenetrable barrier. Nobody is getting past this.
  • Anti-tamper screws and fixings are just that: impossible to remove.
  • As they’re perforated, they let in light and air, allowing ventilation and enabling safer inspections in daylight hours.
  • They won’t degrade or discolour in wet weather.

The result? Your building is substantially less vulnerable and exposed.

What is a Keyless Steel Security Door?

It combines the superiority of steel with a simple, masterful concept: highest-standard manufacturing, and no more keys.

Assuming resourceful, unscrupulous trespassers get in through the door, the most obvious route – and it appears that many do – you need them to get the message: a big fat “No”.

Step forward, steel security doors. This security product could be your smartest choice yet, and we will be pleased to help you secure your property in this way.

Our flagship security solution, the Clearway Keyless Toreador, has been designed, manufactured and tested to rigorous LPS1175 standards. Highly effective at preventing unauthorised access, the Toreador has police and insurance company approval.

This steel superstar can be tailored to fit 700mm, 800mm or 900mm door openings, and can also be made for non-standard door widths and heights.

Would-be intruders can’t cut it off at the hinges, and with a unique, 5-digit code, and independent locking mechanism, only the right people can get in and out.

Your door will be 1.5mm thick and can be reinforced to 3mm in key areas. To make things even better, you can integrate technology to communicate automatically with Clearway’s Verified Video alarm system. In our experience, keyless steel doors are every keyholder’s dream security solution: peace of mind and no more late-night callouts.

keyless door guide

Steeling Yourself for Security – What Clearway Thinks

It’s obvious by now that we consider steel screens, sheets and doors a far superior option to conventional boarding.

Boarding can be levered away with basic tools, is much less durable, and, in many cases, is a fire risk.

However, steel is only as good as the security company that installs it. Prevention really is much better than cure. Talk to us about:

  • Our high-quality steel
  • An initial assessment to reveal your vulnerable areas
  • Clearway’s experience, expertise and fitting skills
  • Maintenance and management
  • Our other, complementary products and services, such as CCTV, surveillance systems, lighting, alarms and manned guarding.

If you’re looking to embrace your safer steel security solution, contact Clearway for more information.

Gideon Reichental

Vacant Property Security Consultant

Gideon is an experienced property specialist with a commitment to excellent customer service and support. With over eight years dedicated to the niche field of vacant property security and services, Gideon has been at the forefront of developing and implementing best practices and successful strategies for safeguarding vulnerable properties, demonstrating a profound understanding of the complexities involved. His hands-on experience includes managing portfolios of over 200 vacant properties directly, alongside senior management roles overseeing broader portfolios that encompass more than 2000 properties.

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