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Why Landlords Should Take Care When Communicating With Tenants

Why Landlords Should Take Care When Communicating With Tenants
Why Landlords Should Take Care When Communicating With Tenants

If you become a landlord you are effectively running a business and you tenants are your customers. Most business experts will tell you that good communication is important when dealing with any of your customers and the same is true when it comes to tenants but there are certain ways to go about communicating with tenants that won’t put you at risk of problems in the future.  

Where possible communicate through a third party  

While some landlords prefer to be hands on if they only rent out one or a handful of properties, communicating directly with a tenant isn’t advisable if it can be avoided. Communicating direct will mean exposing yourself to issues that can become personal. It is better to remove yourself from the equation and let others deal with the hassle.  

Written communication can lead to misunderstandings and disputes  

A tenant will inevitably as for favours during their tenancy. For example they may wish to pay rent late or a lesser amount if they are short of cash. If you communicate with them directly you may go against the terms of the lease which could be used against you if you try to recover debts from your tenant in the future.  

Do you really want to be the first person to contact every time there’s an issue  

If your tenant is high maintenance and constantly on calling you about various problems with the property this can use up a lot of your valuable time. It’s far better to get someone else to liase with the tenant on your behalf. This person can also act as a witness if any damage is done to the property.

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