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Superhero Surveillance: What You Need to Know About Mobile CCTV Towers

Superhero Surveillance: What You Need to Know About Mobile CCTV Towers
Superhero Surveillance: What You Need to Know About Mobile CCTV Towers

If you’re a commercial landlord or manage empty property of any type, your needs are clear: everything must be in secure lockdown—as safe as possible, with the exception of authorised access.

In this article, we’re all about CCTV, but not the “normal” kind you may already know. Depending on your needs, mobile CCTV towers could be the ideal, peace-of-mind solution for your commercial property.

As the title suggests, when it comes to vacant commercial property security, they really are total superheroes. In other words, they tick many of not most of your proverbial safeguarding checklist boxes.

Powerful, flexible and incredibly effective, they maximise modern technology almost like no other security product on the market.

Here’s how they work, and why these standalone towers are making the most of today’s latest technology – with great effect.What Are Mobile CCTV Towers?

Here’s a quick summary:

  • CCTV Towers are quite literally what you may think they are: standalone, movable towers with powerful CCTV cameras at the top.
  • They can operate on mains power but – and this is key – also via independent solar, wind or long-lasting battery power, making them ideal for more remote or hard-to-access locations.
  • Importantly, although they are substantial in size and weight, they can be re-located easily. Simply put, you can transfer them should the previous location no longer require protection. And so on.
  • InView CCTV Towers aren’t necessarily “normal” CCTV precisely for the above reasons. Where standard CCTV – which we install and manage and which does the job superbly – is fixed high up on a wall, say, the mobile version can travel around.
  • These products are quick to set up and offer constant, day-in, day-out visual security with very little maintenance or management. Did you know they can be up and running within 20 minutes of on-site arrival?Specifically, unlike other cameras that could be turned off outside of an agreed schedule, these never stop doing what you need them for.
  • They genuinely are a force to be reckoned with to protect your land or buildings from theft, intruders, and criminal/antisocial activity.
  • They’re weatherproof, too; handy in our unpredictable climate.
  • Clearway offers short—or long-term hire of solar CCTV towers, with a time frame tailored to the property’s empty period. We’d be happy to give you all the advice you require regarding positioning and installation and will set everything up on your behalf. Feel free to get in touch for more information.
solar CCTV tower

How Do Mobile CCTV Towers Work?

Firstly, they communicate via a mobile network, meaning there’s no requirement for Wi Fi, which would in any case be impractical. Thus, coverage is continuous.

The towers connect to several sensors; in a nutshell, they notice everything and miss nothing.

InView cameras detect activity even over large areas, both inside and outside. Should they “notice” anything unusual, for example, through clever Intelligent Analytics, their technology can trigger a range of features, such as:

  • Automatic video recording
  • A loud siren
  • Email notification
  • ARC incident management (see below)

As you know, most criminal activity happens during the hours of darkness.

As a result, InView has been designed to be a nighttime Ninja. How? Because it uses 3 x NDAA bullet cameras and cutting-edge sensor technology, PLUS a Super WDR low-light CMOS sensor. For you as a client, this means not only extra-sharply defined images but also high-quality pictures and video – day or night.

What happens next?

Monitoring is all very well. But what happens if – well, something happens?

Clearway has its own in-house NSI Gold Cat II accredited Alarm Receiving Centre. Here, highly trained operatives will react to any activations and respond accordingly. Of course, there may be a false alarm – Inview could notice the occasional animal finding itself on your land or property. Most likely, this will trigger a response, but as a landlord, you’ll have the peace of mind to know that, benign or more suspicious, human intervention will do the right thing.

CCTV – Taking the Higher Ground

Powerful CCTV cameras are an excellent way to protect your buildings and the surrounding land or spaces.

In their elevated position, 6m above the ground, they can cover the entire site, and with a wide field of view, these are sharp-as-a-tack cameras that pick up any suspicious activity, even from a longer distance. They’re always on duty, working hard to complement any other security measures you may have in place.

Generally, CCTV security cameras are secured to a structure’s walls and are an invaluable tool in keeping buildings and people as safe as possible.

But, what about sites where mounting points or a permanent power source for fixed CCTV aren’t available?

Perhaps there’s ongoing building work in a remote area, or a site doesn’t have suitable places for cameras to be attached. As a landlord or site manager, this may concern you. Any indication of vulnerability – and the area can quickly become a target.

Red flag alert, so don’t go there. Step forward…

Mobile CCTV Towers – The Answer to Remote Monitoring

Mobile CCTV towers have taken the knotty problem of nowhere to mount CCTV or access to a permanent power supply or internet connection – and solved it in one fell swoop.

We’re proud of our focus on innovation and technology; these products are no exception. Clearway has developed InView, standalone CCTV towers that work equally brilliantly in built-up areas as they do in more remote locations.

Installed in a remarkably short time frame and using independent battery, solar or mains power, these tall, self-contained structures use powerful wireless technology for unbroken coverage. They detect activity 24/7, with pan, tilt and zoom functionality to record any event in a super-clear format.

As you can see, they’re self-mounted; they can be moved around. Therefore, if the landscape of your project changes, buildings are erected, and so on, we can easily relocate your CCTV Towers for better coverage. And to re-iterate, as they don’t require mains power, they suit hard-to-get-to or isolated places. In other words, your off-grid property or land can still be protected and secured.

They’re highly effective visual deterrents. They look impressive:

mobile cctv

But that’s not all:

These mobile towers can emit a loud alarm – including remote voice alerts. Thus, not to put too fine a point on it, they can scare the living daylights out of anyone intent on intrusion, vandalism or otherwise destructive activity.

The CCTV images can be viewed directly by the client or by a nominated individual or organisation via a dedicated app. Typically, the footage will be seen by trained staff at our 24/7 ARC (NSI Cat ll Gold Alarm Receiving Centre), who will then be able to respond accordingly.

Mobile CCTV towers are easy to maintain, too – with extra-long-life batteries. And, in brighter, lighter conditions, solar power can extend their use for weeks or even months.

Ideal for all types of businesses and organisations, you can hire the InView CCTV security tower system from Clearway on a short or long-term basis. This means you’re in control: you can have the security resources you need for as long as you need them.

And once the job is finished, our team will collect them.

Mobile CCTV Towers – More Mighty Features

The (slightly more) technical bits:

  • The towers can be configured to connect to multiple remote sensors, which enable them to detect activity even over broader, more significant-scale sites. Any trigger from the sensors makes the telescopic towers leap into action, rotating to the position of the trigger and even zooming in to focus on the target and recording what’s happening in real time.
  • Unlike grainy CCTV images of old, which are likely far from helpful, the pictures are exceptionally high quality.
  • The towers communicate via the mobile network with seamless, linked-up coverage on all sites, so there’s no need for a hard-wired connection.
  • There is built-in capacity for night vision illumination and infrared capability; as you already know, most criminal intrusions occur in darkness, so this is invaluable.
  • Clearway has its own in-house NSI Gold Cat II-accredited Alarm Receiving Centre or ARC for short. Here, our highly trained operatives can respond and react rapidly as needed according to your own security protocols.
  • Solar technology is a feature worth repeating, as it could be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and go just that little bit greener.
  • Speed of response is essential, and this security solution could make all the difference to your business. Information is power, as the saying goes. Immediate, actionable information is even more powerful. With CCTV towers, any and all suspicious activity will be picked up and responded to immediately.

This is a potent mix of human ingenuity and contemporary technology, working together to keep employees, assets, machinery and property as safe as houses

Optional InView Superhero Extras

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are available to monitor and control vehicles entering and leaving prescribed areas. For example, a car park or a business premises. ANPR can also manage and measure visitor data, meaning that you can measure parking overstays or access to restricted areas.

Time Lapse. Time-lapse video allows activity or events to be recorded over a longer period of time, capturing changes at pre-set time intervals. This functionality is excellent for construction sites, civil engineering projects, monitoring transport, and flood-risk areas.

Analytics. InView towers can be combined with AI technology, which, using day or night vision, can tell the difference between individuals, vehicles and animals. It can then transform the information into data that can be used to detect or track objects in the video stream.

Where Can Mobile CCTV Security Towers Be Used?

Car Park Security Services CCTV

Construction sites.

Building sites can be vulnerable to theft, with big-ticket machinery, vehicles, equipment, materials and fuel often stored there. In addition, there are critical safety considerations, as trespassers could create liability claims if they injure themselves.

CCTV towers have eyes everywhere. They are a deterrent and a strong security and preventative measure, with robust visual technology that oversees an entire project development to ensure health and safety and PPE compliance.

Remote Industrial Areas or Wide Areas of Land

In isolated locations, it’s essential to take the most careful security measures. Everything may seem quiet and safe, but generally the opposite is true; someone will have noticed its vulnerability or easy access.

The independent nature of CCTV towers is a perfect option here. With proactive surveillance and live video capture, alerts are immediate – however far away you live and work.

Events Management

Security for large outdoor events can be a nightmare. At the very least, it isn’t very easy, with many people spread out over land with multiple entry points.

InView CCTV towers do not need fixed wiring, cabling, or phone lines to capture, record, and transmit live video footage. Plus, they’re easy to set up and move around. Any surveillance network can be devised, with an extra presence in heavily congested areas or places that may be flashpoints. Security managers can check how serious (or otherwise) incidents are and ensure they respond accordingly.

Vacant Warehouses, Factories and Offices

Perhaps your unused commercial building will soon be reoccupied. That’s good news, but how do you deliver the best security until your new tenants move in? Temporary CCTV towers could be the exact solution: robust, highly efficient, and, as mentioned, completely independent.

And let’s not forget:

  • Perimeters and boundaries
  • Retail centres and business parks

In Summary

As you can see, CCTV towers are “towering” above almost everything when it comes to security.

Does CCTV reduce crime? Most research implies that it does. For example, according to one study, crime was found to have decreased by 13% where CCTV was in operation.

Talk to us about how we can help. Contact our specialist deployable technology team. We’d be happy to offer you all the advice you need.

Quick Facts

  • As InView CCTV camera towers are low-maintenance and trouble-free, they can be left unmanned for long periods.
  • The towers can be installed and up and running in as little as 20 minutes. Then, they’re “live”, often within a couple of hours.
  • There’s NO need for mains power and NO need for a fixed internet connection.
  • The camera towers can connect to eight remote, wireless PIR sensors mounted up to 100m from the tower, each with a ~30m detection range to provide effective cover over a huge area.
  • Come rain, wind, hail or shine…they’re designed to withstand our sometimes-dreadful weather conditions.
  • There’s in-built capability for night illumination and infrared vision to capture footage round the clock.
  • They’re six metres tall and can be seen from a distance, making it obvious to intruders that CCTV is in operation, deterring opportunistic behaviour.



Gideon Reichental

Vacant Property Security Consultant

Gideon is an experienced property specialist with a commitment to excellent customer service and support. With over eight years dedicated to the niche field of vacant property security and services, Gideon has been at the forefront of developing and implementing best practices and successful strategies for safeguarding vulnerable properties, demonstrating a profound understanding of the complexities involved. His hands-on experience includes managing portfolios of over 200 vacant properties directly, alongside senior management roles overseeing broader portfolios that encompass more than 2000 properties.

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