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What is perimeter security? Here’s why it’s so important for your site or empty property

What is perimeter security? Here’s why it’s so important for your site or empty property
What is perimeter security? Here’s why it’s so important for your site or empty property

Traditionally, site owners and business managers have concentrated their security efforts on physical buildings, entrance points, and doors or windows – leaving a wide area of opportunity between a building and a perimeter that is unguarded and unprotected. But what about perimeter security? 

Relying solely on internal security alarms can create unnecessary vulnerability where outbuildings and assets are openly accessible. Adding secure, advanced perimeter security is an excellent solution, providing owners and managers with real-time notifications when an alert is triggered and allowing security responders to address issues proactively and preemptively.


How Does Perimeter Security Work?

Perimeter security can operate as a standalone alarm system or as an integral part of a wider network of protection, connected to CCTV surveillance, intrusion alarms on buildings and entry gates and environmental alarms such as fire and smoke detectors.

These solutions are normally placed around the furthest edge of the perimeter and detect movement, vibrations, footfall and vehicular activity. This can include automated gates, bollards, electric fences and PID security which transmits an alert immediately to on-site security teams or our professional responders stationed at our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). 

Don’t forget that perimeter security doesn’t need to include technology – you can secure a perimeter from vehicle access using concrete barriers for example. 

We’ll look at the benefits shortly, but the key reason perimeter security works so well is that it informs the relevant responders straight away when anything suspicious, unusual or unexpected occurs – allowing them to react in advance of an intruder reaching a building, warehouse or parking area.

One of the primary reasons many business sites, developments and compounds overlook perimeter security is because, conventionally, the technologies available to monitor wide areas were prohibitively expensive or difficult to come by. Today, advanced and contemporary perimeter security devices are rapidly deployable, utilise remote and solar-powered battery power, and provide real-time alerts to any remote device – while covering any scope of land by placing units in strategic positions. This functionality means that perimeter security devices can be used in any area or space without needing a mains power connection to operate.

Clearway Perimeter Alarms

UK Perimeter Security Data and Statistics

As more and more businesses, property owners and site managers recognise the risks of intrusion, theft, vandalism and squatting, a greater proportion are focusing their efforts on perimeter security – rather than waiting until criminal intruders reach a building or entrance point to trigger an alarm.

Globally, the perimeter security market is anticipated to grow at a compound annual rate of 8.3% until 2032, with a predicted value of over £124 billion within eight years.

According to the most recent figures from the government’s Crime Against Businesses report:

  • Premises that are publicly accessible are the most likely to be victims of crime – with 34% of sites targeted, compared to 21% that do not have public access points.
  • Medium-sized companies reported the highest instances of crime, with 38% of organisations employing between 10 and 49 people affected. Roughly 26% of larger premises with 50+ staff and smaller entities reported criminal activity, demonstrating how medium-sized sites with less advanced security are often regarded as opportune targets.
  • Theft was the most common crime during 2022, accounting for 15% of reports, followed by burglary and attempted burglary, vandalism, and physical violence or threats.
  • Companies trading in the retail and wholesale sectors experienced the greatest rates of crime, with 42% of businesses impacted within a 12-month period.

This data clearly illustrates the essential part perimeter security plays in protecting sites of all sizes – and how the absence of a secure boundary can mean construction sites, business premises, vacant properties and buildings within open land are exposed to a substantially higher threat of criminal activity.

inView Detect PIDS from Clearway

What Is the Benefit of a Perimeter Security System?

We’ve touched on the advantages, and the most relevant for many businesses, particularly for those responsible for managing empty or vacant properties or outdoor work sites without a clear, defined boundary, is that perimeter detection can cover huge areas.

Clearway’s inView Detect device is autonomous and acts as a deterrent, with a high-visibility unit that opportunist intruders can see at a distance. Each individual unit has 360-degree coverage and monitors a range of up to 1,700 metres – with the option of extending the range of your intrusion detection system to 2,000 metres by deploying multiple units.

Great perimeter security is based on three principles:

  • Detection: Having an always-on, reliable perimeter security device that will identify any person, vehicle or movement that requires investigation.
  • Deter: Using high-profile devices with four flashing LED strobe lights and a 120dB siren fitted within a 1.27m tall casing that is impossible to miss.
  • Delay: Real intrusions are quickly identified and reported, where intruders who have not been deterred can be intercepted before they cause real damage or succeed in a theft or break-in.

Rather than waiting for an intruder to break in to a compound, access your inventory or reach your building, perimeter detection acts as a first line of defence and raises the alarm quickly, enabling you to challenge the intruder or contact your security teams or the emergency services as appropriate.

Clearway perimeter security

Which Properties or Commercial Sites Require Perimeter Security?

Perimeter security has long been used extensively throughout restricted access and high-risk premises such as airports, commercial laboratories, compounds and government facilities. It is also frequently necessary for environments such as schools or universities to ensure any intruder is identified and apprehended swiftly.

However, as the technology evolves and becomes more accessible, we often consult with business owners across the sectors, along with managers and owners of vacant commercial units and residential properties with rear access points, gardens, or that open onto public land or countryside. Installing perimeter security can provide valuable peace of mind, detecting intruders or trespassers at the point of entry before they can proceed any further.

Should you require further information about our inView Detect device, customised perimeter security solutions, or the best ways to integrate perimeter security with other alarm systems and surveillance, please get in touch with the security specialists at Clearway at any time.

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