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What is manned guarding?

What is manned guarding?
What is manned guarding?

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Manned guarding is a blanket term that describes having certified security guards physically present at your site or premises – although that can cover a broad range of duties, responsibilities and security activities.

The visible presence of uniformed security guards is an extremely effective way of safeguarding your business or property from theft or damage, where a trained security team can diffuse potential aggression, respond to challenging behaviour, or remove unauthorised visitors from your site.

Many businesses use manned guarding when the site is unoccupied. However, you may wish to deploy guards to cover reception or entry zones during operational hours, or to protect staff working in high-risk / volatile environments.

Manned Guard Duties – What Do Manned Guards Do?

There is a common misconception that manned guarding simply means having a security guard at front of house – but Clearway guards are trained to handle a variety of disciplines.

Each guard carries full SIA certification and can be equipped with body cams, recording live CCTV coverage, or be partnered with a trained, reliable K9 guard as required.

A security officer is not solely a deterrent but a competent professional who proactively prevents and detects unwanted intrusions, whether illegal or disruptive.

For example, you may wish to hire manned guards for:

Having a dependable security guard on hand during higher-risk periods can deter many possible risks such as unlawful entry, vandalism, theft and trespass, and goes a long way to ensure staff, service users and visitors are not exposed to any threats.

What Responsibilities Do Manned Guards Have?

Security guards have three core responsibilities:

  • Preventing damage or disorder
  • Guarding properties and assets against theft
  • Protecting individuals from assault or injury

Whilst a manned guard is not a police officer and cannot detain an individual, they can contact the police and take appropriate action to prevent a criminal activity from being carried out.

The main focus of manned guarding is to prevent and protect. Still, your guard will respond quickly to any suspected threats, raised alarms or unusual behaviour, whether to steer visitors to the correct location, prevent access to controlled areas, or to challenge deliberate trespassers.

Communication is key, and if you have any specific concerns, emerging risks or security threats that you believe command a change in your guarding strategy, it is essential to let us know so that we can convey this to your guard or guards and facilitate the required response.

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Choosing the Right Manned Guarding Services

Manned guarding is a multi-faceted service, and Clearway will always tailor our provision and deployed security teams to your requirements and risk assessments.

Manned guards for events, for instance, may require first aid training to ensure they can address disturbances or incidents of any nature.

You may benefit from hourly or regular perimeter patrols, irregular mobile patrols, need one or several guards, or prefer to have a specific security guard on duty overnight for continuity.

Much depends on the location, site, risk and layout – we can recommend the most robust manned guarding solutions following a site visit, consultation and risk assessment, alongside suggestions for supplementary services.

Combining Manned Guarding With CCTV Surveillance

Complementing manned guarding security with commercial CCTV can be the best defence against a myriad of risks and often involves having a static or patrolling security officer, advanced alarm systems and security surveillance.

remote cctv monitoring

Hiring a remote CCTV monitoring company with manned guarding allows a trained security professional to respond to alarms or alerts, stop a criminal intrusion in progress, liaise with the emergency services or deactivate a false alarm.

Licensed security guards have a wealth of experience operating in both private and public premises and often work in:

  • Shopping centres
  • Sports stadiums
  • Events venues
  • Commercial manufacturing sites
  • Government buildings
  • Public sector buildings
  • Vacant properties
  • Construction sites

Larger sites and those with open areas of land may require a K9 dog units to reinforce the protection offered by mast-mounted CCTV surveillance cameras and alarmed fencing.

Why Choose Clearway for Manned Guarding?

Clearway is a well-established security specialist with nationwide coverage, an exceptional reputation for quality services, and years of experience deploying manned guards to various sites, events, businesses and properties.

Our recruitment and vetting procedures are best-in-class, and we match each guard to the services and security coverage needed.

We are always on hand to provide any further information or professional advice about manned guarding, types of guarding services available, or how to best protect your property, site or business from threats, whether related to security, crowd control, access or staff safety. You can view our manned guarding services here.


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