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What Is an Intrusion Detection System and Which Businesses Use Them?

What Is an Intrusion Detection System and Which Businesses Use Them?
What Is an Intrusion Detection System and Which Businesses Use Them?

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Detecting intrusions along your perimeter or at an empty property as soon as they occur could prevent a larger and more serious crime such as squatting, fly-tipping or theft. As the name suggests, intrusion detection systems are advanced security devices that do just that – detect intrusions. They can be set up to monitor specific assets or are combined to oversee an entire perimeter or boundary of a site, facility or business.

Sensors and wireless transmission technology enable these high-response systems to detect any movement, pressure, or unusual activity so that any potential breach in security can be responded to as quickly as possible.

If an intruder attempts to bypass the perimeter on foot, by vehicle, by climbing a wall or by scaling a fence, an intrusion detection system will immediately register the activity, notifying security patrols, guards and emergency response teams.

For example, our portable inView Detect unit can be installed in any position, such as along fences, walls and at ground level. These devices work by detecting movement – ensuring that any entry attempts are identified quickly.

Clearway inView Detect PIDs with engineer

Why your business may need a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

There are numerous benefits – from preventing criminals from getting anywhere close to protected buildings and workforces, deterring potential intruders from attempting to gain entry, and reinforcing security with portable intrusion detectors able to cover perimeters several miles away when combined as a network of security coverage.

These technological advancements make it easier for secure premises to introduce better levels of perimeter security control, using portable intrusion detection units to deliver cost-effective and reliable security alerts in real-time.

Many facility managers integrate intrusion detection devices into their broader security systems, meaning they receive instant app-based updates when anything unusual, suspicious or unexpected occurs. For instance, a sensitive detection system will notify the appropriate parties when movement is identified, where this happened, and when.

If your site covers a large area or has substantial open ground, a PID system can be set up or moved to specific areas so that patrols or responders will know exactly where the attempted intrusion has occurred and can investigate accordingly. Each device features four HD cameras that capture an animation of the sequence of events, ensuring a targeted response.

inview detect PID diagram - how it works

Operational Features of an Intrusion Detection System

One of the primary requirements of any intrusion detection system is that it cannot be exposed to tampering or vandalism. Motion detection units that transmit wireless signals are not exposed to cable cutting and remain functional in any weather conditions.

Boundaries remain protected, with the option of placing multiple detection units at strategic points to create an interconnected system that covers a site of any size. Our inView Detect units can also be integrated with inView CCTV towers for optimal coverage.

These systems reduce the potential for a false alarm and are programmed to disregard alerts linked to wildlife, such as a fox or badger – based on parameters that exclude triggers up to 80cm tall. The technology can distinguish between environmental noise and sounds caused by high winds and a person or vehicle.

The versatility of design within intrusion detection systems can provide additional benefits for premises with elevated security risks. Portable intrusion detection devices can identify approaching vehicles, footfall, or crawling before the site boundary is reached – an essential asset where there is no physical perimeter such as a fence line or wall.

Different Types of Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Our expert security consultants can recommend the right systems and installations based on a professional site survey, but there are multiple possible solutions:

  • Fence or barrier units act as motion sensors positioned on a fence, wall or other perimeter.
  • Ground-level perimeter security devices can be elevated or placed at ground level where the site requires security but does not have a physical wall or fence.
  • Free-standing intrusion detection systems work independently in any environment, setting or location and can be relocated as needed.

Businesses and facility managers often opt for our inView Detect rapid-deployment perimeter intrusion detection system, which can be positioned to protect any asset or site. These units are often used in military settings and can, for example, be used to surround a mobile unit such as a vehicle.

Clearway inView Detect PIDs on construction site

Use Cases for Intrusion Detection Systems

Perimeter security is a priority for countless organisations, public sector facilities, governmental buildings, and secure areas. As an overview, we have listed some of the most common applications:

  • Construction sites/developments: Security risks can change daily on an ever evolving plot as business-critical materials and machinery are regularly moved around sites. This can require multiple moves of a unit for instant protection of high-risk areas.
  • Solar farms: With an increasing number of solar farms within the UK, these facilities are exposed to a substantial intrusion risk, where panels and battery equipment are valuable, yet the nature of the farm means it must cover a broad area of land and is difficult to supervise.
  • Storage facilities: Self-storage businesses, warehouses, and other commercial organisations are often targets for thieves, particularly those that store valuables such as cars, electronics and high-cost inventory.
  • Private residential areas: Gated homes and residential areas use intrusion detection systems to supplement security, ensuring guards know immediately if anybody attempts to gain access.
  • Agricultural premises: Farmers use perimeter security sensors to protect against livestock theft and harm and thefts of high-value equipment, inventory and machinery.

Intrusion detection units are also regularly used around laboratory and testing centres, shipping depots and any site exposed to an increased risk of intrusion, theft, and illegal access. While one portable unit can be stationed next to an asset or storage bay, multiple devices can be installed to create a complete boundary of surveillance across a wider area.

The moveable nature of these devices is ideal for properties that border open land, fields, woodlands, public-access roads, parks, lakes and coastlines, where movement is identified rapidly irrespective of how an intruder gains entry or from which direction.

Selecting a Suitable Intrusion Detection System

Every site, business, facility or area is different, and a security adviser will assess multiple variables before making any recommendations, looking at:

  • The landscape and topography of the site, including whether there are physical boundaries around your perimeter.
  • Local weather conditions, assessing aspects such as proximity to the sea and saltwater exposure or high wind conditions for sites with an elevated position.
  • Security arrangements already in place, such as whether you have perimeter controls or a stationed guard within your facility.

For more information about perimeter intrusion detection systems, the specifications of our inView Detect surveillance device, and help making an informed choice about the best way to protect your facility and assets, please get in touch with one of our specialist team.

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