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What Happens If My Property Ends Up A Crime Scene?

What Happens If My Property Ends Up A Crime Scene?
What Happens If My Property Ends Up A Crime Scene?

The last thing on the minds of most landlords is the possibility of their property becoming a crime scene. But it can and does happen and not everything will fall within the responsibility of police and emergency services if a serious crime has been committed in your property.  

Obviously when it comes to the victims of crime and the investigation of the crime your role is unlikely to be too significant other than offering help where you can if the circumstances demand it.  

What am I responsible for?

One thing you will be responsible for, however, is the cleaning up of the crime scene. Whether this involves cleaning up bodily fluids such as blood and other unpleasant tasks such as removing insect infestations you will need to arrange for a company to take care of this for you rather than attempt to do the job yourself.  

There are all sorts of safety regulations governing the clean up of crime scenes and you will need to be mindful of these before starting the process. Companies you use should be qualified to clean up crime scenes due to the nature of the work involved.  

You will also need to wait for the police to sign off on completion of their investigation work before starting the clean up process.  

This process can sometimes take several weeks or even months if you consider the time it has taken for this year’s incidents involving novichok contamination in various properties in and around Salisbury.   

If you need to arrange crime scene clean up, we can help, contact a Clearway specialist today 0n 0800 085 8695.

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