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What Can CCTV Towers Be Used For?

What Can CCTV Towers Be Used For?
What Can CCTV Towers Be Used For?

CCTV towers are a flexible security solution, available for rapid deployment in countless settings. Functionality such as solar, wind and battery power enable CCTV towers to be used in remote and outdoor environments and for temporary or long-term applications. The visible nature of a CCTV tower means it acts as an effective deterrent for prospective intruders and criminals whilst providing surveillance over broad areas of land or covering wider spaces present in construction and events management.

What Is the Benefit of Using a CCTV Tower?

Many sites, compounds, businesses and work zones experience security and safety challenges, which can include, but are not limited to:

  • Vandalism
  • Arson
  • Theft
  • Trespass
  • Squatters 
  • Fly-tipping
  • Accidents

CCTV cameras are well established as a method of preventing incidents and deterring criminal activity and mitigating the potential for aggression or unwanted behaviour to escalate. They are used throughout the commercial, industrial and private sectors.

Tower-mounted CCTV overcomes many of the obstacles present when looking at ways to implement surveillance in outdoor areas or large premises; incorporating advanced technology such as infrared detection, PTZ capabilities, automatic footage capture and transmission, motion-activated sensors and audio warnings. Let’s look at some of the primary uses for CCTV towers and how they are used to reduce and prevent crimes, intrusions and other incidents.

Clearway in View CCTV Towers

CCTV Towers in Construction and Development Sites

Construction sites are exposed to myriad risks, with high-value tools, machinery, vehicles, equipment, materials and fuel stored on sites overnight and often for extended periods depending on the duration of the development. There are also crucial safety considerations, where trespassers could give rise to liability claims where construction working zones are unsuitable for public access, with unstable ground, workers at height and heavy-duty equipment in use.

CCTV towers can survey the entire construction area, acting not only as a theft preventative measure but also allowing construction managers to oversee project development, monitor progress, and review activities to ensure health and safety and PPE compliance. Towers can be erected over short-term periods or as an additional security precaution during material or equipment deliveries and are operational very quickly. Clearway’s delivery fleet includes vehicles suited to off-road terrain, or we can organise lorry-mounted cranes and forklifts where required to position CCTV towers in the most appropriate location.

solar farm panels

CCTV Towers for Infrastructure and Utility Sites

The security hazards throughout the utility sector are similar to those in construction. Still, they can be more severe where theft, arson and criminal damage are linked with metals and cabling theft, a key reason utility sites are often targeted. Sites tend to be in remote or industrial areas, with isolated access and away from residential accommodation, making it important for site managers to act strategically in selecting the optimal security safeguards to prevent unauthorised access from going undetected.

Infrastructure projects and sites can include green energy farms, water treatment complexes, power stations and other energy terminals, which benefit from proactive surveillance and functions such as live video capture to identify the nature of the alert and ensure emergency responders act accordingly.

CCTV Towers for the Rail Sector

Trackside security is an imperative consideration for railway operators, with multiple potential risks, safety issues and threats that can compromise services, impact members of the public, and delay development and maintenance projects. CCTV towers are ideal as a trackside monitoring provision which can be easily repositioned to follow the progress of maintenance and repair work, or to add an extra layer of surveillance for higher-risk sites such as those with pedestrian or highway crossings.

Towers are designed to withstand all weather conditions, with minimal maintenance requirements, and can be deployed in any zone as a safety measure to protect assets and railway storage depots, provide real-time video recording, and deter criminals or intruders from trespassing.

highways CCTV tower

CCTV Towers for Highways Projects

Alongside applications in the rail sector, CCTV towers are used extensively as a traffic management and surveillance asset, whether to protect workforces, inventory and assets during highway development projects, or to oversee traffic flows and potentially dangerous driving behaviours. CCTV systems can be programmed as required, with units available with advanced AI-enabled tracking, monitoring and alert sensors to flag potential issues or suspicious movements and objects. As a security measure, highway managers can also use next-generation CCTV cameras to track vehicles and monitor for specific number plates.

Since towers are quickly installed and re-deployable, they are flexible enough to use for extended traffic monitoring exercises or as an incident mitigation measure, relocating the tower as necessary to address emerging areas of concern. Live video transmissions can identify congestion and potential bottlenecks and allow advance warning notices to reduce the risks of accidents and collisions during peak periods or unsafe driving conditions.

CCTV Towers in Events Management

Event security for large outdoor arenas, venues, festivals, sports events and concerts is notoriously complex, with considerable volumes of individuals, and often spanning broad areas of land with multiple entry points. CCTV towers do not require fixed wiring, cabling or phone lines to capture, record and transmit real-time video footage. They can be used to create a surveillance network throughout any event space of any size or as a security asset in potential flashpoints or the most heavily congested zones. Security responders can use live CCTV footage to ascertain the potential severity of incidents or accidents, pinpoint intrusions and ensure a suitable response is deployed quickly and to a targeted area. Event managers can also use CCTV systems with a wide scope of vision to support public safety, ensure traffic flows are correctly managed, and monitor events as they progress from an elevated viewpoint.

inView CCTV Tower

CCTV Towers in Commercial and Retail Applications

A final use case exists throughout the commercial and retail business sectors, with CCTV surveillance used throughout:

  • Open-plan car parking facilities
  • Commercial and industrial compounds
  • Perimeters and boundaries
  • Agricultural land and businesses
  • Retail centres and business parks

Commercial CCTV surveillance can deter a wide range of crimes, including fly-tipping, intrusions and anti-social behaviour. It can be deployed in any area with increased crime risks or where a business needs to implement robust surveillance to deter criminals.

Please contact one of our specialist deployable technology team to learn more about the flexibility, functionality and cost-effectiveness of our inView CCTV towers.

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