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Tell-tale signs that your tenant is subletting your property

Tell-tale signs that your tenant is subletting your property
Tell-tale signs that your tenant is subletting your property

Illegal subletting can cause landlords serious problems, so it’s important to know what tell-tale signs to look out for.

Unlawful subletting can void your insurance and result in overcrowding, complaints, and damage to your property.

If your tenant is subletting all or parts of your property without your agreement, then they are breaking the law and you are entitled to take legal action.

Here are six tell-tale signs to look out for that could indicate that your tenant is illegally subletting.

Tenant is resistant to visits– If your tenant is cagey or awkward about when you can visit for regular inspections or maintenance tasks then it could be because they’re hiding something (or someone).

Tenant rents a property much larger than they need– If a single person, or a couple, rent a property that is much bigger than their requirements it could be a sign that they’re looking to sublet the extra bedrooms.

Complaints or excessive noise– If neighbours have complained about an excessive number of cars parked outside a property, lots of people coming and going, noise or anti-social behaviour it could be because the property is overcrowded or has extra tenants.

Extra wear and tear– If many people are sharing a property then there may be more than average wear and tear, particularly in communal areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

A large amount of rubbish– Lots of people produce lots of waste. If the bins and recycling are overflowing each week then it could be a sign that there are more people living in the property than there should be.

An excess of belongings– When you do visit a property to carry out general maintenance or inspections, look out for additional items like extra shoes and jackets, or additional bedding. An excess of belongings could indicate that there are more people than there should be in the property.

For help or advice with evicting a tenant who is illegally subletting, get in touch with our team on 0800 002 9049.


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