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What are tenant trace investigations?

What are tenant trace investigations?
What are tenant trace investigations?

If your tenant has vanished into thin air whilst still owing rent, then a trace investigation may be able to help to locate them.

A disappearing tenant can cause a landlord all kinds of problems.

Not only can it leave the landlord faced with outstanding debts, the tenant is also still the legal occupant of the property, making it difficult for the landlord to gain access.

The most common reason for a tenant disappearing during the dead of night is that they have fallen behind with their rent or can no longer afford to pay rent. Tenants may also do a runner if they have damaged the property or otherwise broken the terms of their contract. If your tenant has been involved in criminal activity they may also wish to quietly disappear.

A tenant trace investigation can help to locate the tenant quickly, efficiently and with minimal stress to reduce the landlord’s losses.

What is a tenant trace investigation?

Trace investigations are performed by professionals using up-to-date reports and databases to find a disappearing debtor’s whereabouts.

The report looks at information from a variety of official sources and databases including:

  • Bankruptcy/IVA information
  • Land registry details
  • CCJ information
  • Historic movement indicators

As well as standard tenant trace investigation reports, here at Debt Squared we also offer international trace investigations and trace and collect services to recover debts.

Landlords may be able to recover some of the cost of a trace investigation by charging the tenant additional fees once they have been found.

When you use Clearways’s professional tenant trace service, our team of experts will help you to recover outstanding debts quickly and efficiently to protect your cashflow.

To find out more about our tenant trace debt recovery investigation service or to start the process today, give our team a call on 0800 002 9049.

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