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Video-Verified Alarm Systems – Your Complete Guide

Video-Verified Alarm Systems – Your Complete Guide
Video-Verified Alarm Systems – Your Complete Guide

As a landlord, business owner or facilities manager, it’s likely that you have invested a considerable amount of time, effort and money into your property.

Whether you’re involved in a retail premises, a warehouse, factory, or any other commercial building, if it’s empty – large or small, it’s vulnerable. In fact, according to the FSB*, small businesses are especially at risk and need to be protected.

Even short-term vacancies (between commercial tenancies, for instance) make it stand out like a shining beacon to experienced or even spontaneous criminals; remember: this type of crime is mostly opportunist.

Should the property remain unoccupied, it will become increasingly susceptible to harm as the weeks go on. For example, from the theft of fixtures (copper wiring, doors, and roof tiles), squatters, vandals and so on.

Step Forward the InView Video-Verified Alarm System from Clearway

If your building is empty, our wireless video alarm system could offer the protection you need from unwanted intruders, urban explorers, thieves, fly-tippers, arsonists, and many others. Likewise, you may wish to restrict access to certain sensitive or dangerous areas in your business – either to employees or the public.

Our wireless video-verified alarm was developed to operate in multiple environments, from small, internal spaces to large-scale buildings and external, open spaces.

Clearway Visually verified camera system

Modern Technology for Today

The technology delivers excellent, ultra-streamlined and innovative functionality with minimal fuss and maximum effectiveness. Additionally, the system is quick and easy to install, and up and running in as little as 20 minutes.

Powered by long-lasting lithium batteries, this is a standalone system for all types and sizes of commercial buildings and open spaces throughout the UK. There’s no need for mains electricity, so alarms can be fitted in further afield locations such as boundaries or perimeters.

Equally, at the risk of stating the obvious – like your office or home-based WiFi, everything is wireless and connected to a mobile network alarm system.

Unlike traditional alarm systems, our wireless video-verified alarm system is designed specifically to provide instantaneous visual evidence of what caused the alarm sensor to be triggered. Traditional PIR alarm systems typically cause the alarm to be raised when a sensor is triggered, regardless of what caused it.

How Do Wireless Video-Verified Alarm Systems from Clearway Work?

  • Once a sensor (camera) is activated, it can be set to trigger a 100-decibel sounder (this is loud), and rapidly takes a series of still images, which it strings together to create a ten-second clip showing the cause of the sensor (camera) being activated.
  • The alarm system sends the recorded clip with a notification via the mobile network to a pre-determined recipient. This can be the client/end-user or our National Security Inspectorate Gold Standard Cat II Alarm Monitoring Centre (ARC).
  • After confirming that a response is needed – and ruling out any false alarms, for example, stray animals – you, or the emergency services will be notified, depending on the protocols in place. Also, we can be ready to dispatch our security team prepared for action, as needed.

Clearway Video verified Alarm System

Where Can Temporary Video-Verified Alarm Systems be Used?

These systems are the perfect choice where there is no mains electricity or a telephone line providing internet access; a common problem that wireless alarm systems can solve immediately.

In between commercial tenancies. Even brief empty periods can leave your property exposed.

Pubs and restaurants. If you’ve closed your premises, you must protect it from break-ins, vandalism, squatters and much else besides.

Car parks. Perhaps you’re re-developing the property or the land for a change of use. How are you keeping it secure?

Construction sites. If the construction site is left unmonitored, you could lose machinery. It could also be vandalised and damaged, putting others at risk.

Shops and warehouses. Empty retail properties are a magnet to squatters and vandals.

Offices. Empty offices can be extremely vulnerable from a security perspective.

Did You Know

  • For an extra security measure, a pre-recorded voice challenge can be added that plays when movement is detected and activates a camera sensor.
  • During daylight hours, the verified video cameras provide colour images and clear back and white images at night, courtesy of built-in infrared lighting.
  • Images captured by our video-verified alarm systems are sufficiently clear to identify the cause of the sensor being triggered.
  • You can view the images either locally on a mobile device or online, making everything user-friendly.

Benefits of Wireless Video-Verified Alarm Systems

Round the Clock Protection

The InView video-verified alarm systems are always there, 24/7, seven days a week. They don’t need days off, and they’re on the case whenever you need them.

Battery Operated

What defines this type of technology is its long-life battery operation, thus eliminating the need for electricity. This means that where no mains power is available, or should a power cut occur – and this is more frequent than you may think – they’ll continue to work 24/7.

Flexible Relocation

If you have maintenance work going on, you may need a bit of a camera reshuffle.

No problem. Your video-verified alarm system sensors can be removed and relocated with a minimum of fuss. Maybe you’re looking to refocus your security or change your premises around.

Contemporary, Sleek and Streamlined

Using modern technology, the control panel, cameras and a high-decibel alarm all work together for highly effective, immediate results.

Getting Set Up

We’ll begin with a site audit and risk assessment.

You deserve the best protection, and as a professional security operation, we will undertake a detailed analysis at the property to identify all the entry points, such as doors, windows, gates, fences, perimeter and so on.

Our team will also spot any potential vulnerabilities that could make your building more accessible to intruders. Plus, we’ll ensure that there are no blind spots. We also offer full fixed CCTV services for extra visual security and provide solar-powered temporary CCTV towers for hire that work exceptionally well in more remote locations.

Your video-verified security system will be tailored to your requirements, with expert advice on hand for peace of mind.

Whatever your premises, whether it’s a small property, a large, retail ‘box’ or a warehouse, should it become vacant, you will need to safeguard it. A wireless alarm system maximises easy technology, offering comprehensive protection.

It’s worth checking out.

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