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Types of Perimeter Security

Types of Perimeter Security
Types of Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is a key priority for thousands of businesses, organisations and private facilities, ensuring intruders cannot gain entry. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of perimeter security types or more importantly – understand what type is right for your risk profile.

The solutions we recommend may depend on your objectives and risk profile but can include monitoring systems, movement detection assets and defences that physically prevent any unauthorised person or vehicle from accessing your property.

In this article, we’ll explain some of the different types of perimeter security, how they work, and the layouts they are best suited to.

6 Types of Perimeter Security

1. CCTV Perimeter Surveillance Cameras

Perimeter CCTV cameras are a popular way to monitor a property boundary, whether as a short-term added security measure during periods of heightened risk or events or as long-term installations to keep perimeters under surveillance.

Features such as thermal imaging and high-definition IP cameras provide real-time alerts and can track movements and activities, raising an alarm when suspicious or unusual behaviour is recorded.

Outdoor CCTV cameras are engineered with excellent functionality, including intelligent analytics to differentiate between authorised site users, security patrols and unidentified people or vehicles. They can cover 360-degree angles for complete coverage.

Adding 24/7 security monitoring is a great way forward, especially for sites and properties without an around-the-clock on-site security team to monitor footage and respond to alarms.

long range CCTV benefits

2. High-Profile CCTV Towers

For sites with a very large layout or complex topography, our inView CCTV tower is ideal. Each tower is easily transportable and deployed quickly, secured in place with NDAA 2MP visible bullet cameras mounted on a telescopic 6m mast.

Where a conventional CCTV camera would not provide full coverage due to uneven ground, tall trees, or accessibility issues, a CCTV tower offers enhanced visibility, acting as a deterrent against opportunist intruders.

CCTV towers are often used as perimeter security within car parks, event spaces and larger complexes. Being solar/battery-powered ensures your cameras remain operational day and night without needing a mains power connection.

As with a fixed or temporary CCTV system, you can organise ongoing monitoring to ensure that any events or incidents captured by your surveillance cameras are logged and responded to swiftly, with responders able to contact the emergency services in a critical situation to ensure urgent action is taken.

CCTV towers

3. Advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDs)

Sites, facilities and compounds with increased or changing threat levels opt for a more sophisticated perimeter security system, called a perimeter intrusion detection system, or PID. You can find out more about PID security here. Clearway’s inView Detect is an innovative, portable solution that can be used in any location.

PIDs use infrared sensors, vibration detectors and IR lighting to instantly identify any movements or indications that something is amiss, even picking up on small vibrations that are produced when an intruder attempts to cut through a fence or scale a wall.

Sensors can be attached to a wall or fence, be ground-mounted around the perimeter, or be concealed under the ground. If movement is detected, the system can be programmed to react as required, such as:

  • Sending an alert to your alarm monitoring service or security guards.
  • Triggering bright security spotlights.
  • Sounding an alarm, initiating a siren or prompting an audible warning.

Sites with complex perimeters, evolving high-security needs or a greater risk of intrusion use PIDs in favour of any other solution to ensure they have an always-on perimeter security set-up. They also combine inView Detect with additional security tech such as CCTV towers and physical safeguards.

Clearway inView Detect PID Intrusion detection solution

4. Access Control Entry Permissions and Retractable Bollards

Access control systems can be tailored to the business or site and ensure that only visitors or colleagues with verified credentials and entry permissions are allowed through security gates, entrance points, parking areas, and loading bays.

These systems include key fob entry systems, where each approved attendee is assigned a key fob or security pass or has their biometrics stored in a database. Each person can scan a fingerprint, face or retina or pass a security key over the entry fob to open the door.

Other access control systems are based on vehicular entry and incorporate automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), which scans each vehicle’s number plate and lifts bollards or gates only if the registration has been logged in a database.

Businesses use access controls to secure perimeters and boundaries, often in conjunction with perimeter surveillance or concrete barriers, ensuring anybody attempting entry must pass through a checkpoint or access control device.

Features such as retractable bollards can be automated, ensuring full site protection at all times and minimising the reliance on security personnel to inspect each person’s ID, visitor card, employee details or vehicle.

automatic barriers and bollards

5. Electric fences

Electric fences can be installed on your perimeter line or boundary. They’re a powerful deterrent against intruders due to their psychological impact and ability to discourage unauthorised access. The visible presence of these fences serves as a visual warning, deterring individuals with malicious intent. The electric shock delivered upon contact acts as a strong disincentive, reinforcing the security of a perimeter.

One key advantage of electric fences is their quick response mechanism. Any attempt to breach the fence triggers an immediate alarm, alerting security personnel or property owners. This swift notification allows for a prompt and efficient response to potential security threats, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the security system.

Moreover, electric fences are valued for their low maintenance requirements and adaptability. Once installed, they offer a cost-effective long-term solution for various environments, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Their versatility extends to different terrains and surfaces, making them a flexible choice for enhancing security measures.

6. Concrete Barriers and Physical Perimeter Defences

Our final type of perimeter security is a physical defence system, which provides a robust way to stop any person or vehicle from entering your property boundary. These solutions are ideal for compounds and sites with rear entry points or tracks and lanes that could potentially be accessible by foot or off-road vehicle.

Concrete barriers come in a number of sizes, weights and configurations and can be stacked, locked together or situated in a staggered pattern to prevent vehicles from passing through while allowing foot traffic.

Many clients opt for concrete blocks positioned along the outer line of their perimeter, where their site borders open land, public access footpaths, parks, and countryside. Blocks can withstand huge impacts, including high-speed vehicle collisions, and can be fitted with anti-climb heras fencing as an additional layer of protection.

Clearway concrete barriers

Professional Perimeter Security Assistance

The best perimeter security may differ for each site and will depend on factors such as your risk profile, the size and shape of the perimeter and whether you have an on-site security team available.

For more information about any of these perimeter security solutions or to arrange a consultation to discuss the right options to meet your security requirements, please get in touch.

Clearway’s expert security team can arrange a convenient time to organise a site visit, complete an in-depth risk assessment, and make recommendations to help ensure your perimeter is always protected with a blend of technological surveillance, physical perimeter security and proactive monitoring.

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