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Tips for preventing pest problems in your rental property

Tips for preventing pest problems in your rental property
Tips for preventing pest problems in your rental property

Pest invasions are not only unpleasant and unhygienic for tenants; they can also cause considerable damage to your property.

As a landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure that your rental property remains in a safe and habitable condition.

However, when you don’t live in the property yourself, you are at risk of missing the early signs of a pest infestation.

Here are our top tips and advice for preventing pest problems in a rental property.

  • Pest-proof your property from the word go.
  • Cover air bricks and vents with fine mesh.
  • Fit brush strips to the bottom of doors.
  • Seal any gaps in the roof’s eaves using fine wire mesh.
  • Make routine inspections of both the inside and the outside of the property.
  • Keep up with property maintenance.
  • Seal all holes and cracks that appear in the building.
  • Cut back any plants or trees that overhang very close to the building.
  • Make sure bins are in good condition with no cracks or holes.
  • Educate tenants on how to prevent pests and ask them to:
  • Keep the floor and surfaces clean and clear of debris.
  • Keep food in sealed containers.
  • Always put bags of rubbish inside bins and never leave them on the ground.
  • Notify you immediately of any cracks, holes or damage to the property.

If you do encounter pest problems in your rental property, then it’s important to have the problem dealt with as quickly and professionally as possible to eliminate the pests and minimise damage.

Here at Clearway we provide an extreme cleaning service that covers pest control and returns your property to a safe and habitable environment once again. For more information, give our team a call on 0800 085 8695.

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