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The Five Services From Clearway You May Not Know About

The Five Services From Clearway You May Not Know About
The Five Services From Clearway You May Not Know About

Almost certainly, you’ll recognise the Clearway brand.

We have over 30 years’ experience in vacant commercial property security, and our distinctive signage is up and down the UK.

Our business helps to protect untenanted shops, offices, warehouses and factories – for however long they are unoccupied. In short, we’ve got you covered if you’re a property investor or developer, a commercial landlord, facilities manager or otherwise involved in a non-residential property. Clearway combines cutting-edge technology, and human ingenuity to deter and protect in equal measure.

And, we do it rather well.

As well as looking after your unused commercial property, we also watch over the people who have authorised access: estate agents, surveyors, employees – and unauthorised children, who may see climbing over your boundary wall as an adventure.

You may know us for:

But, did you know that we also offer other related services that may have gone under your radar?

They’re closely connected to the world of commercial property and could be a practical and sensible value-add if or when you need them. Feel free to contact us for more information about these services. They work exceptionally well as stand-alone solutions or could form a wider part of your Clearway agreement.


Let’s start with:

Extreme Cleaning

Extreme cleaning isn’t anything that would even remotely resemble “ordinary” cleaning.

The clue is in the name. It’s not hard to guess that these are clean-ups at the more extreme end of the scale. Imagine an interior that looks completely unsalvageable: an unbelievable state of disorder and filth, soiled mattresses, several hazardous materials, and even human and animal sewage.

Also, needles, blades, scalpels and some plastics, also known as sharps waste, can be found, often left behind by drug users and dealers.

The stuff of nightmares.

Standard cleaning here wouldn’t work and could even disturb the site, creating a contamination risk and a threat to health. Yes, it’s that bad. And, should squatters occupy your property, it could happen all too easily.

Step forward – the experts. Only highly trained, fully protected cleaning crews armed with industrial-grade tools and products will suffice. They’re fully qualified and equipped to do the job, and they have skills and courage by the ton.

Then, there’s trauma cleaning, which involves clearing and returning a crime scene to its original, sanitary condition after the police have processed the site. Blood, urine and other bodily fluids need meticulous care and first-rate skills. It’s not easy or pleasant, but our licensed personnel will handle everything with the utmost professionalism and discretion. Find out more about our crime scene cleaning services here.

Clearway trauma and crime scene cleaning

Waste Clearance/Fly Tipping

Commercial waste is ugly and can be dangerous. Likewise, fly-tipping.

As well as a possible threat to wildlife and the environment, cardboard and paper left behind in an office is a massive fire risk. And, it’s a headache for anyone managing a vacant premises. The government takes a dim view of the situation, with severe penalties for those who break the law.

The Environmental Protection Act of 1990 sets out the laws surrounding trade waste. All businesses MUST contain waste products safely and dispose of them properly. It’s called Duty of Care, and it’s down to you as a business owner or a landlord.

Waste comes from building sites and factories. Illegal fly tippers make the most of available empty space to dump unusable household goods, car parts, scrapyard waste – and often, hazardous materials that no one should go near.

Clearway offers services that address these problems.

We hold a full license to clear commercial waste from private and public land to leave it as clean and tidy as possible without unnecessary environmental damage. Our team will then pass what they’ve collected to a registered waste transfer agent for regulated disposal.

Property Inspections

Clearway’s property inspections are based on nationwide best-practice standards. They’re practical, thorough and consistent; the professionals we engage have ultra-sharp powers of observation and excellent training.

They miss nothing.

With a vacant commercial building, your insurer will want to know that you have robust security measures in place.

Documented proof of regular property inspections will ensure you are fully protected and covered; this includes any legal processes. Clearway’s property inspections offer evidence that checks have been carried out. And, you can have the peace of mind you need, especially if the premises is remotely located.

Your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly inspections involve a series of checks inside and outside the property. If they spot something, it will be reported, and you can take urgent action. For example, a window may be broken, or there could be signs of intruders.

Clearway Property Inspections


An empty shop looks forlorn and abandoned, does it not? Sad, even. It even puts people off the other stores nearby. Plus, when it’s unoccupied there’s no income.

Then, there’s the heightened risk of damage, vandalism and illegal occupation. A vacant shop is prominent, it’s clear to everyone going past that there’s nobody there and nothing going on. What could possibly go wrong? Well, quite a lot.

Did you know Clearway offers specialist security services specifically for the retail sector?

Developed as a direct response to client needs, ShopSheildOne is a suite of measures delivered as a fixed-cost solution to keep your shop safely looked after until it’s re-occupied. This all-in-one service is highly practical and, to be fair, a bit of a lifesaver for retail owners.

It includes an in-depth risk assessment to establish vulnerable or weak access points – an invaluable blueprint on which to build your package. In addition, we can change two locks, with any additional ones charged at £45 per lock. Clearway will install an extremely useful key safe at the rear of the premises that allows entry only to authorised personnel. Plus, your letterboxes will be sealed to protect against arson.

Finally, the last tenants may have left behind a severe fire risk: piles of paper or cardboard boxes; the equivalent of three standard black bin bags of this waste will be cleared and recycled.

empty retail property security

Fire Detection Services

Clearway provides high-standard fire detection systems to monitor, safeguard and alert to to the possibility of fire.

This expertise walks hand-in-hand with commercial property security. So, it’s worth talking to us about how we can support your business as completely as possible.

A fire system is indispensable for the safety of your business, construction site or any other premises. Fire spreads fast, causing immeasurable damage and is, of course, deadly. An out-of-control blaze is grievously dangerous. The Clearway team has critical knowledge here; they’re well-placed to advise on the best designs, installation processes and monitoring.

What will work best? Many options can work together, including detection and suppression systems, alarms, integrity testing, roll call and time and attendance services, and maintenance.

All Clearway fire detection systems are tested and approved to exceptionally high-performance standards. Equally, they can integrate with your existing fire control solutions, and add 24/7 monitoring to provide a continuous watch.

fire alarms being tested often

Key Take Aways

  • The Clearway service offering is as broad as it is deep. What we mean is, there’s a wide range of expertise at your disposal, yet it’s truly excellent and in-depth, thanks to our experience.
  • The services in this article could complete your security circle: they’re complementary, supportive and reciprocal.
  • Break-ins, arson, occupation by squatters, fly-tipping or even the grisly discovery of the aftermath of crime – may never happen to your site. Equally, they may well occur, especially if the property has been vacant for some time. Don’t take the risk. And, don’t gamble on your insurance cover either.
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