We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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The 5 Pillars of Vacant Property Protection

The 5 Pillars of Vacant Property Protection
The 5 Pillars of Vacant Property Protection

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Over our 30+ years of operating, we’ve gained a vast amount of experience in securing vacant properties and sites using our extensive portfolio of security solutions. One question we get asked all the time is:

“What measures, in your opinion, should we focus on to maximise our security, given our limited budget?”

It’s a very valid question. Every business owner, property developer or site manager wants to implement the most effective security strategy to secure their valuable and often business-critical assets, whilst at the same time having to seriously consider cost and value, especially in the current crisis.

In fact, whenever we are approached to secure a vacant property or site our first initiative is always to get eyes on it so that we can assess its vulnerabilities, security risks and potential for any unwanted criminal activity. It always starts with an assessment because no two sites are the same, and we know that often it takes a mixture of different security measures to prevent break-ins, loss of assets, illegal occupation or damage.

That being said, with budgets for security being ever tightened, and the current cost of living crisis, high fuel and energy prices and materials shortages causing concern for all those with valuable assets to protect, we offer 5 cost-effective solutions you can focus on to maximise your security.

Concrete Barriers

Many thefts from vacant properties or sites are for the valuable materials within, whether it’s the copper pipes or roof tiles or plant and machinery it’s unlikely these materials will be hand carted off site, so the perpetrators will require vehicular access. There is also the very real threat of fly-tippers illegally dumping rubbish on your site or those wishing to illegally occupy your land or property. Concrete barriers provide highly effective perimeter security and an immovable physical barrier to prevent these criminal activities.

concrete barriers

They’re quick to install and great for securing a vacant property or site, and are ideal for:

  • preventing unauthorised access to forecourts, car parks, fields and site compounds
  • preventing access to fly-tippers, squatters and other illegal occupation
  • property protection against ram-raiders

You can learn more about concrete barrier hire here.

Steel Doors and Screens

Most criminal intrusions occur by accessing your property via doors and windows; with even the toughest of locks being bypassed with a forced entry. This creates a critical vulnerability, particularly in vacant properties, steel security screens and doors provide an invaluable layer of protection. They can be hired for several weeks or on a long-term basis. Professionally fitted steel security doors and screens create a shield against intruders, keeping your site free from vandalism, squatters or any other unwanted intruders.

steel security doors and screens

Read more about steel security doors and discover the benefits of steel screens.

Temporary CCTV

Any vacant property or temporary site is exposed to illegal entry when not being guarded. Criminals actively target these locations and the impact can be extensive in terms of the costs of repairs, managing insurance claims, downtime, and the stress and working hours required to recover from such a breach. You may be using a new locality on a short-term basis and want to offer your personnel the same level of protection as they would expect on a permanent site. Temporary CCTV is an excellent solution for keeping your premises secure despite the challenging environment.

Temporary CCTV systems are either battery or solar-powered and are motion activated. Because of their flexibility, they are often used for events such as festivals, or on construction sites and remote working environments, where reliable access to power or a phone line is limited or not possible.

Clearway inView CCTV Tower and van

Discover more about the flexibility of temporary CCTV here.

Security / Manned Guarding

The physical presence of a security guard, dog unit or mobile patrol cannot be overemphasised when looking to secure a property, site or business. Being seen to be proactive and serious about your security goes a long way to deterring potential criminal activity and illegal occupation. Their duties can include static guarding, patrols, stewarding, crowd control and keyholding amongst others. Security teams provide rapid response security and 24/7 cover, ensuring you’re never left exposed to security threats.

Manned Guarding

Learn more about manned guarding.

Temporary Alarms

Alarm systems are a vital component of any security strategy, for all kinds of sites or premises. However, this poses a complication for properties in remote locations, without mains power, or where development works mean that hardwired alarms are rendered redundant on a short-term basis. Temporary, wireless intruder alarms are of great value as they utilise powerful, reliable battery systems to keep a watchful eye over your assets, without requiring any cabling, power supply or maintenance to keep them running correctly.

Whether you need to protect a building or site lacking mains power, wish to avoid the risk of tampering or vandalism, or require an efficient, 24/7 intruder alarm system, a wireless solution provides excellent longevity and fantastic value for money.

Wireless Intruder Alarm

Read more about the cost-effectiveness of temporary alarms.

Many alarms that come from vacant properties are false, meaning they waste valuable police time and other valuable resources. A verified video alarm allows you to check the footage and decide on the appropriate course of action. Any movement which triggers the sensor is recorded and a short video clip is sent to a pre-determined recipient via the mobile network ensuring you can deal with the issue swiftly and effectively.

Video verified Alarm Systems

Learn more about temporary video verified alarms here.

Clearway is the trusted security partner of countless businesses, property and facility managers, landlords, insolvency practitioners and insurance providers throughout the UK. We also work across the public sector with local councils, the NHS, the Metropolitan Police and social housing providers.

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