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Spotted! Clearway’s mobile CCTV unit at intu, Lakeside.

Clearway work with intu to protect Lakeside.

intu, Lakeside is undergoing some construction work that will host Nickelodeon’s first UK shopping centre attraction. intu is to build a 175,000 sq ft leisure extension which will not only include Nickelodeon-themed attraction but one of Hollywood Bowl’s biggest tenpin bowling venues.

Whilst the construction is undergoing, intu required temporary outdoor CCTV covering a large area. Clearway’s mobile CCTV unit, was an ideal solution as its powerful pan/tilt/zoom camera is height adjustable up to 6m from the top of the unit and can be controlled remotely from a PC or mobile device. Our mobile CCTV unit has been at Lakeside since the 8th of September.

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